Rep. Issa Does It Again! Spending Taxpayers’ Money to Bash the USPS?

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Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), who likes to portray himself as a fierce opponent of wasting taxpayers’ money,  has created a slick, high-tech Web site that bashes the Postal Service, using – you guessed it – taxpayers’ money.

The Web site, a production of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, is intended to generate support for legislation sponsored by Rep. Issa that would destroy the Postal Service as we know it.

H.R. 2309 would close thousands of post offices, shutter hundreds of mail processing facilities, end Saturday mail delivery, and eliminate workers’ collective bargaining rights. In true Washington double-speak, the Web site dedicated to dismantling the nation’s mail system is called “Saving the Postal Service.”

In testimony before the committee on April 5, 2011, APWU President Cliff Guffey pointed out: “This hearing is costing more in tax dollars than the Postal service gets in tax dollars.”

Guffey was intent on demolishing the myth — frequently promoted by Rep. Issa —that the USPS relies on taxpayer support and will soon be in need of a bailout.

source: APWU

8 thoughts on “Rep. Issa Does It Again! Spending Taxpayers’ Money to Bash the USPS?

  1. I have never heard such ignorant blather in my life. Rider 1 wants to use electric vehicles, solar panels, and windmills. Do you suppose the budget fairy would just drop these off in the postal parking lot for free? If you are truly an economist than you are aware that the postal service is by law required to pre-fund all of it’s retirement accounts with a figure that appears to have been pulled from a hat somewhere. It’s funding of these accounts is something that NO OTHER business in America is required to do, and right now has a significant surplus that cannot be used to help pay down the postal debt. If Congress were to remove this quarterly back breaker the USPS would be solvent. The other issue is tax payer funding. The Post Office is the ONLY arm of the government that is NOT funded by tax payer money. In the intrest of full disclousure I am a Postal employee and I truly love my job. I would like to keep it into retirement.

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  3. I just solved the USPS office issue.

    Currently the USPS office is costing the tax payer each year in loans they can’t pay back, around $16 a person per year. Which means the USPS is not solvent for around $16 an individual person per year. That adds up to about the 5 billion they are not getting in their needed solvency as an SOE. Therefore, if we where to take their around a billion dollar gas charges each year. Then take that out and use eletrical vehicles. We drop that need down to about 4 billion. So we then look and say well we have recieved our mail deliveries for free for a long time. As the postal charge barely pays for the airplane fuel and drive labor costs. So we then think ok so if we where to charge the individual $2 a month which would give them a surplus, or around $16 a year which would allow them to come out even, to get their mail delivered as it was for 50 years done for free, based on SOE’s subsidizing. We could then see that we would get about 5 billion for the USPS office to become solvent again.

    There you go. I just solved it. Nothing is free.

    Along with that they could do solar panel’s and windmills. So they would not even have to pay for the feul for the green tech vehicles. Which would take down about another 10 million in their overhead. Which would allow them to pay for the loans for the green tech. While still making payroll for the business with the $16 a year charge. Instead of having to lie and act like a baby as an SOE. They need to charge they need to charge. Stop the idea that we should go bankrupt. Reality is they need $16 a year to keep the delivery service. Which is still real cheap compared to Fed Ex or even UPS delivery costs.

    Why lie if the business needs the money to live then that means their economic leadership is lieing instead of telling the truth. The reality is you can’t take out loans if your business projection is costing more and making less. You have to charge more, so instead of a normal fee of each mail as that would cost way to much to mailer’s. Just charge them a onetime fee of delivery cost per year of $16 a year. I mean PO boxes cost around $45 for self pick up. Still cheaper and it is delivered. Along with that we stop the trillion dollar economic implosion of our department of communications and save 650,000 jobs. I mean what is the rebuttal. I would rather have a trillion dollar crash and lose almost 650,000 jobs instead of pay for my delivery costs, that is cheaper than a PO Box.

    Rider I


    Economic Warfare Espionage agent in the USPS office of accounting and economics.

    Ok well here it goes. As an economsits. I can tell you that the cost of the USPS does not meet their needs. Which means, the accounting and economic leadership in the USPS is probable an economic espionage agent. As it is simple to due corporate economics. I mean, they have gas, labor and other necessary charges. If they are not meeting it they need to charge for it. Charge $16 a year is around $1.33 to get people’s mail delivered to them. Which would stop the pending trillion dollar economic implosion of the USPS. Which will shut down our department of communications that is needed for business. So I would look into it. Simple, you do not take out loans if your costs are going up and your earnings are going down. You have to charge more, simple economics, 101 accounting. I see a espionage agent in the USPS, economic implosion very likely.

    Easily traced. It is accounting 101 any student can tell you. If your earnings are going down and costs are staying the same. Then you need to charge more especially if you have a competitive edge over your competition that will still allow you to stay competitive over them if you raise prices.

    Rider I

  4. We gots a 3rd partie. The Tee Party. Its for constervative value and not commie stuff. Keep tacs cut for rich peeples that is Job Creator. You is trying too start a commie party.

  5. I think it’s about time we start a 3rd political party. A middle class party. THE LABOR PARTY. The 1st campaign promise should be that any politician that accepts personal gain from anyone will be jailed for treason. A 3 strikes law for a politician that votes against their constituents. Term limits. All tax loopholes closed. For every digit of income its 10% starting at $10000. Ten grand is 10% tax. A hundred grand is 20%. A million is 30% and a billion is 40%. If you make more than a billion you stole it from the middle class and should go directly to jail. The assets alone will pay off the deficit 10 times over. Are you listening GE, Scamazon, Boing and any fortune 500 thieves that paid zero taxes and killed your unions?

  6. I think that some adjustments should be made to the benefits (health, pension)that our Congressional and Senate members receive.

  7. This crooked piece of sh#t is why the country is failing. The whole system is geared to having crooks like this funnel all the wealth to themselves and their corporate owners.

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