Pay Talks Between USPS and Postal Management Associations Underway

From  the National Association of Postmasters of the US:

Pay talks between the U. S. Postal Service and the management associations are now underway. The Postal Service has submitted proposed changes in pay policies and schedules and fringe benefits for Postmasters for the period covering fiscal year 2011 through fiscal year 2015. NAPUS and League representatives will now enter the consultative process to discuss the proposed changes with the Postal Service, which will include providing the Postal Service with a list of pay issues on behalf of Postmasters.

While specific details of the pay consultations will remain confidential, updates on the talks will be provided on the NAPUS website as they become available.

NAPUS website

11 thoughts on “Pay Talks Between USPS and Postal Management Associations Underway

  1. Postal Supervisors and Managers do not deserve a pay raise.
    They should give back at least 15% of there pay. They are overpaided.
    The carriers and clerks actually run the show.

    Postmasters are not needed…they actually do nothing…public welfare.

    I’m a retired employee…worked for 40 years with the Postal Service.

    I was a project mgr. so I know what I’m saying. The truth hurts, but management
    does nothing that helps the USPS.

  2. Right and rock on No.1 Supervisor. We deserve extra just to babysit these unhappy, whiners. They should be thankful their not fired for their rotten, stinking attitude.

  3. They should get mucho raises, after all they did not call all that overtime for nothing…it was to get the mail out, something Donahoe doesn’t have a clue on.

  4. They should get no more than us in the APWU. 3.5% pay raise for the life of the contract Max. And should receive no bonuses since we are losing money, not making money.

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