USPS Form 8-K filing with PRC regarding Final Rule on Service Standard Changes

USPS Form 8-K filing with PRC regarding Final Rule on Service Standards

Item 2.05. Costs Associated with Exit or Disposal Activities.

On May 18, 2012, the Postal Service submitted a final rule (the “Final Rule”) to the Federal Register revising the Postal Service’s service standards for several classes of mail, as part of its plan to move ahead with a phased plan to consolidate its network of 461 mail processing locations. The plan to consolidate mail processing locations is part of an ongoing effort to reduce costs and improve efficiencies in the face of declining mail volumes.

The Final Rule announces two phases for implementation of the service standard changes, with the initial phase shrinking the geographic reach of overnight service to local areas beginning on July 1, 2012 and enabling plant consolidation activity commencing in the Summer of 20 12. Phase one includes up to 140 plant consolidations to be completed between Summer 2012 and February 2013. Consolidation activities will occur in 48 facilities during the summer of2012, but most consolidation activity will be suspended from September through December of 20 12. Consolidation activity under the first phase of the implementation plan will resume in January 2013, and will be completed by the end of February 2013.

The second phase of the service standard changes announced in the Final Rule, which will be implemented on February 1, 2014 unless the circumstances of the Postal Service change, would further limit the overnight delivery standard and would enable consolidation activities for an additional 89 mail processing locations in 2014.

The Postal Service expects that its network consolidations will result in significant annual cost savings and will lead to workforce reductions of up to 28,000 employees.

The Postal Service expects that the network consolidations will result in various costs, including costs associated with workforce reduction, lease termination and contract modification. As of the date of this release, many of these costs are uncertain, depending, among other things, upon the number of employees who accept incentives to retire or resign and the results of various negotiations. The Postal Service is continuing to evaluate the potential range of these costs and their impact on the financial statements.

USPS 8-K Filing 5-25-2012

17 thoughts on “USPS Form 8-K filing with PRC regarding Final Rule on Service Standard Changes

  1. The projected service change will not offer a saving annuallyy for the postal service, but it defnitely will achieve a detrimetal change in customer service around the entire country! Why is congress determined to stand back ad watch the universal mail service go down! Doing away with overnight mail delivery service will cause not only first class overight mail to be delayed, but two and three day service will be delayed also! This will include americans bills that are mailed to another city location; credit cards payment, that will be penalized for late payment! Businesses that rely on overnight mail service daily to keep their daily business running smoothly will be grestly affcted also. This will be due to the service standards that will be changed according to the postmaster general Donahoe! This move will not be anything positive for the postal sevice! Congress need to stand up and madate ISSA to vote on the S.1789 bill that been in his department for a month! Why should he have the authority not to bring this bill to the floor and be voted on?

  2. All the talk per USPS BS is same as Santa Claus story: will continue as always has been with the only change a new Rudolph ,PMG, who with nose so bright will guide the sled somewhere.

  3. Some of us have personally met with past APWU presidents and officers and may still be Union officers,But a man is known by his works, well we all make mistakes, ask yourself this ,why did the Mail Handlers, NALC and Rural carriers not cave in, but instead went to Arbitration?, Guffey is like the Captain of the Titanic, “Full Speed Ahead”, yes, right into the Iceberg,so the APWU made out better, check those facts again,the biggest thing a Union President can do, is to settle a contract, but you try to do that with the interest and in the interests of those that count the most, the “members”, lest we forget,
    the VER Incentives being used to bargain with will be shown to be a wise move, if there is give and take, and the VER with Incentives is given in the very near Future, if not,many members will drop out, and many other members will choke on that “Guffey Vote” ( or those who voted for the man with no nuts).

  4. Any postal employee who votes for a republican this fall hang your head in shame! There is not an iota of reason to support a party that has no concern for your job or the impact on your families and communities. Wall street gets our tax dollars hand over fist and we get crumbs. If they will not heed your voices, then let it be heard with a vote. Every postal worker, family and friends, send them a msg. they will not forget! In solidarity, Glenn K., APWU local 497!

  5. Hey Dinosaur Dumbass…….Do your homework before you spew your bullshit and then get back to us.

  6. another slap in the face by the Postal service to forge on with consolidations against the wishes of all citizens and the politicians who asked for a delay while legislation is being debated to provide postal reform.Shame on you pmg Donahoe.

  7. All you snilveling dumocrats weren’t saying anything about the USPS going under when the Dumbocrats had the full control over the House, Senate and the Presidency for 2 years. They didn’t give a crap about anything but Obama Care and apparently you all didn’t either. Now it’s the Republidud’s fault.

    Hope you packed your bank account and tsp, now start packing your bags.

  8. Services standard needs are a thing of the past. Any item that has to be delivered within a time frame will be sent Fed X, UPS and the last choice USPS Express. Service standards will need to insure sales ads are delivered to meet advertised sale dates as this the way it is presently done. Check with Macys as they use online ads as well as paper mailed ads.

  9. PRC should deal with true facts as to number of street delivery days per week needed to meet demand for mail delivery. First class volume is decreasing and will continue to do so resulting in decreasing revenue without cost reductions. Reducing delivery 1 days would reduce vehicle and fuel cost as well delivery operation worjk hours. This reduction would be cost effective saving millions in monatary losses. The demand for postal services is decreasing as technological advances in instant paperrless communication has left the USPS in the 20th century. The 21st century in social and business communication has left the USPS grasping to increase bulk business advertising mail and non time sensitive parcels. 5 delivery days per week would meet customer demand to deliver sales papers. PRC NEEDS TO MOVE FROM THE POSTAL NEED AS THE CHIEF MEANS OF COMMUNICATIONS 60 YEARS AGO.

  10. Now that Donohoe and his ass kissers are under the gun in D.C. they’re really trying to squeeze the craft employees every which way trying to find a spare penny. Shit runs downhill, and in our office the supervisor is berating anybody who isn’t meeting DOIS projections on the street or in the office. I just learned of this and as union president I will be grieving this micromanagement as harassment, I’m sure of it.
    It just goes to show that despite tons of evidence that proves the waste is with management, they can’t or won’t admit responsibility for anything and are trying to turn on the crafts to make us pay.
    Anybody voting Republican this fall deserves what they get, but the rest of us don’t. Try thinking about somebody else besides your own selfish ass, GOP voter, for a damn change. Your adoring party is screwing you just as much as everybody else and you refuse to see it. Thanks to your believing everything Limbaugh and FOX News tells you, your understanding of the working world is hopelessly warped. We all pay for your failure to vote in the true best interest of your family and yourself because you can’t get past hating homosexuals or keeping your assault rifle. Thanks a lot.

  11. po workers may not be able to strike or do work slow downs but there are a hell of a lot of other things employees can do using their very own rules against them that will make a solid impact on them and bring them to their knees. example: if you are one of these stooges that volunteers your cell phone use on your job job you are a total fool. the po has become very reliant on this.

  12. Oh yes house republicans if you want the postal workers votes this fall you best do something to save our jobs real soon!

  13. It is time to start planning the BLOODBATH REVOLUTION . The one where the hiers of the rich are slaughtered to redeem the greedy of their sins. It has happened before and will soon be under way haha.

  14. Well the writting is on the wall. Once the USPS reduces the service standards people will start to use other means of mail. The USPS will face ever deeping losses then they will go private. The banks will be waiting for that. Remember when ATM’s, internet, text messaging, all those use to be free now you pay for them. The bank are just waiting for USPS to go under. Then they will charge a fee for what you do for free now as online bill pay. Just remember the rich don’t get rich by doing work its off the backs of someone else.

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