GOP and Dems Still Pushing To Fire Federal Employees Who Owe Taxes

Congressman Jason Chaffetz and Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) have authored bills that would force federal agencies, the U.S. Postal Service and congressional offices to fire employees who purposely avoid paying taxes. Exceptions would be made for employees suffering from family turmoil or working to correct significant financial hardship. Chaffetz’s bill was approved by a committee last spring, but Coburn’s still awaits consideration by a Senate panel.

At the U.S. Postal Service, 25,640 employees, or 4 percent of the 667,000-strong workforce, owed $269.6 million. Figures for USPS dipped from 2009, likely due in part to ongoing staff reductions.

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Chaffetz’s bill:

H.R. 828, the Federal Employee Tax Accountability Act of 2011, also introduced by Rep. Chaffetz, passed on a voice vote. The bill makes an individual who has a seriously delinquent tax debt ineligible to be appointed, or to continue serving, as a federal employee. Chaffetz introduced an amendment in the nature of a substitute which exempted uniformed military personnel from this act. The committee also adopted an amendment on a voice vote from Rep. Stephen Lynch, D-Mass., that would require a notice period before personnel action is taken by an agency, among other technical changes to protect due process. Mr. Chaffetz and Mr. Lynch negotiated a notice period of 60 days notice at the markup.

Senator Tom Coburn’s bill has 3 co-sponsors:

John Isakson [R-GA]
Claire McCaskill [D-MO]
John Thune [R-SD]

9 thoughts on “GOP and Dems Still Pushing To Fire Federal Employees Who Owe Taxes

  1. Also, even if a member of Congress is caught cheating on their taxes, I believe they still get to serve out their term of office, whereas they want you and I to be fired. Yeah a bunch of hypocrites.

  2. I do not understand, aren’t all workers required to fill out the W4 forms?? The IRS takes taxes before i even get paid. The only people I know who could avoid taxes are business owners who would pay quarterly.

    But of course as with everything else, Congress will exempt themselves. Does anyone out their who is not a member of Congress and works for the federal government vote on their own pay increases??? NOPE only Congress, they are a bunch of liars who are okay with what they get but do not want anyone else to obtain the same level of prosperity.

  3. Real smart fire them so they can not pay anything back. Just dock their pay at a dollar a day and keep them working. Spend more money to get nothing that is what is wrong with the service in the first place.

  4. We are tired of republiCONS telling us “It’s raining”. They are just pissing down our backs. Like I said before anyone who votes for a teabagger is like a CHICKEN who votes for Colonel Sanders! Vote them OUT!
    Did you here that Romney and Gingrich are ahead of Perry in Texas? This is proof, “YOU CAN MESS WITH TEXAS”. The only jobs that Romney and Gingrich will create are blow jobs from another of their future X-sister wives. VOTE THEM OUT! THEY ARE RAPING LADY LIBERTY!

  5. This Bill, as I have posted here before, is a useless piece of legislation.

    It’s introduction by members of Congress, and their remarks regarding it is merely a catering to those folks who are easily led and are not deep thinkers….which appears to be a large number of people….

    This is an absurd law and a waste of time for a number of reasons:

    The IRS ALREADY GOES AFTER TAX SCOFFLAWS. The backers of this law would lead the people to believe that the IRS is letting people run free willy nilly, thumbing their nose at the IRS….and THEY DON’T. The IRS will RELENTLESSLY PURSUE YOU, garnish your wages, FILE TAX LIENS AGAINST YOU AND YOUR PROPERTY….and if you wait long enough….THEY WILL COME AND TAKE YOUR PROPERTY TO SATISFY THE LIENS.

    Which leads me to the SECOND REASON WHY THIS LAW IS A “STRAW MAN” meant to confuse and befuddle people who just don’t think….

    If a Federal Employee, OR ANY EMPLOYEE FOR THAT MATTER, is purposely separated from their EMPLOYMENT, the delinquent TAX PAYER BECOMES UNABLE TO REPAY THE TAX MAN…. what a novel idea put out by Dr.Coburn from Oklahoma, take a persons ability to pay a FEDERAL DEBT away from them in order to punish them for owing a FEDERAL DEBT
    This law is a joke, drawn up by nimrods whose ONLY REASON TO AUTHOR IT IS TO CATER TO THEIR NOT TOO BRIGHT VOTER BASE. Rational, THINKING PEOPLE, would see that the MOST IMPORTANT THING TO DO IS TO GET THE DEBTOR TO PAY HIS DEBT, not place the debtor in a position of NOT BEING ABLE TO PAY UP for a substantial period of time, if ever.

    Another case of CONGRESSIONAL SERIAL MYOPIA….brought to you by the same MORONS that produced the Postal Reorganization Act of 2006 that has worked out so well for the USPS.

  6. Are senators and staff and congresspersons and their staffs included…then I say yes …OR LET THE IRS GO AFTER THEM …THEY GO A GOOD JOB OF CATCHING CHEATS.

  7. I hope that all the Federally employeed congressmen don’t amend the law to exempt themselves like in some many laws passed that doenot ilude them. No one should pass a law that doesn’t directly effect them as well

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