PMG Says PO Discontinuance Feasibility Study Will be Ongoing

Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe met again this week with NAPUS President Bob Rapoza and League President Mark Strong to discuss the Discontinuance Feasibility Study and the impact on Postmasters who may be affected if post offices are identified to be closed.  The PMG said the study would be ongoing, but he once again said that he would work with the management associations to do everything possible to find landing spots for impacted Postmasters.  Donahoe said that he will work with the management associations through the RIF Avoidance process.  While details of the RIF Avoidance process is complex, it should be noted that avoidance actions include the possibility of Voluntary Early Retirement (VER) offers.

Postmasters whose offices are on the list to be studied are reminded that the process can take several months to complete before an office may be closed.  President Rapoza encouraged affected Postmasters to be proactive by reviewing their Small Office Variance plan (SOV) information to ensure that the information is current and accurate.

Criteria to study a post office to be closed includes earning less than two hours per day in a rolling 12 month period and generating less than $27,500 in annual revenue.  Additional information on the circumstances that prompt a decision to study an office to be closed will be available in the September issue of the Postmasters Gazette.

President Rapoza also advised impacted Postmasters to update their information in Ecareer and be watchful of vacancies in their areas. For more information on President Rapoza’s comments, go to the President’s Update at Additional information on the study process and the RIF Avoidance will be posted on the NAPUS website as it becomes available.

Charlie Moser

August 5, 2011