APWU: Revised FMLA Forms

APWU Web News Article 66-2012, May 31, 2012

The union has posted revised FMLA forms for use by healthcare providers to certify serious illnesses of APWU members [PDF] and their family members. [PDF]

The forms the union created in 2009 “ solicit all of the information required under law,” Industrial Relations Director Mike Morris noted in a May 28, 2011, letter to USPS management [PDF]. However, the APWU revised the forms based on suggestions made during a recent meeting with USPS officials to discuss the implementation of an arbitration award that stipulated that the Postal Service cannot require employees to use the Department of Labor’s WH-380 FMLA forms.

The revised APWU FMLA Forms 1 and 2 include the following changes:

1) Spaces for the employee’s EIN and FMLA case number, if known;

2) Indication of which type of serious health condition corresponds with the boxes at the top, so that healthcare providers don’t inadvertently check the wrong box;

3) Examples of what medical information (outside of medical diagnosis/prognosis) may be relevant when describing the medical facts; and

4) Indication at the bottom of the form that healthcare providers should see Page 2 for a complete description of “serious health condition.”

17 thoughts on “APWU: Revised FMLA Forms

  1. You know, even our Postal Unions should be smart enough to know what issues are (really) worth the fight. Management continues to (demand) using the Department of Labor`s “Long Form” to submit FMLA eligibility and the 3 Postal Unions continue to fight, tooth and nail to allow Employees to use the easier to follow, “Short Form”. Enough already, you have bigger fish to fry! Just print the damn Department of Labors official FMLA Form off of their Web Site and get over it! They are attempting to close Postal Processing Plants in Mass, shutter Retail Offices, Eliminate Jobs, and you focus on getting approval of a Union Approved FMLA Short Form. Another case of Dumb and Dumber.

  2. DOL, EEO’s this grivence that grivences, Issa/Ross wanting to throw older workers under the bus, what is this world coming to enufisenuf?

    Then this? WATCHDOG: Director says she was told to trim older workers lawsuit alleges age bias by TBN.

    Trinity denies claim that senior workers were too old, too sick and too lazy and countersued.

    This swirl of suits and counter-suits lets outsiders see deeper inside Trinity than we have ever been able to see before.

    The picture isn’t particularly pretty. Do tell…it never is. But this? Lordy Lordy Lordy?
    the Trinity? i did say Lordy, Lordy three times didn’t i?

    Check this enufisenuf .. this person says they were told to implement “alternative reforms” by their grandpa and fire everyone over 65. YIKES!

    They must not have a union?

    Comb my hair in a thousand ways but came out looking the same, sorry boss
    rogain only goes so far. Maybe a Boob job to keep you happy?

    Even though i comb my hair in a thousand ways i keep coming out looking the same

  3. David…a dues paying union member for over 30 yearswho paid for the APWU Officer Retirement Plan but who is unable to partake of the golden parachute! Too bad, so sad…keep paying dem dues brutha! Bro Goofey appreciates your loyalty!

  4. So this 2 page form is only for APWU “members and their family members”??? As a dues paying union member for over 30 years, iv’e never been more ashamed of both the the the usps and our lawmakers for what is and has been going on with OUR postal service. Their not going to be happy until there is nothing left of it. The worst part is, the only thing we can do about it is vote these people out and vote in someone equally as bad or worse. What a sad depressing situation to be in.

  5. One problem with that ISW….. anything left blank and they will deny your FMLA. Its about time the unions fought for something that doesn’t involve money or monetary awards. This arbitration has real meaning…. and that is… the service does not have the unfettered right to do what ever and when ever they please.

  6. Speaking of fu*king them FU*KING House Republicans are at it again.

    House Republicans have proposed increasing federal retirement contributions by 1.2 percent over the next three years to pay for a one-year extension of the reduced interest rate for student loans.

    In a letter to President Obama dated Thursday, Republicans from both chambers of Congress rejected Senate Democrats’ proposal to pay for a one year extension of a reduced interest rate for subsidized Stafford student loans with a tax hike on small businesses. Republicans suggested three alternatives to the tax hike, the first of which targets federal employees’ pension contributions.

    “We believe our alternative is reasonable and responsible, but in the interest of finding common ground,” Republican lawmakers wrote.

    Under the proposal, those in the Civil Service Retirement System and those in the Federal Employees Retirement System would contribute 0.4 percent more to their pensions in calendar years 2012 through 2015. This would add up to a 1.2 percent increase over current contribution levels. The House passed a bill earlier this month that includes a 5 percent pension hike phased in over five years for CSRS and FERS employees.

    Both the National Treasury Employees Union and the American Federation of Government Employees asked the White House to reject the proposal, calling it another attack on federal employees from congressional Republicans. “Pension contribution increases amounting to $15 billion in additional revenue were recently enacted to offset a temporary extension of unemployment benefits. Federal employees have done more than their share to help address our budget shortfalls; shortfalls that were not caused by them,” NTEU President Colleen Kelley said in a letter to the president.

    AFGE President John Gage called the proposal an “unjustified income tax” in his letter to the White House. “Not only is federal retirement entirely unrelated to student loan interest rates, requiring federal employees to pay more for their retirement benefit is nothing more than an unjustified income tax increase on one small segment of the population, the working and middle class Americans who make up the federal government’s workforce,”

    Oh sorry people wrong blog.

  7. Boy do i have some true storys to tell about EEO’s an grivences.

    Let’s let the shit hit the fan and have some real fun. 🙂 some the church cant even forgive in the confession box.

  8. It stands as stated:

    (Postal management is legendary the worst of the worst there is… no accountability.

    The place is out of control.)

    “DOL says that they get more complaints from usps employees on FMLA than any other in the country…EEOC says that they get more eeo filings from usps employees than any others in the country”

    Maybe You don’t get it?

    You lose.. overuled.. NEXT!

  9. DOL says that they get more complaints from usps employees on FMLA than any other in the country…EEOC says that they get more eeo filings from usps employees than any others in the country….usps employees probably file more on the job injuries than any others in the country and on and on. You don’t get it?

    THEY DON’T WANT TO WORK! Any excuse to get away with not doing work is encouraged and defended by their apwu union. I remember this one steward that also on the recreation committee, the safety committee, the joint safety committee and the labor/maneement committee and he was also on the job injured with fmla for stress anytime they told him to do something (true).

    So he spent his time daily in non work related activities putting around…picking up the union’s mail and when they asked him to do his job he would go home on FMLA related stress. TRUE STORY, so don’t give me this crap about its maneement’s fault.

  10. “.DOL says that they get more complaints from usps employees on FMLA than any other in the country.”

    Postal management is legendary the worst of the worst there is… no accountability.

    The place is out of control.

  11. It does not matter what forms they use, as long as they have the usps do their own thing in that department. DOL never bothers them for any wrong doings. They constantly break federal rules with management illegaly influencing their decisions. DOL says that they get more complaints from usps employees on FMLA than any other in the country. You NEVER hear of any fines or anything though. Stop letting them (USPS) police themselves!

  12. How much time and money has the APWU wasted on these forms and for what purpose when the DOL WH380 forms are perfectly adequate and accepted without question? People who are worried about the non-required information requested on the WH380 can simply leave those questions blank.

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