USPS Positioned For A Strong Finish In FY 2010

Positioned for a strong finish in FY 2010:
USPS focuses on beginning strong in FY 2011

To finish the year strong — and to position USPS for a strong beginning in fiscal year 2011 — employees must continue to focus on controlling workhours and operating expenses without hurting service, according to DPMG and COO Pat Donahoe.

Preliminary quarter 3 figures through May show total mail volume continues to decline — 5.1 percent below the same period last year (SPLY). The good news is that employees have done a great job in adjusting workhours to match workloads. The reduction in workhours (6.8 percent below SPLY) is outpacing the decline in mail volumes.

Reviewing a number of cost-reduction opportunities in this week’s Field Updates segment, Donahoe thanks employees for their tremendous efforts.

With renewed efforts to control overtime, consolidate routes and facilities and manage the assignments of non-career employees, Donahoe says USPS will remain on track to finish strong in FY 2010.

source: USPS News Link