PMG touts positive steps being taken by employees

‘Moving in the right direction’

In his latest video, PMG Pat Donahoe describes the positive steps employees are taking to address the quarter 3 (Q3) operating loss and move the Postal Service forward.

The PMG notes that in Q3 employees received the highest service performance scores ever for First-Class Mail, both single-piece and commercial, and for Standard Mail, Periodicals and packages.

“When you take a look at what’s actually being measured and reported, we’re talking about 6 billion pieces of mail that have an end-to-end score,” says Donahoe.

DPMG Ron Stroman is helping see this strong performance carries over to customer service during his visits to facilities throughout the country. “Ron is leading the charge to work on the whole customer experience issue,” says Donahoe. “I think that we’ll be making some big strides.”

Service performance will be particularly important in the coming months as USPS continues to grow its package business — where it already has made excellent strides. USPS also will be handling election season mail and has set a goal of generating a half-billion dollars in revenue from Election and Political Campaign mail. “That’s nearly 50 percent growth over where we were last time,” he says.

Donahoe thanks employees for achieving the all-time high service scores in Q3. “Keep up the great work,” he encourages employees. “Keep serving the customers well.”

source: USPS News Link

6 thoughts on “PMG touts positive steps being taken by employees

  1. In the Eagan, MN processing plant, mgmt is hiring PSE’s while excessing FTR clerks into other crafts(maintenance and mailhandler) and maybe to other cities, as well. This is the second time these clerks have been excessed within a year. I was told that in one meeting the effected clerks attended, the Plant Manager told them they weren’t owed a job. This slap in the face is coming from someone, who in my opinion, is lucky to not be in jail. The PMG sends us video meetings telling the clerks how great a job we are doing while mgmt here tries to replace us with PSEs. The PSEs here have worked all crafts in our building and as clerks, have not received the proper training to do the job. The FTRs here get to clean up mgmt’s mess on a daily basis. I can’t imagine what it is like at the stations!

  2. At the Saginaw MI Main Post Office people are leaving in droves to other postal facilities in order to secure their futures. The sad thing is many of the decisions that employees are making is based on misinformation from postal management. The closing of the Saginaw MI MPO is changing from day to day and no real information on hard copy is given to the workers who do the collecting, sorting and delivery of the mail. Those people who have left has caused a gap in scheduling of workers and an increase in overtime. Management does not seem to care that the work load is causing the rise in overtime.

  3. Same bs. There are not enough carriers, mailhandlers or clerks to do the work. We are all being worked to death. There are not enough window clerks to actually assist the customers the way they need to be. Where I am we now have to do passports as well as do the window. This usually leaves only 1 clerk in the window while one is in passports. It does not work. It is not our fault. Management could really care less about the customer. It never has been about them at all. And never will be. Talk is cheap Mr PMG.

  4. That’s odd, I just left the post office after waiting 20 minutes at the window without a clerk in sight. Finally, a custodian came out to the lobby and went looking for a window clerk. Guess this is the new and improved postal service with customer satisfaction added?

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