USPS To Test New Electric Vehicles

USPS Electric VehiclesThis month, USPS will begin testing 10 Navistar eStar electric step vans. This test, part of the America Recovery and Reinvestment Act funded through the Department of Energy, is led by Engineering Systems with support from Safety, Delivery and Vehicles Category Management Center.

The new 2-ton vehicles will be tested in three locations: Los Angeles, CA (five vehicles), Manhattan, NY (three vehicles) and Fairfax, VA (two vehicles).

During the 2-year test, USPS will collect data on fuel efficiency, energy usage, maintenance and vehicle utilization. USPS will review the results and consider whether to expand the program.

“Testing of new technologies is important as we review alternatives to keep our vehicle fleet green and efficient,” said Michael Amato, vice president, Engineering Systems. “If successful, these vehicles will allow us to deliver mail in a way that is environmentally responsible.”

The Postal Service’s FY 2010 Annual Sustainability Report reports the Postal Service is meeting or exceeding a number of its sustainability goals — including a 133-percent increase in alternative fuel use.

source: USPS News Link

5 thoughts on “USPS To Test New Electric Vehicles

  1. That’s just WONDERFUL! Now they’re going to pretend like they’re “tech savy,” when they have been ignoring everything going on around them for years! What are they going to be, vans for parcels, like UPS has? They want to bemoan the 20% drop in first class letter volumes, but never say anything about the 35% rise in parcels in the same sentence! They never wanted to admit that the parcel volumes were skyrocketing, even though they have invested millions in new machines to increase productivity in that area. If the P.O. is in so much freaking trouble, where are they going to get the money for this major expense? They are already using LLV’s that are long past their life expectancy. Besides, Donahoe is trying to run the USPS into the ground, so what’s the plan here, boys? Are you going to invest millions in these new vehicles so that you can scoop them up at bargain-basement prices when the USPS goes private and you are there waiting to rake in the profits from its demise? Sounds like a plan to me!

  2. My thoughts exactly, I have been wanting to get a transit and use it on my route. It seems to be a logical choiceas well as green.

  3. Just get the European version of the all electric Ford Transit Connect already!!

    They’re already right hand drive and been on roads for 5 years. This really is a no brainer. Could have them manufactured in the USA and get a bunch of people back to work and help an American company in the process.

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