USPS shoots for $1 billion in annual Every Door Direct Mail sales

USPS shoots for $1 billion in annual EDDM sales



Last year’s sales figures from Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) were so encouraging the Postal Service has set far grander plans for the product this year.

Introduced by the Postal Service last April, EDDM already has grown to a $270-million-a-year product. Vice President, Sales, Cliff Rucker has stated USPS is aiming for $1 billion in 2012 EDDM sales. Rucker said the $1 billion mark would be reached by focusing on the following sources:

  • Sales to national and regional franchises
  • Alliances with printers
  • New product development, including new mail sizes to appeal to businesses who don’t want to print new menus, and new route options, such as delivering only to commercial customers.
  • New strategies, such as targeting political campaigns and local businesses
  • New sales generated by 100 additional sales associates who will contact new customers

Rucker stressed that USPS can reach its EDDM sales goal only if employees remain committed through training and engagement with the product.

source: USPS News Link