Highlights of PMG’s Visit to Morgan P & DC

From National Postal Mail Handlers Union (NPMHU) Local #300 :

Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe visited Morgan P&DC in New York City on Monday October 3, 2011. Donahoe spoke to the employees of the overall condition of the Postal Service and about what he believed was needed to address the severe financial crisis that the Postal Service was experiencing.

PMG Visits NYC Postal Workers

11 thoughts on “Highlights of PMG’s Visit to Morgan P & DC

  1. donahoe,issa,ross and the rest of you fat cat’s with pretty hair shpuld be tried for treason then be dealt with in an untimely manner, say Gitmo no that’s to good for you pond scum. Let us peon’s have you with some rocks!@#$%^

  2. hmm…let me think about this….2-3 years added service time, a small payout split over 2 years, and the ability to come back and work one day a week (let me guess…saturdays?) hmmm.no. guess i’ll just stick around for the overtime, and the grievance settlement down the road…

  3. PMG actually went to a processing plant and spoke directly to people, did he have a bullet proof vest on??? And of course he’s not going to go in when the “work” is being done, he goes in during the day. Even he’s clueless. And what I read, he’s got himself believing all the BS that he’s shoveling out to everyone, a good contract???? and sign it again. I think if it went back to vote it would have failed miserably. Thanks alot to all you idiots that voted for it.

    Time to unseat him and let US the craft employees appoint someone who is willing to work at keeping our jobs and unseating a lot of upper management/administrative that are raking in tons of $$$ and not touching the mail, the only thing they are doing is coming up with stupid ideas, like: “let’s have them try this….” when they have no idea what they are doing.


  5. There is plenty of mail we process everyday. There is so much 3 class we can’t even get rid of all of it.We run our DBCS mchines 6 hours each a night not 4going Mr Postmaster.Why did I come at 3:15 in the afternoon. You saw nothing. We all understand the mail volume is down.Oppose to 2006.But we still have plenty. We don’t have money to give Congress any more.We should pay our own bills. Man up to Congress.We don’t have nothing for them.

  6. Hahaha Vera 1-2 years away: $5-10,000 payout over 2 years, 2-3 years credit. Those eligible for immediate retirement would get two payments of $5.00 split between 2 years. Sounds about right Suckas.

  7. Are you freakin’ kidding me??? HE WANTS ALL OF HIS CAKE AND WANTS TO EAT IT TOO!!!! Read the very last line…..it says it all! The man wants anything and everything from ALL crafts, yet he states he IS NOT willing to take a pay cut! The article states that the PMG spoke for 2 hours and had a Q&A with the NYC employees. Just where are these Q&As? I, for one, am truly interested in knowing what his answers were to these people. We already know what he wants. Was he able to look any one in the eye or is he just that good at lying now? He even has the audacity to say that the APWU’s contract was a good one that he would sign again. Is this man for real?? I say this was just a moment for the media. Nothing more, nothing less. Now, FACE THE CASE!!! The struggle continues…

  8. He probably told them to all bend over because he’d rather have the workers unemployed than himself. Also, disregard the APWU contract that he signed, he changed his mind about that. Dude should be fired. With morons running the USPS into the ground, is it any wonder we’re losing money?

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