PRC Schedules Hearing To Provide Advisory Opinion On USPS Post Offices Plan

On May 31, 2012, the Commission issued a notice and order concerning the Postal Service’s request for an advisory opinion on the Post Office Structure Plan.1 To further explore issues raised in these proceedings, a hearing on the Postal Service’s direct case shall take place on July 11, 2012 at 9:30 a.m. in the Commission’s hearing room. The Postal Service’s witness, Jeffrey C. Day, is instructed to appear, enter testimony, and be subject to oral cross-examination on that day. Oral cross-examination will be limited to issues raised in the witness’s testimony and in the Postal Service’s responses to discovery requests.

Notices of intent to conduct oral cross-examination are due July 6, 2012.2 An estimate of the amount of oral cross-examination (light, moderate, or heavy) shall be included with each notice.

Some material has been filed under seal in this proceeding. Counsel should attempt to formulate oral cross-examination questions such that the hearing may remain open to the public. If this is not possible, a closed session will be convened at the end of the hearing day. Participants must indicate in the notice of intent to conduct oral cross-examination any need to conduct a closed session of the hearing.Designations of written cross-examination are due July 6, 2012. See 39 CFR 3001.30(e)(2). Each participant designating written cross-examination shall simultaneously submit to the Commission’s dockets section a designation package containing two hard copies of each designated document (single-sided, unstapled, and not hole-punched).

1 Notice and Order Concerning the Postal Service’s Request for an Advisory Opinion on its Post Office Structure Plan, May 31, 2012 (Order No. 1361).

2 Order No. 1361 set July 2, 2012 as the deadline for filing notices of intent to conduct oral cross-examination.

This Ruling supersedes that order and extends the deadline to July 6, 2012.

A slightly different procedure shall be followed for designating material under seal. A separate notice of designation shall be prepared that clearly indicates the intent to designate material under seal. Copies of material under seal shall not be filed or included with the designation packet submitted to the Commission. Two copies of this material shall be sealed in an envelope clearly marked as material under seal with the contents identified by interrogatory number(s) or other appropriate designation. This material shall be hand carried to the hearing room for entry into the record.

1. A hearing on the Postal Service’s direct case shall take place on July 11, 2012 at 9:30 a.m. in the Commission’s hearing room.
2. Notices of intent to conduct oral cross-examination are due July 6, 2012.
3. Designations of written cross-examination are due July 6, 2012.
4. Procedures for filing notices of intent to conduct oral cross-examination and designations of written cross-examination are set forth in the body of this Ruling.

Nanci E. Langley
Presiding Officer

7 thoughts on “PRC Schedules Hearing To Provide Advisory Opinion On USPS Post Offices Plan

  1. Ask your U.S. representative to:
    Tell the APWU and Cliff Guffey to work with the USPS
    on the Voluntary Early Retirement (VER)
    that should be offered to all APWU members
    and the incentives that are negotiated by the Union
    as they were with our beloved President
    Bill Burrus
    Vote YES on HR. 2309
    Address postal reform now,
      but use HR. 2309
      as a starting point.
    Call the Capitol switchboard
    at 202-225-3121 or click here
    to send a message online.

  2. PRC is a useless group that has no concern for cost effective operations.
    Volume is declining resulting in revenue decline while cost increases resulting in a daily loss of 25 million dollars. The USPS was a primary need of the 20th in American communications, Purchasing a postage stamp for delivery to a physical
    address with a 1-2 day delivery time is a past product of the 20th century. Advanced technological methods in communications has evolved to instant messaging via the internet. Business are advertising go paperless and are rewarding customers for doing so. The government is also doing business by making social security and treasury check be deposited via online direct deposit. Another source of loosing revenue. The 21st century has decreased the need for the USPS as individuals and businesses are using electronic mail. The USPS primary product is delivering advertising sale mail with a high distribution cost and low revenue creation. Efforts should be directed to increase Express and Priority mail and insure that it is delivered via the guaranteed time.
    6 day street delivery is a wasted expense. Reducing delivery to 5 days would be cost effective in fuel savings and vehicle cost as well as savings in carrier work hours. Closing small suburban neighborhood that had in need in the 1950s but due to changing demographics the need no longer exist as many are within 4-5 mile radius. Many of these offices have postmasters with salaries of $63000.-$72000, selling stamps and boxing mail with no delivery in many offices.Post Offices exist, with no delivery, that are within 2 miles of finance stations of a high level city delivery office. This small level 11 office box section could be moved to station and zip code maintained. PRC, is not doing its job in failing to close or consolidate these small neighborhood that had a need in past history but not in today with advanced technology in communication and transportation. Many national grocery and pharmacies sell stamps.
    PRC ignorant or lacking economic business sense in failing to take action to reduce USPS cost,

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  6. Fools?,is that what you think bouttogo? you know something?, from your words you don’t know, the PMG is following the downsizing as per the legislation, more like HR2309, Guffey?, he has an earache, the phone calls and emails , not just members, but officers, union presidents, he has gotten the message, he would be a fool and become the president of the Hemlock society if he dismissed the members wishes, he cannot save the USPS, neither can NALC Rolando nor anyone else, bottom line is that the USPS has to change, it is the way it changes that we debate, and any congressional action pushed by APWU and NALC, will backfire,it could be a VER without incentives, if everyone is wrong about the VER for APWU, wait till Congress really starts on the USPS, you’ll wish there was one and you had taken it, chop, chop, divvy up the pie, silence is golden in this case,it will be one extreme or the other, all we can do is wait from now till the deadline for the Mail Handlers.

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