Congressman Introduces Rural Postal Service Preservation Act

Legislation Would Ensure the United States Postal Service Continues Delivery Service to Rural Regions

Washington, D.C.— Congressman Robert Aderholt (AL-04), today released the following statement after introducing H.R. 3744, the Rural Service Preservation Act in the United States House of Representatives:

“As the United States Postal Service’s financial picture continues to grow dim and options of reform are being discussed, I along with so many across the nation are increasingly concerned about the prospect of the postal service ending delivery to rural regions,” said Aderholt.

“As the postal service looks for reform and cost-cutting solutions, I believe rural Americans should not be singled out for postal cuts. To make sure that does not happen, I’ve introduced legislation that would ensure rural delivery continues and directs the postal service not to target rural postal employees for buy-out retirements.”

“This legislation is vital to the many rural communities of North Alabama and elsewhere across the country. I hope that my colleagues join me in recognizing the importance of this issue to America’s rural regions and support H.R. 3744,” concluded Aderholt.

Details of H.R. 3744

  • Ensures that the current level of postal delivery service continue for five years from enactment.
  • Requires any buy-out used to cut workforce of postal employees be apportioned 10% rural 90% urban.
  • Requires that any postal office closures also be made in the same 10% rural, 90% urban differential.
  • Defines rural areas with reference to the most recent decennial census and definitions of “rural” from the 2002 and 2008 Farm bills.

Aderholt currently serves as Chairman of the Subcommittee on Homeland Security for the powerful House Appropriations Committee, is a member of the Committee’s Commerce, Justice and Science; and Agriculture Subcommittees, and also serves on the Helsinki Commission.

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source: Congressman Robert B. Aderholt Introduces Rural Postal Service Preservation Act.

9 thoughts on “Congressman Introduces Rural Postal Service Preservation Act

  1. I agree that this is nothing but a ploy to get re-elected. What to do to keep us out of bankruptcy. Is for one repeal the 2006 law; two, have the mailers that send us our bills pay full Price that any 44 cent customer pays and do away with cost savings for the mailers to have the barcode pre-printed and have those mailings ran on our machines; three implement a change over of our fleet vehicles to a quarter ton and a 3 cyclinder engine that gets 55 mpg like the Japanese commercial vehicles do. Those are just a few cost saving implements I would advise.

  2. If this congressman was serious he would tell Issa and Ross to work to repeal the 2006 legislation or introduce new legislation that would effectively do away with the mandate. Further he would advocate the return of the $22.5 billion the USPS has already paid into the prefunding account. Seeing that this prefunding money does not benefit current employees anyway. USPS retirement accounts for current employees are fully funded. This money could be used to pay off the bogus $15b loan debt the USPS borrowed from the government. The rest of the money could be used to offer early outs, investments in new technologies and new modes of transportation. The good congressman could also challenge the USPS on contracting out mail while publicly crying about the decline in mail volume. This bogus cry fits right into the hypocritical and mendacious mindset of the good congressman’s party. USPS contracting out of mail is tantamount to a married man cheating and trying to take care of two (2) households while at the same time crying about not having enough money. The USPS is wed to its employees through the CBA but is belly hooing about mail volume decline while sending the mail to private contractors. So good congressman if you truly care about your constituents draft legislation addressing these issues. By doing so the USPS wouldn’t have to make such draconian cuts so fast and your beloved rural P.O. possibly would be saved.

  3. I believe this is the 5th or 6th different piece of legislation regarding the USPS that has been introduced in the last few months. It’s completely pointless to introduce more legislation, since very little has happened with the other bills. Eventually, all the bills will be combined into a huge postal reform bill. But the odds of Congress getting anything accomplished before the 2012 election are rather small.

  4. The Congressman’s bill is targeting the votes of Postalworkers in his district. He wants to be able to tell them hey, I tried so vote for me. No chance for his bill to go any further than the nearest circular file.

  5. During this upcoming year you will see more and more Bill’s-Baloney and Bull— from your politician’s at every level. They will all be offering the usual promises of saving the PO along with solving the country’s problems!!! HO-Ho-Ho I mean HA-Ha-Ha. PAY US AND WE WILL GO !! CSRS EMPLOYEES !!!

  6. The BEST way to save the USPS is to get rid of ISSA / ROSS and repeal the Law that was signed back in 2006 Obligating the USPS to Prefund a Health/Retirement Fund 75 Years ahead of time?…We have OBAMACARE going into effect very soon that should circumvent any of that suppossed FUTURE HEALTH CARE COST…This way the USPS has 5.5 Billion to work with every year instead of being RAIDED by a BUNCH OF DISHONEST AND DIRTY SENATORS AND CONGRESSMEN!!!

  7. The Congressman clearly has no understanding of the current issues or the general circumstances of the Postal service. This is merely a publicity bill pandering to the folks in the Alabama 4th which got hit hard by RAOI. It all makes for nice p.r. but when the time comes this fellow will line up with the party behind Issa/Ross.

  8. Sounds good to deliver the current level of Postal Service for 5 years from time of enactment. But did I miss something—the finicial woes of the Postal Service what did he propose to help with that? HR 3744 Ensures current level but how is it to be paid for?

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