Video: USPS Medical Delivery Drill

How ironic that a story about USPS delays in prescription drugs comes out around the same time as the video “USPS Medical Delivery Drill”

People across the Western Slope are still waiting for their prescription drugs to be delivered. The post office says distribution problems with pharmaceutical companies are to blame.The Montrose Post Office has answered nearly thirty calls everyday this week from people wondering why their prescription drugs havent been delivered.

via Delays In Pharmaceutical Deliveries – Local News Story – KJCT Grand Junction.

On March 16,2012 a video “USPS Medical Delivery Drill” was released. The video shows letter carriers being escorted by the local police delivering medicine to customers.

see video:

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  1. How come when these guys put a tub in the storage box there’s no empty tub from the day before? Seems suspicious. Why was meds left on door stoop unattended? This whole film seems phoney.

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