APWU Local Presidents Call For Resignation of PMG Donahoe

for bargaining in bad faith…

Overview of National President’s Conference by  APWU Southwest Florida President Sam Wood:

Here are my notes from the National President’s Conference in no particular order. I did my best documenting this information. Please beware that the information may not be 100% accurate, but is the best I could do with information flowing quickly. (note: a couple of paragraphs were taken out)

The NPC Passed a Resolution for a National Rally in the Washington (November, 2011) on USPS Issues.

The NPC Passed a resolution unanimously asking for the resignation of Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe for not bargaining in good faith (not wanting to stand by what was agreed to in Collective Bargaining) and attempting to dismantle the USPS. The NPC also discussed the PMG wanting to take away the No Lay-Off Clause after it was negotiated. APWU President Cliff Guffey stated that he believes the PMG ought to resign but wants to keep focusing Congress (House of Representatives) and the laws that are passed, because the law passed could control what happens to our negotiated language (H.R. 2309 would strip our Collective Bargaining Rights, and what has been negotiated). Our members need to continue communicating with their members of congress and keep on them concerning H.R. 1351. Guffey has daily morning meetings with his staff concerning issues facing our membership.

The NPC discussed how the new Motor Vehicle Jobs (said to be approximately 4000 jobs and possibly a lot more) would affect locals and/or private sector union members who are currently organized in certain areas of the country performing MVS work. How this affects local’s attempting to get work in their area. MVS Director Bob Pritchard reported that there are approximately 8000 MVS routes to review. The spreadsheet for the MVS Jobs should be on the Motor Vehicle page of the APWU website next week. Mike Morris reported that there are 600 MVS jobs already agreed to, those jobs were the most Motor Vehicle Craft work returned to the APWU since 1970.

The NPC discussed jurisdictional issues for smaller offices. Who represents them (Locals or States), and it seemed like the consensus was that whoever can best help these smaller offices should do it.

The NPC passed a resolution combining the NPC with Craft Conferences so local’s could save money and more local President’s could attend these meetings.

The NPC discussed improper conversions of PTF’s and PTR’s into NTFT positions back in August. Mike Morris reported that the first two National Disputes on the 2010-2015 contract are scheduled to be heard in arbitration on December 13, and 14, 2011. These two disputes will be on: 1) Retreat Rights (Excessing) 2) Unencumbered PTF/PTR employees who were improperly converted in August to NTFT schedules. January should bring two more to be arbitrated 3) Consecutive Days Off 4) NTFT’s in function 5 and 7. These and the other 4 cases will be arbitrated or may be settled prior to arbitration.

The NPC discussed how to fight management’s attempt to use CSV hours and challenge them using “All Available Hours”. Robert Johnson, Greater Connecticut Area Local did a great job explaining the “Weekly Summary” report and using the past work hour and overtime usage against management wanting to use their (CSV hours) wish hours. Using these numbers will help fight cutting hours in offices utilizing NTFT Duty Assignments.

The NPC discussed Local Negotiations and what other locals did and how changes may or may not affect their locals.

The NPC discussed AMP Studies, consolidations & closures.President Guffey reported that of the possible 252 Plant Closings, 68% would be beyond the 50 mile excessing limit. The USPS would be forced to pay these employees stand-by time if those Plants were to close, because employees can not be moved over the 50 miles. The APWU will not agree to extending the 50 mile rule (could agree in few instances of very close to the 50 mile radius, if certain conditions are met). Mike Morris reported that it is agreed by the parties that the 50 mile radius is 1) Plant to Plant 2) Plant to Main Office (The measurement will be whatever the shortest driving distance, no rounding rule). President Guffey stated that the USPS has been busing some employees around the country for as many as 1 1/2 hours to work their remaining work hours in other facilities. The 1 1/2 hour travel time is on the clock. Other areas are paying employees mileage and travel time from their homes to go to work in other facilities.

President Guffey reported that there were 9300 employees converted to Full Time status in August. The USPS informed the APWU that 85% of these employees continued to work the hours they were working prior to being converted, but were paying out of schedule premium due to the employees being improperly converted to NTFT schedules.

President Guffey stated that early out incentives will not be agreed on by the APWU unless the APWU retains the work in those installations. Those wanting to retire soon should wait, there may be incentive coming in the near future.

President Guffey stated that the APWU will be going after every ounce of work that was lost in the past to other Crafts and Management. Will also seek to replace Postmasters with Clerks.

President Guffey stated that the SPBS upgrade work was awarded to the Clerk Craft. This is the 1st time in 15 years that new work has been awarded to the Clerk Craft.

Mike Morris also reported that last week the Maintenance Craft received their 1st 50 jobs returned to the Maintenance Craft. There are 1500 jobs to be returned to the Maintenance Craft and will be coming back in groups of 50 or 60 at a time.

Mike Morris reported on the 860 EAS Jobs to be returned to the Clerk Craft from the AMS Audits. 77 of these jobs have been identified so far and will be returned to the Clerk craft.

Mike Morris stated that next week there will be changes to the online APWU Search Program for arbitration awards. The site will be more user friendly and make it easier to find important cases with the best language to use for each situation. Will be categories of “Director’s Picks”. There will also be changes to Grievance Forms online and will be more tech friendly (automated forms that can be filled out online).

New Contracts are done and will be out within weeks (covers will be in red). JCIM’s should be out in Spring 2012.

Sam Wood
Southwest Florida Area Local

17 thoughts on “APWU Local Presidents Call For Resignation of PMG Donahoe


    The entire leadership of the APWU to include the “rank & file committee” sold a faulty contract to the membership in the 2011 negotiations and,


    After selling this bill of goods to their witless minions and lemmings only to now have to turn around file charges and re-negotiate terms of that faulty bill of goods


    That the entire APWU leadership (from the President on down) who backed this so-called contract resign their posts within the APWU and,


    That the minions and lemmings that voted in favor of this so-called contract immediately be certified as stewards (so as to be able to invoke their superseniority protections against the oncoming sunami of actions being contemplated by the USPS)

  2. I agree that Donahoe should step down, along with all other BOG’s and execs who have ruined the PO for their own gain. They have bled the system dry, and want a bailout. They are throwing crazy proposals out there; none of which will help in the long run. These guys should be investigated and held accountable for their selfish behavior. Potter as well. It is totally wrong how they’ve awarded and bonused themselves while cutting off service and jobs.

  3. No doubt, He is Issa’s puppet. whatever Issa wanted to do to the postal service, he would be glad to follow.

  4. come on guffey to little to late. Why even have ntft? What happens if a regular does not bid on a ntft job and they do not have thier regular bid assignment because it no longer exist? How quick can the union do anything about that?

  5. Incentives???when the postal service has no funds???

    And somebody needs to stop the “pay-for-performance” that all
    managers/supervisors/postmasters are supposed to receive in
    the near future. I read a copy of the e-mail sent recently to management
    that they should all be working on their information to qualify for their “bonus”. What did they do that was so wonderful? The workers are the ones who are
    continuing to get the mail processed even though they are short-handed and
    are under the threat of having their processing facility closed. They just keep
    on going—earning their paychecks!

  6. Create a new t6 position for daily operations and have the 6 most senior craft workers switch off every day. This way we will be managed by our peers and not make work inbred micro- managers. The current management scam has no accountability and think the postal service needs them. WE DON’T! The other crafts can do the same.
    Eliminate 110,000 managers equals 7 billion 150 million dollars in savings. Create 10k new t6’s to replace management costs only 500 million. It can be done. This is what our union should be pushing for. Then we won’t have to negotiate with a middle man like we are with management. It will be with an arbitrator. It goes to arbitration every contract anyway.

  7. There is only 1 fix for this scam to destroy our postal service. Fire Donahoe and do an audit of postal management. Management’s actions without congressional approval have proven to us all their motives. This needs immediate action from the white house or our Postal service will be stolen by the privatizers. Just look at the Netherlands last year when their postal service privatized. Now they have 3 different postal companies. 1 delivers 1 day a week, 1 2 days a week and the last 3 days a week to half as many stops and many places have no mail at all. We need action right now before it’s too late. Fire all management and let the crafts who work the mail manage our own peers. It can be done!

  8. WOW! Guffy is finally doing something for this membership!!!!!! I hope Burrus will have something to say Oh he did HE SAID NOT TO VOTE YES ON THIS CURRENT CONTRACT THAT IT WAS A BAD CONTRACT. GUESS THE OLD GUY KNEW WHAT HE WAS TALKING ABOUT!

  9. “Those wanting to retire soon should wait, there may be incentive coming in the near future.”

    Because, of course, APWU has suffered a massive hit in ntheir membership rolls and a sudden exit of additional members would only mean possible bankruptcy, layoffs of “L” street office personnel and impact to existing APWU officer salaries and lifestyles…so, please don’t retire and…keep paying dem dues!

  10. Where are our MVS routes in West Sacramento? I hope to see some in the next list to come out of HCR’s coming back to MVS.

  11. At least your President is making noise. I’ve heard exactly zip from the mailhandler union. Mebbe i should check to see if i even HAVE one…

  12. He should be kicked out.
    He seems to me be a shill for the Republicans.
    They tell him what to do.
    He doesn’t seem to care about the post office at all.
    He just does what the Republicans tell him to do.
    It is pretty sad that he is abusing the job as postmaster.
    He needs to quit today.

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