PMG: We Never Used the Word ‘Closure’

PMG: We Never Used the Word ‘Closure’

In an interview televised on C-SPAN on April 27, Postmaster General Patrick R. Donahoe down-played the threat of post office and mail processing plant closures and suggested no major changes would take place anytime soon.

“‘Closure’ is a word we’ve never used,” he said.


How about a March 7 USPS press release [PDF] that said, “Most closures or consolidations would have to take place starting after May 15, 2012, and be completed by August 31, 2012.”

And there was the Nov. 16, 2011, submission to the Postal Regulatory Commission [PDF] that said the USPS would “Redesign the operating network, infrastructure, and processes by reviewing retail office productivity and studying under-utilized offices for potential consolidation, closure or conversion…”

Before that there was the Sept. 15, 2011, press release that said, “Proposals under consideration include studying nearly 250 processing facilities for possible consolidation or closure…”

And an Aug. 5, 2011, USPS press release said, “The Postal Service announced plans on July 25 to identify and study nearly 3,700 under-utilized Post Offices for possible closure…”

APWU Executive Vice President Greg Bell said, “Whether the Postmaster General calls it ‘closure,’ ‘consolidation,’ ‘right-sizing,’ or ‘rationalizing the network,’ it means the same thing: Drastic cuts to service, jobs, and the postal network, the closure of post offices and mail processing facilities, and irreparable harm to the USPS.”

Lawmakers Weigh In

Unfortunately, the Postmaster General’s reassurances about how many consolidations will be implemented — and when — aren’t very comforting either. As the March 7 press release notes, the USPS plans to implement as many closures as possible by Aug. 31, before the start of the fall mailing season. This confirms what postal executives told the APWU on Feb. 13: They plan to begin consolidating mail processing facilities as soon as the moratorium on consolidations ends.

Many lawmakers don’t seem to be taking the PMG at his word. The four co-sponsors of a Senate postal reform bill have asked Donahoe to extend the moratorium until after legislation is enacted. In a letter dated April 30, Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT), Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME), Sen. Tom Carper (D-DE) and Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA), wrote, “There is considerable concern in the Senate that this approach will unnecessarily degrade the infrastructure which is one of the Postal Service’s most important assets.

“We believe an attempt to proceed with the planned closures — to ‘get in under the wire’ while legislation to the contrary is being considered — would be counterproductive and would violate the clear intent of the Senate.”

A few days later, 43 senators, including 37 Democrats, five Republicans, and independent Sen. Bernie Sanders (VT) also asked Donahoe to extend the moratorium on the closing of post offices and mail processing facilities. In a letter dated May 2 [PDF], they wrote, “We are deeply concerned that the closing of these postal facilities prior to postal reform legislation being enacted would be devastating to communities around the country.”

On the other hand, three Republicans — Sen. John McCain (AZ), Sen. Tom Coburn (OK), and Sen. Bob Corker (TN) — are urging Donahoe to quickly implement planned cutbacks. “Despite the Senate’s passage last week of S. 1789, the 21st Century Postal Service Act of 2012, we believe it is very unlikely that both the House and Senate will come to agreement on legislation that reforms the postal system anytime soon and strongly encourage you to move forward with the cost-saving changes you have previously outlined,” they wrote.

In other words, “Implement the closures.” The ones the PMG never mentioned?

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  1. If true, sounds like that Apwu officer only retirement fund is nothing but a golden parachute for them paid for on the backs of dues paying members. I thought unions were all about inclusion. This is exclusion at its best.

  2. Ok…here’s something new for you…..
    While you and I are worrying about whether we’ll retire or whether the APWU will be able to save our jobs, the following might interest you about something you have paid for with your union dues that you will be unable to enjoy like our union officers do:

    APWU Officers Qualified Retirement Plan is a 401k plan which has $55,398,175 net assets as of end of year, which is drastically more than the average for all Company 401k Plans. The plan has been in effect since 7/1/1971, and is a Multiple-Employer.

    The APWU Officers Qualified Retirement Plan’s 401k plan has 119 active participants , which is slightly more than the average for all Company 401k Plans. The APWU Officers Qualified Retirement Plan 401k plan has 102 retired or separated participants receiving benefits, which is drastically more than the average for all Company 401k Plans.

    So contact APWU today for a piece of their pie! You stewards should also contact them! Wonder why nothing is posted bout this on You didn’t know about this? You should ask bout it at the next union meeting. You should ask…and keep paying dem dues bruthas n sistas sos we can continue raking in the dough.

  3. enufisneverenuf there singing your song bro, roll another one just like the other one.

    Them same ole post, the aap, the uub, the abc, the std.

  4. APWU didn’t use the word closure either. I understand that the new APWU theme song is “Roll Me Over In the Clover, Lay Me Down, and Do It Again when you raise dem dues!”

  5. Until PMG is required to actually be someone who has the USPService as the primary goal, not lining his pockets. We will never have crediability. PMG Carlen was the last PMG to actually give a damn (who came from the ranks) and OMG, Carvin Marvin from outside. Hard to imagine, him as actally looking good after Potter the digger, and Donahoue the flusher . Fire him and the top 6 in HQ, and make us solvent for this year. Lets see how we’d functon without “leadership” for a year. Probably do better.

  6. We never used the word closure? What does this supposedly educated man think the word consolidation mean?? Ummmmm, closure of one facility into another. What the hell is the difference? We just don’t believe postal management anymore. Blah, blah blah.

  7. Closure should be used to consolidate small neighborhood which in 1950 served a ua needed service in facilitating communications. This was critical in the 20th century. The means to communicate in this era was a message deposited in the postal system by purchasing a postage stamps. The message was delivered to a physical street address in a 2-3 day delivery time. The USPS was the means for personal and business in the 20th century. This method is a has been of history. Advanced communication technology in the 21st century has moved communication via electronic mail to a paperless instant means via electronic applications such as Internet which is instant messaging. Cell phones, smart phones, tablets, IPods, androids and new apps being introduced constantly has impacted rhe USPS resulting in loss of tremendous volume of first class mail, primary product, which has resulted in massive monatary losses and will continue as communication technology will create new apps which will continue to impact USPS in mail volume creating further monatary losses. The USPS must modify operations to meet demand for service or continue to suffer extensive monatary losses. 5.1 million dollar loss year to date is small as to the year end results unless steps are taken to reduce outrGEOUS SALARIES FROM HEADQUARTERS TO NEIGHBORHOOD OFFICES WHERE POSTMASTERS SELL STAMPS AND BOX MAIL ARE PAID $63000.-72000.AND HAVE NO DELIVERY. 6 day street delivery is a wasted cost as the need is nonexistent. Social security and all treasury checks must be direct deposit by March 2013. Street delivery should be reduced to 5 days as fuel and vehicle operation cost for 292,000 vehicles is not recoverable as presently set up; delivery operation workhours reduced to 5 days would result in cost savings and not impeded service. Wed. would be the best day as Sat. at present deliveries very little business mail and having Wed. as a nondelivery days would eliminate increased volume on Tues. after Mon. holidays.
    The PMG Pat gang must be reduced as positions exist that give no return on invest cost. Board of Governors needs to be replaced by functional knowledgeable
    business people with an understanding of reading a balance sheet and not political appointments. Politicans must face reality that postal needs are comparable to telephone landlines the need is declining as improved cell service become more economical and the need for land lines decreases.

  8. Donahoe is unbelievable! He thinks the whole world is as stupid as he THINKS the craft employees in the USPS are and that he can play his little word games, just like he plays the numbers games with the congress. Maybe he should just say he’s taking a machete to the workforce and scraping the cream off the top. Those words would be more appropriate to what is really happening here. It the Congress REALLY as stupid as they seem to be, the way they have drug their feet on this issue, sat on their hands, played dumb and backed up Donahoe? Fiasco? That’s putting it lightly. I think the whole thing borders on a fraudulent use and misrepresentation of the USPS that mirrors that of the banking collapse and housing breakdown that we have been experiencing in the last few years. Think about it. I have to wonder who in Congress is getting their palms greased by the Board of Governors as well as Donahoe? It all smacks of criminal activity – if not intent – to me.

  9. You wouldn’t Never Used the Word ‘Closure’ if along with shipping the beer and wines you could ship the medicinal cotton candy kush.

  10. Talltimbor…your right, one small detail, issa sits on the head of the house committe on postal matters. So his fed ex buddys send him tons of money to pass their agendas, hence his postal destruction bill hr 2309 is the only bill he is allowing to pass and goto vote in the house. He don’t care about you or any postal worker, he wants his greed cup filled till it over flows by fed ex. He don’t care what the other house members think, he don’t care that his bill only has one sponser named ross. Its the only bill he is going to allow the house to consider. So until he is voted out america will pay the price of his oversized ego. Cuz he really don’t care about america. He don’t care about you or your family or even the rich guy down the street. Its all about him.

  11. watch the video,donohoe was asked about post offices and processing plant closures, he clearly said in regards to post offices (not processing plants) we never have never used the word closure. he may have lied about this also, however all the examples i have seen here are processing facilities which he was not talking about. let’s get it right.

  12. thank you, thank you, thank you article writer for proving pmg donahoe
    to be one big liar! enough said! this clown donahoe has lost all credibility a long time ago. as i have stated in the past, i think donahoe needs a professional mental health evaluation. it should be clear now to anyone with a brain that donahoe is a habitual or pathological liar that lies and distorts the facts time and time again. one cannot believe a word donahoe says. how does someone with no credibility “run” a $70 billion dollar company. i look for knucklehead donahoe to proclaim tomorrow that his transformation plan never proposed ‘degrading service standards’ or that his transformation plan never required any employee
    to be excessed. and if donahoe makes these public “claims” *sshole
    thurgood marshall and the rest of the puppeteer political bureaucrats will
    issue public statements praising donahoe’s honesty and job performance…
    only in america baby, only in america.

  13. Like closure , lying not in the vocabulary either , but used with abandon as always !

  14. Maybe the Hanoi Hilton should give Mr. McCain a free weekend voucher delivered on a Saturday.

  15. WHAT??? Like Monmouth, NJ, Kilmer P&DC. & Southeastern P&DC just to name a few local ones. I presume he needs to reread his own report. OMG, and this is the head of our organization that will lead us to profitability!!!!

  16. 1789 62 senators… 1351 229 co sponsors…Darrell Issa 1 congressman holding the entire mailing industry 564000 Postal workers..and the entire mailing world hostage…wow he is the FED EX man…he is more powerful the whole bunch of congress amazing…

  17. 2012 2:57 am

    Its amazing to me that a Congressman Darrell Issa is more powerful than 62 senators…(1789) and 229 Congressman(Hr1351)…man that guy spits in their presence…he must be one bad dude the rest of congress must have NO BALLS

  18. Pathological liars seldom can keep track of anything that they say.

    This is a perfect example. I’m sure in his mind he never did say it. Perhaps he should review a few hundred videos and news stories on the internet. Even then, he would still say he never said it.

    One hell of a great leader!!

  19. Hey Tex why don’t you explain what liar liar is…Tell the world what has happened
    in Wichita Tx as well as all the other Proccesing Plants around the U.S…
    Until you Bloggers talk..No one Knows…..

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