APWU, USPS Agree On New Lead Clerk Jobs

(05/04/12) The APWU and USPS agreed to job descriptions for new Lead Clerk positions on May 4, and agreed to the process for posting and bidding the new positions. The new positions were negotiated as part of the 2010-2015 Collective Bargaining Agreement.

The process for establishing the new positions in outlined in series of Questions and Answers. [PDF]

Lead Clerk positions will be established as follows:

Lead Sales & Service Associate [PDF]

Lead Mail Processing Clerk [PDF]

Lead Customer Service Clerk [PDF]

They will earn one level higher than others in their group.

To be awarded a Lead Customer Service Clerk or Lead Mail Processing Clerk position, employees must have a minimum of one year’s experience in the functional area. Lead Sales & Service Associates must have a minimum of one year’s experience working on the window.

Lead Clerks can perform all of the tasks of a supervisor except issue discipline and grant leave. They may work alone or as a working leader, with or without supervision, and will have the latitude to determine when a supervisor should be involved in their activities.

Lead Clerk positions will be posted as senior-qualified duty assignments.

29 thoughts on “APWU, USPS Agree On New Lead Clerk Jobs

  1. Firstly, I would like to apologize for taking so long to get back to all of you who were waiting for me on the APWU info, there has been a slight reduction of OT in my office this week & today I’m finely feeling a little rested: ***All members of the Miami Area Local with 25+ yrs of membership are eligible for the “25 YEAR LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP REWARD OF $250. In order to receive this reward you must obtain and provide a copy of your union anniversary date “SEGMENT E” form which must be printed directly from the “EMPLOYEE MASTER RECORD”, which you may request from the USPS/HR Shared Service Center, but my manager was very instrumental in promptly obtaining this document for me. Please do not rely on your steward, as I was given the wrong info. & it only delayed the payment process. Once you obtain a copy of your union anniversary date “SEGMENT E” form – fax it to the attn of: Kevin J. Baker, Secretary – Treasurer at 305-591-5975 **I received my check via US MAIL in approx 1 week. Thank you APWU you do ROCK! One thing though about the lead clerk position, seems like a mgmt position might provide a more profitable opportunity than lead clerk Level 7 or even Level 8? For those of you who think its a good idea…GO FOR IT!!!

  2. Currently a MRC for the District little supervision with lots of people asking for help both in my office and elsewhere. Even getting calls from all over the US due to the total managemtn vacuum that exists

    Will their be level 8 lead clerks for those kind of positions. I have to know a lot and do a lot. But if there are other positions why put up with that when for the same money and just senior qualified is sufficient to draw level 7.

  3. On APWU issues, I also have some important info to share with its members, but not at this time as I had to work OT on Monday nite, not because there was a line, but because my Supv. was concerned that perhaps a line might form and that could probably cause us to fail the mystery shopper (WTIL). Smart thinking thanks for the (1 hr 40) OT to do “Pick-ups only”. Tonite I got real lucky and it rained and had only (1 hr) OT, thanks to Mother Nature. Let’s see what tomorrow will bring, I have no idea until I get in in the a.m. and see what the schedule has in store for me. Most likely I will have OT because (1) clerk is on A/L. Stay tuned for the APWU info, hope to share that with you on my day off when I have more time. Night, Night. T.O.O.

  4. While you and I are worrying about whether we’ll retire or whether the APWU will be able to save our jobs, the following might interest you about something you have paid for with your union dues that you will be unable to enjoy like our union officers do:

    APWU Officers Qualified Retirement Plan is a 401k plan which has $55,398,175 net assets as of end of year, which is drastically more than the average for all Company 401k Plans. The plan has been in effect since 7/1/1971, and is a Multiple-Employer.

    The APWU Officers Qualified Retirement Plan’s 401k plan has 119 active participants , which is slightly more than the average for all Company 401k Plans. The APWU Officers Qualified Retirement Plan 401k plan has 102 retired or separated participants receiving benefits, which is drastically more than the average for all Company 401k Plans.

    So contact APWU today for a piece of their pie! You stewards should also contact them! Wonder why nothing is posted bout this on APWU.org. You didn’t know about this? You should ask bout it at the next union meeting. You should ask…and keep paying dem dues bruthas n sistas sos we can continue raking in the dough.

  5. Truthfully, we aren’t worth a sh#t! We lie, steal, cheat, and behave like f#$king snakes. (though that is an insult to snakes)

  6. Postmaster, We are never happy because we have to put up with idiot managers who most of the time don’t have a clue of what is going on around them… Clerks are doing the supervisors work most of the time anyway because most of them do not even walk out of their offices to the workroom floor. When they do it is only to harass an employee…. I say we take over all the work we can get and than there will not be a need for those incompetent, overpaid good for nothing EAS employees!!!!!

  7. Here is what you need to be a Postmaster. 1. Be a Dork 2. Don’t care about anyone but themselves 3. Be a Rush Limbaugh Right Wing Brainwashed Drone 4. Have a Big Ego 5.Have a Chip on your Shoulder and Call the People that Work for you “You Craft Employees” 6. Be a Big Cry Baby like Glen Beck 7.Come in Late and go Home Early 8. Swagger around the Office like your shit don’t stink 9.Blame Others 10. Last but not least BE OVER PAID!

  8. Here’s the key all you stupid moron APWU stewards:

    This position is for use in Customer Service facilities with retail operation windows.

    So…guess what? Can’t stop me from removing retail operations from a building and replacing it with APCs. So you can take your job description and wipe your rear end with it at your next union meeting and continue sucking ass!

  9. Just get rid of 204b’s and I’ll agree to anything. Yes, the APWU SUCKS ASS and thinks of nothing but themselves.

  10. Ok First .. Don’t feed the trolls people there are a number of right wing fools who go to sites like this just to aggravate. Second. This work originally belonged to the APWU craft, we’ve won it back. People complained when we lost it , now they’re complaining we got it back. This is a significant gain in my eyes for 2 reasons. Creates more craft jobs and should reduce the amount of EAS jobs. That’s what our union should be doing. I know there’s alot of anxiety about our new contract but it’s looking like it may have some good positives. Enforcement is the key here.

  11. Well, “Postmaster” actually sounds like postal management. Stupid, arrogant, and incompetent.

  12. And to you…”Postmaster” a***….who in the hell is saying it’s too much responsibility? Or, perhaps, it is someone who it is being shoved on with no training or backup whatsoever! That seems to be a BIG problem in the USPS. And then the evil wolves, called “management” sits back and stealthly wants to make sure the people are ill-equipped in performing their duties so that they can use it against them to try to fire them or discipline them…well, that does make the postmasters/supervisors feel so superior to their subordinates, doesn’t it. Any manager who had any integrity whatsoever (and there aren’t very many) wouldn’t have written the BS that you shared on here anyway!

  13. Oh, for a second I thought “Tired of Overtime) was talking about the Crawfordsville, Indiana, postmaster (who does nothing, works a MAXIMUM of 4 hours a day and rakes in over $90K)! Huh! Who knew that it was so similar all over the country? Oh, yeah, and P.S. she buddies up to certain employees and does all kinds of uncontractual things for them, while at the same time screwing the others. She leaves the window clerks (well, some of them) up at the window by themselves for 6-8 hours with no break whatsoever, while other clerks sit on their butts playing around in the back…It’s a great place to work!

  14. That’s just wonderful, but by the time they get done with us all, there won’t be any freaking clerk jobs, much less “lead clerk” jobs.


  16. So let me see if I understand this correctly? My supervisor who never wants to sign leave slips, because they are “untimely” or the time slot is “maxed-out” because one (1) clerk is already off, who also does not issue discipline to those who should be disciplined because they are intimidated by them or worse friendly with them, will now have nothing to do but pick-ups at the front counter? Something seems to be wrong with this scenario, somebody please help me to understand this??? T.O.O. of Miami, FL

  17. You craft people are NEVER happy…First you bitch how dumb and stupid Mgmt is….now you’ll have a chance to take over the operation and you’re bitchin its “Way too much responsibility.” Lets just speak the truth here…. All you craft people want to do is sit around, do nothing and get paid….Your comments PROVE IT…..Nice APWU you got there….They’ll agree to ANYTHING as long as they keep their membership money…..And you clowns think they are there to help you!!…ha ha ha ha

  18. They’re getting ready to offer EAS early outs with $$$$$$$$$.(June 1)
    Then you clerks can do the supervisors/ Postmasters job.. No more Postmasters in small offices… You’re always saying how management sux and they’re a bunch of losers so……NOW YOU CAN DO THEIR JOB WHILE THEY RETIRE!!!!!!!!!! LMAO……

  19. After reading what the Lead will have to do, who would want the position. No one. What is the supervisor for if all we need is a Lead window clerk? Way to much responsibility and not enough pay!

  20. The person who would be our lead comes in at 9:00. I come in at 9:30 and I do all the close out. I get the deposit ready. Do we switch hours? It says that the Lead will prepare the night deposit. Now what?

  21. 1789 62 senators…..hr 1351 229 co sponsors…Darrell Issa 1 congressman holding the entire mailing industry 564000 Postal workers..and the entire mailing world hostage…wow he is the FED EX man…he is more powerful the whole bunch of congress amazing…

  22. They had this job back in the 1800’s. But then it was called lead shoveler. The guys used to clean up the horse manure in the streets and the Lead Shoveler just had a bigger Shovel.So let’s get this straight. A lead clerk performs 90% of a supervisors job but gets paid 10,000 less. This APWU is ……..(fill in the blanks)….

  23. The assertion that “Lead Clerks can perform all of the tasks of a supervisor except issue discipline and grant leave” does not appear to be supported either in the position descriptions or the Q&A document. It appears to be language that the APWU chooses to use rather than part of the actual agreement.

  24. I’ve long felt that the clerk craft should have “forman” so I’m encouraged by the creation of lead clerks. Quite frankly I’m surprised that the APWU would agree to it. Unfortunately is it worth it to bid such a job? Like expeditors, lead clerks would be level 7 which is not a lot of additional money for the aggravation and added responsibility. Management loves it when you make their job easier and is quick to blame you when something goes wrong. Even so, if this job is created in our Mail Processing plant I would be interested in it ( assuming I’m still here 6 months from now, show me the $$$!).

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