NALC: Don’t Get Caught Up In Darrell Issa’s Fairytales About USPS

Americans deserve the truth

On the same day that letter carriers, along with other labor organizations, are picketing his district office, Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, has posted a misleading web page on his committee’s website that attacks the Postal Service (and its employees).  Note: This is on a government (i.e. taxpayer-supported) website.

While claiming to offer “just the facts,” the website does anything but that. There are no facts. The narrative about the United States Postal Service on the Issa site is an invented story—it is political posturing at its worst.

The site manipulates the facts about the Postal Service’s fiscal situation and advocates destroying, not saving, the United States Postal Service.

This isn’t the first time that Issa and his freshman colleague, Rep. Dennis Ross (R-FL), have failed to present the truth when discussing America’s most trusted federal agency, the United States Postal Service.  Issa and Ross have continued to ignore the real facts as reported by two independent studies — facts supported by management, the postal labor unions and 183 members of Congress from both political parties. Issa and Ross have decided to invent their own “facts” based on—well, nothing.

Instead, what Issa and Ross propose as a “better Postal Service” is actually not a service at all. It’s a hostile takeover of one of America’s most trusted agencies, under which the Postal Service’s books are to be balanced on the backs of postal employees and the communities we serve. The “fix” Issa advocates is to appoint an oversight board to micro-manage postal operations, with the power to render null-and-void our collective-bargaining agreements and to eliminate a day of delivery.

What exactly is better about Issa’s Postal Service? Not much—it fails to address the central cause of the financial crisis facing the Postal Service; it fails to offer new streams of revenue; and it advocates a top-down bureaucratic takeover of the United States Postal Service.

What’s true is that Issa’s team has quite the imagination and some great creative-writing skills (not to mention some interesting apps and great graphics to go along). What’s also true is that Congress does need to act, and act fast.

But don’t get caught up in Issa’s fairy tales. Get the truth (nalc site) and urge Congress to embrace H.R. 1351, the bipartisan postal finances reform bill drafted by Rep. Stephen Lynch (D-MA). The facts are out there — you just have to look beyond the illusions created by people who should know better.

source: NALC Activist Alert

7 thoughts on “NALC: Don’t Get Caught Up In Darrell Issa’s Fairytales About USPS

  1. LV Carrier for Prez of what? The tea baggers party. Anyone who is anti-union is a tea bagging crack head that believes that the earthquakes and hurricanes are gods’ wrath against democrats and the middle class. Look at your history. April 1937 Hitler’s 1st act of power was to assassinate the 5 German union presidents. Anyone who doesn’t know their history is doomed to repeat it. So when the corporate fascists succeed at destroying our union and our postal service who will protect and fight for your working contract with management? The SS or the Gestapo? Issa or Ross? The Koch Brothers’who financed 687 of these tea bagging clowns? Pick one Adolf, I mean LV Carrier.

  2. What exactly is meant by a government-taxpayer supported website? Isn’t the NALC TAX EXEMPT, thereby making them a government-taxpayer supported website. NALC takes in $5 million dollars every pay period all tax free/exempt. Carriers, if you cannot get the NALC’s heads out of the polioticians arses in Washington, and get them involved into the day to day operations withinn the post office, we are all doomed. Our problems are within and consist of mismanagement in operations on a daily basis. Washington folks will stand in line and cater to NALC until they get a big fat check in contributions and then say “our hands are tied.” We need another check. Not bad enough our union gets $5 million every pay period, they also want money for COLCPE too. Really, tell me what are we getting for all this other than the union bigshots photo with some big Washington slimeball THUG on the cover of the propaganda B/S they mail to our door. The UNION is in bed with them and our dues money, PLAIN and SIMPLE. Listen to your union and and get used to a continual decline in the USPS. It is going down You better wake up and let the public know about all the mismanagement within the PO and all the dumb stuff going on that makes no sense and cost lots of money and takes away from service to the customer.

  3. issa and ross…history in 2012
    they have made their contacts to make mucho dollars when they are thrown out of office….

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