Video: A day on the city’s toughest postal route

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Mail carriers contend with many obstacles in the course of a day. And every day, no matter what time of the year, these obstacles can push carriers to their physical and mental limits.

Few people understand this better than Jeromy Shafer, a Charleston mail carrier who has one of the toughest routes in town.

Shafer, a 39-year-old Army veteran from Elkview, has walked about seven miles per day, or 35 miles per week, through Charleston’s West Side since he took on the route in 2008.

The gel inserts in his shoes wear out every two weeks, and he has to buy a new pair of shoes every three months.

16 thoughts on “Video: A day on the city’s toughest postal route

  1. My rt in pitcarin, pa is 8 miles and over 1000 stop. 6:45 to 7:30 hrs on marriage mail day and I still get a hour of ot.

  2. It saddens me to hear of the plight of the welfare queens and crackheads letting their lawns grow without being mowed regularly. While Brockadineajad ensures they have granite countertops, central heat and air, subsidy for the electric bill, cell phone with prepaid minutes, surely we can afford to have some of the illegal aliens mow their yard for them. This is America ain’t it? CAUTION…….Letter carriers, watch out for used syringes in the tall grass.

  3. Dude my route has more steps on the first freakin loop, 7 miles BAAAA, I’m well into 11-12, all clustered together in suburbia, down a huge ass hill, and guess what. Thats the way it’s been since I got 15 yrs ago,, they keep trying to add on but they can’t, you get paid by the hour, stop cryin and start screwin them, maybe they’ll take some off !!!!!!!

  4. Some of us have personally met with past APWU presidents and officers and may still be Union officers,But a man is known by his works, well we all make mistakes, ask yourself this ,why did the Mail Handlers, NALC and Rural carriers not cave in, but instead went to Arbitration?, Guffey is like the Captain of the Titanic, “Full Speed Ahead”, yes, right into the Iceberg,so the APWU made out better, check those facts again,the biggest thing a Union President can do, is to settle a contract, but you try to do that with the interest and in the interests of those that count the most, the “members”, lest we forget,
    the VER Incentives being used to bargain with will be shown to be a wise move, if there is give and take, and the VER with Incentives is given in the very near Future, if not,many members will drop out, and many other members will choke on that “Guffey Vote” ( or those who voted for the man with no nuts).

  5. Are you kidding me…ONLY 7 miles. I’ll trade you for my .14 miles here in southern Indiana. Yep 6 days a week. i’ll trade today.

  6. OH WOW! I would like to see this spoiled carrier come to Minnesota and walk a route through North Minneapolis in the snow we had 2 years ago!!! We have more to worry about than our shoes wearing out and a long route! Dogs, gangs, guns, drugs, prostitutes, and, of course, a thousand people asking if I have their check…

  7. Yea, and all we make is $29 an hour, with health insurance, retirement, a no lay off clause, and union protection if I am a screw up.

  8. right plus lets remember when it rains and u have to walk through foot high grass cuz lots of people are to lazy to mow so your feet/socks/pants get wet and then there’s the dog shit!!

  9. Don’t forget the overgrown lawns no one has money to mow. That we carriers have to brave through to deliver junk mail in snake infested grass.

  10. the route I left was about 24,000 steps daily, estimated to 11-12 miles, every house having 4 stair porches and lots of dogs and welfare hags too. With that estimate I wouldve walked the globe about 4 times in my career

  11. Where can I bid on a seven mile route? Please with all the route adjustments our routes are at least ten miles or more of walking with pitbulls and welfare hags hounding us.

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