Video: 50,000 Packages In Limbo At UPS Distribution Center

Some UPS customers said the U.S. Postal Service and Fed-Ex had no problems delivering their packages these past few days.

Thousands of people in the metro area will open their presents a little late this year because the day started out with 50,000 packages in limbo at the United Parcel Service holding facility in Commerce City, Colorado.

12 thoughts on “Video: 50,000 Packages In Limbo At UPS Distribution Center

  1. Everyday, when I return to the Post Office from my route, there is a UPS truck DROPPING OFF PARCELS for us to deliver. When it’s not “cost effective” for them, they pay us to do their job for them.

    UPS in Denver should have just dropped off those parcels at the local Post Office. They would have been delivered and all would be well.

  2. usps does deliver through rain sleet snow,ups cant hang,fed ex throws thier packages over the fence cause thier lazy!!!heheee!Thats why we should save the post office they always deliver.

  3. Fixing the post office: 1. Eliminate the 5.5 billion pre-funding of retiree’s health care. 2. Flat rate delivery option on first class letters(.90)/large document($2.70). 3. Eliminate parcel post and replace with a lower priced flat rate choice only. 4. 15% across the board pay cut. 5. Incentive based retirement option for personnel with at least 1 year or more till retirement. I believe this is the cure suckas.

  4. if you have a sticky note hang around the usps rain,hail,sleet or snow its our job and commitment to others oh what to hell kids can wait we have your money now this will happen more during elections if the usps was privatize they will not go that extra mile its not cost effective and the stock holders wont make money. the usps stock holders are the American Public in whole not the few who has a sticky note hence my name WOW.

  5. The reason why FEdX, got it packages delivered, is because they use the USPS, and that should tell Congress and American citizens, once that infrastructor is gone, you will be left with packages and letters not getting to their destination in a timely manner, and that includes bills. I am not saying the Postal Service is all that, but they have been around for about 250 years, and no other coompany can deliver as many packages or letters cheaper and to as many customer as they do for the same prce, just something to think about.

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