USPS Introduces 3rd Priority Mail Regional Rate Box Designed for Commerical Mailers

The Postal Service is giving customers a big reason to ship regionally with USPS. It’s called the “Priority Mail Regional Rate Box C.”

ABCs of Shipping via USPSAt 15-by-12-by-12 inches, the new container is the largest USPS-produced box for commercial use, with a 25-pound maximum weight limit. It makes its debut in conjunction with the Jan. 22 price change. Box C joins Box A and Box B in the Priority Mail Regional Rate lineup. The boxes are designed for commercial mailers.

“Priority Mail Regional Rate Boxes are similar to Flat Rate Boxes and provide ‘if it fits it ships’ convenience but have modest weight restrictions,” said Gary Reblin, vice president, Domestic Products. “We expect the new box to be a big a hit with shippers.”

Since the introduction of Box A and Box B in January 2011, more than 17 million Priority Mail Regional Rate Boxes have been ordered.

While Box A and Box B come in both top- and side-loading versions, Box C will be only top loading.

The boxes offer value for high-volume shippers, like e-tailers and local and regional-based businesses, when they’re shipping shorter distances. And they get free boxes, too, available for order online at

Although it’s designed primarily for commercial shippers, customers who bring a Priority Mail Regional Rate Box to a retail office will be charged 75 cents more than the Commercial Base price.

source: USPS News Link Story – Multiple choice.