Contract Post Offices No Longer Accept International Packages

From PostalReporter reader:

Most contract stations were already refusing international packages due to the complicated regulations.  Now there is a nationwide ban as of May 21, 2012 (see article ).  Finding an open retail service counter at a real Post Office is going to be more difficult after implementation of the POStPlan.  The local post office is not credited with revenue for transactions paid online, which is increasingly the case.  As over-the-counter revenue shrinks, window hours at real Post Offices will continue to shrink.

Contract Post Offices No Longer Accept International Packages

USPS Policy Change May Make It Harder To Send International Mail

3 thoughts on “Contract Post Offices No Longer Accept International Packages

  1. Thats ok post office i’ll send an sos message in the bottle.

    Hundred BILLION bottles washed up on the shore, seems im not alone.

    Thanks anyway.

  2. just another fine example of donahoe and postal management style of treating the customer like crap and making the customers jump through hoops to use the usps. then, as many of these customers say, ” **** you, i’m taking my business elsewhere,” donahoe and postal management blame the drop in business on the boogey man and the “internet.” the fact of the matter is postal management and their assinine business decisions ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR MOST OF THE DECLINE IN MAIL REVENUE.

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