NAPUS: Postmaster Pay Talks Continue; PSE Staffing Issues On Agenda

September 2nd, 2011

Representative from NAPUS and the League met with USPS Headquarters officials for the third time yesterday to discuss pay, benefits, ELM changes, and leave for Postmasters. The next meeting is scheduled for the end of this month and future meetings are planned for early October.  Details cannot be provided until the pay talks are completed. See this and other information on the President’s Update on the NAPUS website.

The NAPUS National Office continues to receive questions about coverage for retail operations in EAS 15-18 offices with less than 3 clerks and have been assigned PSEs who are not permitted to work the window.  Coverage for PTF clerk positions is problematic because PSEs aren’t contractually allowed to perform the window duties in these offices and Postmasters are limited on the amount of bargaining unit work they can perform. This issue has been placed on the agenda for the upcoming NAPUS/USPS Consultative Meeting at the NAPUS National Convention next week.

Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe is scheduled to address Postmasters at next week’s convention and his remarks will be posted on the NAPUS website.

Charlie Moser

source: NAPUS

3 thoughts on “NAPUS: Postmaster Pay Talks Continue; PSE Staffing Issues On Agenda

  1. Why did they say PMR’s had to be terminated. It should have read PMR and Postmasters cannot do PSE clerk duties.
    Why get rid of a position a PSE cannot cover.
    My last day is 9/23/2011
    I feel they USPS and APWU negotiated a position they knew nothing about. Because the description of work the PSE can do somebody always has to be in the office with a PSE. So why get rid of the PMR.

  2. I am in a level 18 office with one clerk (me). When the Postmaster is gone….I have to do her job and mine. When I am gone…..the Postmaster does her work and mine and an RCA sorts the mail when I am gone. We have tried numerous times to borrow clerks from other offices, to no avail. Everyone is short handed. I have accumulated the max amount of annual leave and carry it over year after year because there is no clerk replacement for me. This breaks the APWU contract in so many ways….but just who do they think is going to do clerk work when I am gone???? Duh…………

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