USPS Seeking Contractors to Operate Central Repair Facility In Topeka, Kansas

Earlier this month Senator Jerry Moran (R-Kan.) reported that USPS has decided to keep the Topeka (Kansas) Central Repair Facility open. Sen. Moran also reported :

Northrop Grumman Corporation is currently under contract to provide depot-level repairs as well as inventory and ordering system management at CRF. Following the expiration of the current contract, USPS will request competitive proposals for the operation of the expanded Topeka facility. In the upcoming weeks, the Postal Service will provide interested suppliers with detailed information concerning the planned solicitation. A new contract for the consolidated repair operation will be awarded no later than September 2012, with a contract start date of January 1, 2013.

Here is the USPS notice posted on the Federal Business Opportunities website:

The United States Postal Service is seeking to pre-qualify suppliers to staff and operate its Central Repair Facility (CRF), located in Topeka, KS.

The CRF is a depot repair facility for USPS mail processing, delivery, and bulk mail systems repairable parts. Examples: repairing printed circuit boards, electrical, electronic, mechanical and electro-mechanical assemblies to component level.

The CRF provides depot level maintenance for essential automation, mechanization, retail and bulk mail processing systems used in all mail processing and retail installations

The following factors will be used to select pre-qualified suppliers. To be prequalified, the Purchase Team is seeking the following attributes:A. Current and Past Performance: A firm must demonstrate a minimum of three (3) years experience in operating and managing a repair operation which includes, but is not limited to, repairing to the component level the following: printed circuit boards, electrical and electronic assemblies, and mechanical and electro-mechanical assemblies. Demonstrated repair experience must include surface mount technology (SMI) repairs, multi-layer printed circuit board repair, and Quality Assurance based on current industry standards.

B. Firms must demonstrate a minimum of three (3) years experience in development and maintenance of fourth echelon repair specifications. This experience must address Functional/Performance Automatic Test Equipment (ATE), such as desktop test systems using VXI bus technology and microprocessor emulation, and Semi-Automatic Test Equipment (SATE). This experience should address the documentation development, design and manufacture of test fixtures, and the ongoing support of these items.

C. Firm must have a minimum of three (3) years experience monitoring support Contracts, such as component parts purchases, maintenance service, custodial service, equipment calibration, and equipment leasing contracts. Supplier must demonstrate its experience and understanding in the preparation and monitoring of capital and expense budgets, provision of engineering support, planning and management of inventory in a piece-parts stockroom.

D. Firms must have a minimum of three (3) years experience developing and maintaining management information systems, supporting computer hardware and software, LAN support, and remote LAN and systems support for non-local operations.

E. Firms must demonstrate its ability to interface and work cooperatively with other organizations. Under this proposed contract, the Supplier will be required to interface with other USPS organizations, including the Maintenance Technical Support Center in Norman, Oklahoma; the Engineering organization and Maintenance Policies and Programs organization both located in Merrifield, Virginia; USPS Network Operations, located in Washington DC; the Asset Management organization in Topeka, Kansas; and the Critical Parts Center (CPC) in Indianapolis, Indiana.

F. Quality Systems: The supplier must provide documentation of the quality system(s) they use to ensure customer satisfaction.

G. Management Philosophy and Vision: The supplier must provide examples of how their management philosophy and vision have resulted in quantifiable results in customer satisfaction, examples of true partnering arrangements with clients and the company’s mission statement. Also include their organization’s policies and approach to environmental responsibility (sustainability) and initiatives to implement Green supply chains within its organization and for its customers.

H. Financial Capability: The supplier must provide adequate information to determine their financial capability and the availability of sufficient operating capital/resources to be able to perform the requirements of any resulting contract.

I. Supplier Diversity: It is the policy of the Postal Service to establish and maintain a strong, competitive supplier base that reflects the diversity of the American supplier community. The supplier must provide information regarding their company’s supplier diversity and subcontracting opportunities programs. Sourcing opportunities & market activity must be addressed along with the ability to provide a detailed subcontracting plan. The Spares Team will work closely with the CRF to develop and capture sub-contracting opportunities with each area of operation. Operations at the CRF have been self-contained; meaning service has been performed at the facilities. Spares Team will advance USPS efforts for sub-contracting opportunities.

Suppliers will be rated in each area using an adjectival rating system of Excellent, Very Good, Good, Poor, and Unacceptable. The pre-qualified listing will be maintained over the term of the contract and available should a determination be made to re-compete these services prior to the expiration of all available options under the award.

Supplier response package must be limited to no more than 100 total pages.

One (1) printed original of response packages and five (5) soft copies on CD ROM must be submitted not later than 4:00 PM, April 5, 2012 to:

U S Postal Service
Spares Purchasing Team
Attn: Steve Blasing
500 SW Gary Ormsby Drive
Topeka, KS 66624-9402

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  1. Wow. Just one more nail in the coffin of this organization. I have been an ET for 12 years and PO employee for 18 and what a mess this is going to create. I recently had to change out a circuit board on a DBCS and it only took 3 tries to get a good one from Topeka. Finally got fed up and pulled known good one from a adjacent DBCS to make sure that was the problem. Then it only took two more out of stock to get the second machine up also. We really are in a death spiral if we just let whoever bid on the repair of these boards. When I was hired I was a proud employee to work for such a organization. I still enjoy my job to a certain degree but messes like this and possibility of my facility closing down, makes me wonder what could possibly happen next. This goofball Donohoe has to GO so that someone who has a vision and can turn this around can take over. PLEASE SENATORS AND REPRESENTATIVES GET OFF YOUR DUFF AND GET RID OF THIS IDIOT AND COME UP WITH A BIPARTISAN BILL TO EASE THE POSTAL SERVICE. I KNOW WE DON’T NEED MORE BUREAUCRATS BUT SOMEHOW CREATE A OVERSIGHT COMMITTEE TO WATCH OVER AND STOP THE STUPID SPENDING THEY ARE DOING. GET BUSY NOW.

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