Congressman Announces OIG Review of USPS Decision To Consolidate SE Pennsylvania Mail Center

Meehan Announces Independent Review of Southeastern USPS Facility Consolidation Decision

Friday March 02, 2012

SPRINGFIELD, PA – At a press conference today, U.S. Rep. Patrick Meehan (PA-07) announced that the United States Postal Service (USPS) Office of the Inspector General (OIG) will launch an independent review of the recent decision to consolidate the facility into the Philadelphia distribution center. Meehan called for this review last week. The OIG’s office sent a letter to Rep. Meehan last night confirming the review.

“This facility has consistently been ranked among the top ten most efficient mail processing centers in the country, so it’s hard to understand why they would want to consolidate it,” Meehan said. “Given the Postal Service’s financial challenges, we should be encouraging and supporting facilities that promote efficiencies and save money, not closing them down.”

Prior to today’s press conference, Meehan met with workers from the distribution center as well as area business owners who rely on the facility.

“Many local businesses rely on the efficiency of this facility to support their own operations and growth,” Meehan said. “Moving the distribution center to Philadelphia will harm their day-to-day business operations and put many other jobs at risk.”

Rep. Meehan was joined by A.J. Jones, President of the American Postal Workers Union Local 2233.

3 thoughts on “Congressman Announces OIG Review of USPS Decision To Consolidate SE Pennsylvania Mail Center

  1. Ross the GOP from FL, is evil, when the federal employees who make less than the average wage in private industry, signed to work for the Postal/ Federal workforce, they signed a contract, so either Ross is arrogant or a complete uninformed moron, as many former registered GOP voters, have changed to the no party affiliation, Congress and Federal managers /Postal Managers are the only overpaid people, the Supplement is part of the contract workers signed for years ago, which bridges one to Social Security, if Ross and/or Issa, and/or Cantor try to take this away, we have employees who will not retire due to the Poverty level of the FERS retirement system, the average pension for Federal/ Postal craft employees is 50-53k annually, even 30 years gets you only 15,900 dollars a year, if that much, seems to many “Organized Workers” that this scenario of the GOP hacking workers benefits has become similar to the “French Revolution”, and heads will literally roll,with the GOP heads the First to go.

  2. Now the Morons in Congress will try to perpetuate an inherently evil organization, please Allah !, Let it (USPS) die !
    Management not only was abusive, used threats and Intimidation, against employees, but now the 99% overpaid , will get a better FERS retirement than you the craft, slash and burn, in fact , find Korans, and leave them burning in front of USPS buildings and / or Post Offices, revenge is sweet saith the Imam’s !
    In offices in the WNYD, Supervisors and PM’s disappear daily, shopping, drinking at the bars, sex with the craft at the local motel or some other EAS, great bunch!

  3. You’ve G O T to be kidding me! I retired from Southeastern and I know, first hand, what a waste of time this joint was for at least 20 years. Maybe if you look at the people sleeping in locker rooms, hanging out in bathrooms, walking aimlessly around the halls, smoking out in the parking lots, watching TV, reading the newspaper, eating at machines, arguing with each other(and supervisors), violating
    safety rules, and scamming the Postal Service in any way they can, THEN, you might be able to understand why Southeastern is on the chopping block. I was criticized, and called a “scab” because I refused to join their fraudulent union. Wow, what a waste of time these jerks are! They protected the deadbeats beyond all sense of reason, simply to get those coveted “union dues”. Meanwhile, the rest of us had to pick up the slack for those worthless creatins. And yes, I EARNED my retirement – probably twice what I receive. So I completely understand why this facility is under consideration for closing. You get what you pay for – nothing more!

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