Congressman Kucinich to Host “Hunger Strike to Save the Postal Service”

WASHINGTON, D.C. (June 22, 2012) – On Monday, June 25, 2012 at 10:00 am et, Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) will host 10 postal activists from across the country as they kick off a hunger strike to protest a 2006 Congressional mandate to prefund retirement benefits for postal workers 75 years in advance. The mandate is considered by many to be one of the primary reasons the postal service is having financial difficulties.

When:  Monday, June 25, 2012

10:00 AM

Where: “House Triangle”

House side of the Capitol’s East Front

What: Press Conference – “Hunger Strike to Save the Postal Service”

The activists are calling upon Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe to maintain delivery standards and suspend cuts and closures to the postal service while giving Congress an opportunity to repeal the 2006 prefund mandate.

According to Communities and Postal Workers United, the group organizing the hunger strike in Washington D.C., sympathetic hunger strikes will take place nationwide in Seattle, Olympia, Portland, San Francisco, Chicago, New York and Philadelphia.

The activists will gather in vigil from 8-9 am and every afternoon from 5 – 6:30 pm outside the Rayburn House Office Building on Independence Avenue.

14 thoughts on “Congressman Kucinich to Host “Hunger Strike to Save the Postal Service”

  1. In short, a number of folks are trying to repeal the New Deal, which put masses of Americans to work, saving families from starvation during the last century’s Great Depression while building a thousand and more now-historic buildings that represent and carry out our government’s service commitment to every American.

    USPS makes its own money, and it always has, directly from stamp sales and related services. Our government owes every American, no matter where we live, affordable information exchange. USPS is the only service that provides it.

    Let’s provide USPS the chance to do its job as intended by the Constitution and our government’s equal access mandate.

    Your work will help not just Venice Post Office, or Northfield Post Office, or designated historic and all rural post offices across the country. Changing the way our country does business, so that our government serves ALL the people, is in our hands. Returning Congress to responsible oversight of USPS is a fundamental step in that direction.

    Here’s what to do:

    Direct US Treasury to reimburse USPS for tens of billions in prior overpayments. Properly recalculate the crazy 2006 pre-funding (which many believe was designed to kill USPS). Direct your Senators to ask for recall of S.1789 and to pass S.1853. Direct your House Representative to oppose HR2309 and pass HR3591.

  2. All those fat ass union officials stand to lose those pounds paid for by your union dues. This will really bring congress and usps big shots to their knees. Did they also hold a hunger strike in support of genocide in Africa…or was this just a self-serving hunger strike?

  3. I am definitly in agreement with the “Hunger Strike Protest” that’s planned today! Maybe it will call attention to the Postal Servvice plight, and will be positive to workers and the americans public mail service! Keep up the good works!

  4. Darlene, I am a Man. Good Looking and Very Humble (he he)………anywho, You are trying to be reasonable with people with NO Brains.

  5. i am a city carrier, a woman, weigh 120 pounds, and have to eat extra just to mantain weight. there are many sizes and shapes of men and women in this world, in all walks of like. Some of you guys are very sad . i would hate to be around yall for a day. maybe you could make fun of yourself one day when you are no longer perfect, thats just assuming u are now????? . As for the usps, I hope it is here 75 years from now to use those benefits. If not, who then????? Can anyone take a guess.

  6. Ask your U.S. representative to:
    Tell the APWU and Cliff Guffey to work with the USPS
    on the Voluntary Early Retirement (VER)
    that should be offered to all APWU members
    and the incentives that are negotiated by the Union
    as they were with our beloved President
    Bill Burrus
    Vote YES on HR. 2309
    Address postal reform now,
      but use HR. 2309
      as a starting point.
    Call the Capitol switchboard
    at 202-225-3121 or click here
    to send a message online.

  7. Frank – you hit the nail on the head.

    The USPS is currently delivering 40 percent of the WORLD’s mail while maintaining a 42 percent next-day delivery standard and charging 45 CENTS to mail a letter cross country! That is not a record of failure; it is a signature accomplishment.

    This has nothing to do with efficiency or service. It is about a set of political beliefs (blind faith in privatization) that will prove very damaging in the long run.

  8. Did you ever see the size of the women who work at the Post Office. Not eating for 10 minutes is considered dangerous.

  9. Congress is starving the USPS. Many in Congress want to starve the post office with the absurd prefunding mandate, then totally privatize the postal system. Universal postal service is enshrined in the Constitution but ignored by privatizers like Darrell Issa and PMG Donahoe. For the postal patrons and postal workers who want to maintain affordable, universal postal service and good living-wage postal jobs, it is going to be a long, hard fight. The postal unions seem to be asleep as Donahoe forges forward with cuts and closures and Congress ignores the need to give back the money it has taken from the USPS. Thanks, hunger strikers for leading the way. These hunger strikers seem to be trying to get the facts out to the public in a dramatic way to contradict the official PR campaign coming out of postal headquarters. In the coming months, it is going to take many more of us who care about the post office to take action. As for those who bad-mouth the hunger strikers and Kucinich, they seem to be bored staffers in Darrell Issa’s office just trying to discourage postal workers. They obviously aren’t real postal workers trying to take real action to solve our problems.

  10. So now we’ve come to this: 2 1/2 hours is considered a hunger strike? Even the Dishonorable Irreverened Jesse Jackson can do 3 hours. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.

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