USPS, Postal Supervisors Fail To Reach Pay Agreement

Announcement on Pay Consultations – March 2, 2012

The National Association of Postal Supervisors and the United States Postal Service concluded Pay Consultations on February 29, 2012 without reaching an agreement. The resident officers participated in a teleconference with the national executive board where the executive board was briefed on the offers presented by the Postal Service and the subject was discussed at length.

In accordance with provisions of Title 39, NAPS will file their intention to exercise their rights to Fact Finding. NAPS believe that we presented reasonable proposals for pay and benefits. The proposals by the Postal Service did not address important issues for our members.

We will provide further information to our membership when it becomes available. The resident officers appreciate the feedback and words of support that have been sent to us through phone calls and emails from our members.

22 thoughts on “USPS, Postal Supervisors Fail To Reach Pay Agreement

  1. APWU would have accepted any deal including a “liquid” contract with no money in it. Guffey don’t care cause he’ll be the last APWU president anyway. Save your money now and fill out that PS Form 1188 today and give yourself that raise APWU couldn’t get ya!

  2. Ross the GOP from FL, is evil, when the federal employees who make less than the average wage in private industry, signed to work for the Postal/ Federal workforce, they signed a contract, so either Ross is arrogant or a complete uninformed moron, as many former registered GOP voters, have changed to the no party affiliation, Congress and Federal managers /Postal Managers are the only overpaid people, the Supplement is part of the contract workers signed for years ago, which bridges one to Social Security, if Ross and/or Issa, and/or Cantor try to take this away, we have employees who will not retire due to the Poverty level of the FERS retirement system, the average pension for Federal/ Postal craft employees is 50-53k annually, even 30 years gets you only 15,900 dollars a year, if that much, seems to many “Organized Workers” that this scenario of the GOP hacking workers benefits has become similar to the “French Revolution”, and heads will literally roll,with the GOP heads the First to go.

  3. I am a 204b and I am doing alot of more in comparision than the real supervisor at my unit does. Yet the pay is not the same and I have applied for the position I am doing 3 times over the past 6 years; each time they have pulled the position. In the past when I have 204-b in other units, it was shocking to see the other supervisors that have only a high school education and/or have a good friend/buddy that got them promoted making decisions that would make your eyes cry and union stewards grin ear to ear for grievances. I have a BS college degree and other company’s and most federal management positions require college degrees. Why not have USPS do the same!

  4. you lazy do-nothing bums don’t even deserve a job let alone a raise. all they do is harrass the real workers! screw ’em. mgt. is the reason the postal service is going down the toilet.

  5. Now the Morons in Congress will try to perpetuate an inherently evil organization, please Allah !, Let it (USPS) die !
    Management not only was abusive, used threats and Intimidation, against employees, but now the 99% overpaid , will get a better FERS retirement than you the craft, slash and burn, in fact , find Korans, and leave them burning in front of USPS buildings and / or Post Offices, revenge is sweet saith the Imam’s !
    In offices in the WNYD, Supervisors and PM’s disappear daily, shopping, drinking at the bars, sex with the craft at the local motel or some other EAS, great bunch!

  6. Management not only was abusive, used threats and Intimidation, against employees, but now the 99% overpaid , will get a better FERS retirement than you the craft, slash and burn, in fact , find Korans, and leave them burning in front of USPS buildings and / or Post Offices, revenge is sweet saith the Imam’s !
    In offices in the WNYD, Supervisors and PM’s disappear daily, shopping, drinking at the bars, sex with the craft at the local motel or some other EAS, great bunch!

  7. And if you get sick and need FMLA ?, never put down those who use FMLA for medical, sure there are abusers, one is in Buffalo NY, she has been out over a year, POOM Mary Neddy, how she and Bimbo Burns the WNYD manager used faulty Function-4’s to screw the craft employees so they could get their “incentive” Bonuses and what about those big undeserved
    pay checks, big compensation fraud, yet the OIG ( OINK) has let that get swept under the rug !, so before you mouth off about craft, look at the EAS giving the USPS the shaft.

    Ask the big Monster Neddy how she belittled those being excessed, and then ask, how is it the USPS was so poorly managed top to bottom that we now are on the brink of disaster, hey !, did you get your bonus for manipulating those numbers, or those falsified scans, whiner !

    In response to an EAS Ass who blames the Craft.

  8. If supervisors don’t like their, for lack of a better term, job…return to craft. How many of these “over-worked” momsors would do this? In round numbers, 0.

  9. let see this pyramid

    prc prc prc prc prc prc prc prc
    pmg/ union three big chiefs and contracts
    state 1 2 3 4 5………………………………………………50
    district 1…………………………………………..50 times 10 i guess
    post offices managers………..masters…………………………..38,000
    carriers, clerks, mail handlers, m.v personell.,.work horse 500,000 atleast
    99% mail standard every day… remarkable feat ,given the size of USA!
    ( Hidden base: 8 million mailing industry and 310 million Americans)

    lower most bears the weight and stress of above people and does the dance of mail delivery every day. 1. physical stress 2. mental stress of suspense of what is going to happen ( congress, prc, pmg and his office, unions, lobbyists… and so on like political factors, corporists..who indirectly influence decisons) usps is number 1 in the world with mail delivery statistics….no one can deny this. so I guess the horses should be treated accordingly ( the ones who really put their efforts …..not all!)

    any wise horse man who wants to win the horse race knows to use his horse in the optimum level and keep it healthy. then he gets the price(millions). ethically speaking what does the horse get ( gets to run the race, few photos, hay to survive…if it is a good horse man, a peaceful retirement!)

    the present time is going to go highly documented and anlaysed by this group of 700,000 employees ( including ex-employ) and America in general for fair treatment..Higher numbers and majority win the judgement I guess!

    difficult times needs sacrifice across board starting from customers and ending in congress

  10. In my building you see mailhandler standing around, rather than staying busy. They have radios on the work room floor. They BS constantly and only move when the supervisor comes into the area. We have very few clerks. In a building of 333,000 square, we have 65 clerks for all three tours. The clerk craft did this to themselves by grieving to NOT do work now done by mailhandlers. Our supervisors are working 10 hours a day. They are constantly being pressured to get out the ever diminishing mail volume. I look at people on the work room floor and there is NO sense of urgency. It is like they think that nothing will change and that the postal svc has all the money they need. And lastly congress is NOT our friend. Each congressman just wants to appease their voters and keep facilities and infrastuctor open and working in their districts. Working the ever dimishing volume…again. The company need to downsize and go to 5 day delivery. And why does everyone think that Saturday delivey will end? Tuesday is our slowest day. And that is the day to close down…..not Saturday. The unions are out of touch with reality and it is sad. Our labor and management should finally work together and come up with a new business model to survive and present THAT to congress for passage. But nothing will change and the PO will die out. And our employees will blame management… usual. No one will think outside the box.

  11. Its amazing how many employees bash the Supervisors , in regards to their work performance and or conduct. There must be some awful people out in the field. I just dont see it where I work , our Supervisors are under constant pressure everyday to get more done with less people and hours. We have been so short staffed its amazing that we are able to get anything done, yet these supervisors still treat us with dignity and respect even after they get pounded on the head by postmaster and managers. The front line supervisor has a terrible job !!!

  12. Those who belong to NAPS are overpaid clerks with a title, unfortunately clerks make 10k less or so, but the ignorance. continues, in larger offices such as in the WNYD, these PM’s even if trained, offer the same mentality of us against them, as far as craft employees go, and bonuses and numbers mean overlook any human factors, this push to privatize is needed except for the universal service, mismanagement is a disease here.

  13. why should they expect a raise????
    mail handlers do all the F@#$%^& work and they said there’s no money for you where in the red ha ha ha
    F@#$ management they don’t deserve shit.

  14. This action make NAPS aware as to how higher leve lmanagement appreciates what supvs. to do insure higher level management from Headquarters, PMS,District, areas, get their (JOKE) PAY FOR PERFORMANCE IN MANIPULATING NUMBERS TO REACH GOALS SET BY UPPER MANAGEMENT. Supvs.are comparable to private first class in chain of command. Casualties mean nothing. Upper management has no concern but for their elite handpicked group.

  15. my stupidvisor times me out on the street , if those queers had a job that would keep them busy

  16. How much work does a person do when he or she belongs to an association called
    “NAPS” !!!!

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