Bringing Down Rep. Darrell Issa’s Taxpayer-Funded Anti-USPS Website

NALC sent out the following message to its members about Rep. Darrell Issa using taxpayer money to fund a website in his war against postal workers.

It was brought to my attention today that, under the direction of Rep. Darrel Issa (R-CA), the chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, an anti-USPS website was launched. This website completely misleads the public by repeatedly threatening a taxpayer bailout unless the draconian cuts laid out in the Issa-Ross bill, H.R. 2309, are implemented. There is no mention of the solution offered by Rep. Stephen Lynch, H.R. 1351, which is supported by nearly 200 House members from both parties. H.R. 1351 addresses the massively over-funded CSRS and FERS pension funds as well as the onerous pre-funding payments for future retiree health benefits, whose fund already has more that $42 billion in it. There is more than enough “postal money” out there to solve the Postal Service’s financial hardships—caused almost entirely due to Congress’ mandate to pre-fund future retiree health benefits in the first place—without needing to consider any taxpayer bailout of any kind.

The website comes complete with a YouTube video, a ticking countdown clock to a “Postal Default” and a survey that asks for the public’s opinion on how to tackle the financial crisis facing the Postal Service. The survey, however, only offers either the provisions of the Issa-Ross bill or a taxpayer bailout as possible solutions to the Postal Service’s financial difficulties.

I think this website is an abuse of taxpayer money and I am asking you, as one of Congressman Issa’s constituents and as a target of his attacks, to let him know we feel this way. Please contact Congressman Issa at either of the phone numbers below and demand that this website be taken down and that he refrain from using his position as committee chairman to push his radical agenda on the American people. They deserve the truth!

Washington office: (202) 225-3906
Vista, CA office: (760) 599-5000

In Solidarity,

Fredric V. Rolando, President
National Association of Letter Carriers

More on Issa from

According to a news article from North County Times

Issa took control of the committee and its dozens of staffers in January, promising to doggedly go after administration wrongdoing and federal misspending.

To date, he’s overseen 28 full committee hearings, 59 subcommittee hearings and sent 430 letters to the White House and federal agencies demanding information over matters where he sees potential wrongdoing.

The New York Times story highlighted what many of his critics are suspicious about —- his personal wealth, estimated at well more than $400 million, which has grown exponentially in recent years, according to his financial disclosure statements.

His detractors, most with strong Democratic ties, have launched websites chronicling his wealth and questioning his actions. They also allege he steered federal road money to Vista to ultimately benefit commercial property he owns, and reject his explanation that city leaders requested the money.

The critics also intimate that he pressures federal agencies in ways that benefit him personally. A House committee charged with overseeing congressional ethics briefly examined Issa’s dealings and opted not to open an investigation.

One of his chief critics, Rick Jacobs of the liberal Los Angeles-based Courage Campaign, flatly calls Issa “corrupt.

In the months ahead, he said he has high hopes of seeing his legislation passed for wholesale reform of the Postal Service to reduce its workforce and return it to profitability. He sees the same for his bill that mandates full accountability and transparency of all federal spending.

24 thoughts on “Bringing Down Rep. Darrell Issa’s Taxpayer-Funded Anti-USPS Website

  1. And put Rep. Darrell Issa’s office in charge of the micro-managers on the California border. Just put his desk on the Mexican side. The 1st thing he would do is lower their pay to minimum wage and take all their benefits away. Then replace them with illegals. Let’s see how they like it.

  2. There is only one fix for this sky is falling scam implemented by management. A nationwide lock-out of every weasel manager that slithers to work every day to pretend that they actually do or micro-manage anything. The 6 most senior WORKERS would rotate daily operations at plants and stations Monday to Saturday. Every postal worker needs to put the spotlight on our real enemy which is postal management. Here is a simple math problem. “If you lined up the 6 foot desks of the 110,000 management slots in a line. How long would it be?” Answer: 125 miles. I say send those desk jockeys to line the California/ Mexico border and deduct their worthless salaries from the PO and drop a dime off of a stamp. One, it won’t affect the mail stream at all and 2 management is only good at taking workers jobs away. So line them all up on our southern borders to keep the illegals from taking away American jobs. 2 birds 1 stone.

  3. I once had a station manager, I mean CUSTOMER SERVICE MANAGER, (DID ANYONE NOTICE THEY CHANGED THEIR TITLE TO CLAIM THEY ELIMENATED MANAGERS?) that told me he deserves CEO pay for what he does.
    Then i asked him what he does. Then after a long pause he said “a lot”. They are not even smart enough to come back with an answer for what he does. And they want to run our healthcare now as well. God help us!!

  4. I think it’s about time we start a 3rd political party. A middle class party. THE LABOR PARTY. The 1st campaign promise should be that any politician that accepts personal gain from anyone will be jailed for treason. A 3 strikes law for a politician that votes against their constituents. Term limits. All tax loopholes closed. For every digit of income its 10% starting at $10000. Ten grand is 10% tax. A hundred grand is 20%. A million is 30% and a billion is 40%. If you make more than a billion you stole it from the middle class and should go directly to jail. The assets alone will pay off the deficit 10 times over. Are you listening GE, Scamazon, Boing and any fortune 500 thieves that paid zero taxes and killed your unions?

  5. The unions have destroyed the Post Office just as much as incompetant Postal Management that works arm in arm with the Democratic Party using the USPS as a diversity platform for incompetant women and minorities . The Post Office has become in recent years like ACORN was . The first thing the Post Office needs to do is stop the OWCP disability program that would save billions right of the top. And then get rid of the phoney light duty rangers and other dead weight supported by those worthless unions. You have to act like a business now or everyone willl go under . lets face it the Postal unions are just schills for the Democrats in the labor agreements they make statements supporting illegal aliens rights in the work place ??? What the hell is that about . get rid of the Unions and privatize whats left or you will have no Post office.

  6. Geez, I just read the presidential hopefuls proposals. All those Republicans have stated, they will reduce and one even hoped to eliminate corporate taxes…guess what that means to us? Think about it. Romney said he will help the working man and eliminate the union bosses. The working man to Romney, is of course, the corporate man, whose just been promised his taxes are going to be cut. We have Issa here who is misleading the public about the USPS to his advantage and of course, the advantage of his constituents. We vote these people into office (not me of course, Im predominately Democrat) and they (Republicans) chew the middle class up! Have any of these Republicans EVER been middle class? Do they not understand? Its the people who grease these businesses. Lets be realistic. There is an agenda here with Issa and most people can see it for what it is. There is alot of propaganda to rid the USPS of his overhead. USPS needs to be the proverbial cash cow, gotta trim it down a bit if its going to feed the feds.

  7. He doesn’t care about being “informed”, dumbsh*t. It’s all about the Fake News rhetoric of “big government” and “socialism”. He’s just trying to make more billions for himself and his corporate owners.

  8. To bad mr. issa is not better informed on how the Post Office works. If he knew more he would have a different out look on how to turn the Post office around.

  9. TO LV Carrier.
    I have read every one of your posts you have written and I can’t figure you out. You are anti-union, anti-management, anti-politician and I sometimes think you must be the anti-crist. Are your mother and father brother and sister. I mean what the heck do you stand for exactly. I am a shop steward and the 4 grievances that I file with management per week go to arbitration because they refuse to even meet with us. It takes 2 to 5 years to settle these winnable grievances. So who is the enemy here? Management. Who is fighting management? Oh yea, The union. And what the hell does this post of yours mean Budda?
    “I ran in to Darrell Issa at a coffee shop after the picketing was over. He was in line to get a cup of coffee and I offered to help pay for it as I was certain the price for him would be increased significantly after the big picketing and protest. He said no, it was OK and the price had not changed at all. Well what a waste of peoples time. What was the point of picketing if the price of coffee remains the same”

  10. It is beyond me, how someone can serve as chairman on United States House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, have a website to reform the post office and according to opensecrets org, has accepted 31,000 from the United Parcel Service during his carreer.

  11. All I have to say is now that the Postal Service has lost a little money the last couple years and is in the middle of restructuring, we’re not the huge cash cow of the last 20 years for the gov’t. Issa is trying to take advantage of the down economy just like the idiot in WI Walker. Give the USPS a year or so and quit forcing them to overfund their future healthcare for employees at a pay 75 years in ten year program(what a scam) The P.O. would be in the black if it wasn’t for these absurd requirements which no one else is forced to do. But hey what the hell maybe some of Issa’s frinds want a piece of the Postal business for their own greedy hands. DON’T BELIEVE ALL THE REP. BULLSHIT!!!

  12. LV Carrier, you make a good point, and I do believe if things keep going they way we let them….we will all be filing grievences with the unemployment office! In addition, the Postal Service is one of the last few organizations that hire Veterans who served and risked their lives for their Country! You can accually make a living. 5 Million in Dues? Thats Chump Change in the Big Picture of things going on right now. Sure things are not the same and there is an element of Union corruption……however, do you agree with this Darrell Issa? He is the one that sounds like a Thug to me. Letter Carriers work hard and so does the Majority of Postal Workers…..don’t feel guilty about being able to make a meager living…..its just a trick of the Rich Politicians!

  13. To the person that posted in my name at 1:40pm. I guess you can’t argue with substance, so you attack the person or the messanger. I am a dues paying member and have been for 19 years, for one reason only to keep you parasites and THUGS off my ass and out of my face. I pay $25.41 per pay period and PP # 18 stub is issued today, total for the year is 457.38. I have a real problem with what unions have gotten involved with and what they neglect to do. There are real problems going on WITHIN the PO and Washington is not the answer to our problems. YOUR UNION and MINE cannot see the real problems because they don’t want to get involved and because they have their heads so far up the politicians arses they cannot see it. Those are the real blood sucking moochers and streetwalkers. If someone chooses to not pay dues, which is voluntary, they are not robbing or stealing no more than a person that benefits from a charity, that does not give or no more than a person that gets a tax refund, that never paid a dime in taxes. I do not like how guys like you and the other UNION THUGS act like they own you once you become a member and want to tell you what to say, do think, who to support and who to vote for,. Thank you very much for speaking for me.

  14. I just called Issa’s office in Washington 202-225-3906, His assistant told me that USPS should be closed and let UPS , FEDEX take care the business, and his attitude is very rude, he also said his website did not misleading anything.

  15. I am a SCAB, a blood sucking mooucher, people pay my way. I rob from all the union members. Besides if the PO goes under I will return to my prior profession…streetwalker.

  16. I’m mad at the post office cause my welfare check was one hour late today and my drug supplier charged me an extra ten spot. I better get my food stamps on time and my free phone.
    I am healthy but extremely lazy. Sides, why work when me and mines family can sit around on our big fat lazy asses and collect money.

  17. It’s time for a term limit ammendment to the Constitution.

    The tea party won’t rest until the middle class is destroyed. We need to protect the American people from entrenched incumbents by limiting the damage they do via term limits.

    I used to be against term limits, because elections would weed out the jackals. But these politicians’ lust for power compels them to do whatever “looks” or “sounds” good to get reelected, rather than doing what’s right for the country. Just look at how some of them are doing everything they can to sabotge economic recovery. They’d rather see the current administration (and the economy) fail to make themselves look good than to help the current administration pull us out of the ditch; all to get reelected.

    Throw the bums out, institute term limits, and let fresh blood start, and continue, to flow through D.C.

  18. NALC is also a government supported-taxpayer assisted website in all that it does. It is tax exempt and collects $5 million every 2 weeks in dues. Find another angle.

  19. Are you fucking shitting me??!!!! He’s a United States Congressman. He should be promoting the U.S. Postal Service and all American businesses, not destroying us.. WOW!!! I’ve seen it all NOW!!! Get this FUCKER out of office before something bad happens.. I’m so speechless!!! I’m sure the taxpayer picked the tab up on that video or maybe all the Mailing Lobbyists that’s in ISSA’s back pocket… Fuck You Republicans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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