Video: Baton Rouge USPS – United States (Lack of) Postal Service

Customer uploaded a video  taken while waiting in line at the Prairieville, LA Post Office:

I understand that some post offices are wonderful. I generally frequent the post office in Prairieville, LA and have never had a complaint. This post office, though, and many others I have been to have a track record of horrible service, quite like what is in this video. This post office is at 10380 Perkins Rd, Baton Rouge, LA. I arrived a little before 1:45 PM, there were 7-8 people in line. One post office employee was serving customers. Said employee went on break at 1:45 PM. This video was taken at 2:02 PM and not one person had been served. It was right at 2:10 PMbefore anyone was helped. The line was about 20 people long with more loitering around outside, and this is after people had left in disgust. I appreciate the USPS, they have a generally good service with cheap prices. They have a reputation of horrible customer service, though, and this was a fine example of that. Hopefully someone that can affect some change will see this before the USPS loses even more customers.