Issa Launches Postal Reform Website Same Day Labor Pickets His District Office

On the same day that unions are picketing his Vista, CA office, Congressman Darrell Issa launches Postal REform website

WASHINGTON. D.C. – Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, today launched, an interactive portal filled with information, resources and videos on the United States Postal Service and its dire financial situation. The website also features the Postal Reform App, which offers visitors a chance to review the facts and indicate which solutions to address the Postal Service’s challenges they prefer.

“The USPS is fast-approaching default and without serious reforms it will collapse and be unable to meet payroll as early as next year,” Issa said. “The American people will not accept the bailout of yet another failing institution which is why Congress must act to put the Postal Service on a sustainable course. Go to to learn more about the Postal Service, see our reforms and get involved in crafting your own solutions.”

On June 23, 2011, Rep. Issa and Rep. Dennis Ross, R-Fla., Chairman of the Subcommittee on Federal Workforce, U.S. Postal Service and Labor Policy, introduced H.R. 2309, the Postal Reform Act of 2011, which would implement sweeping, structural reforms to the USPS in order to bring the institution back to fiscal solvency. Click here to get the facts on the Postal Reform Act of 2011.

The Postmaster General has announced that on September 30, 2011, he expects the United States Postal Service to default on a multi-billion dollar payment to the U.S. taxpayer. Last year, USPS lost $8.5 billion and it is projected to lose $9 billion in FY 2011. Find out what Postal Service default means to you here.

Visit for more information, including facts on the Issa-Ross Plan and the latest news on Postal Service reform.

15 thoughts on “Issa Launches Postal Reform Website Same Day Labor Pickets His District Office

  1. I was one of about 300 union members who protested at Issa’s office the other day . Issa’s Chief-of-Staff has gone on the record more that once stating “the Congressman feels he is not obligated to support the interest of those who did not vote for him”. Sounds like a hell-of-a-guy; I wish I could vote against him.

  2. Sean:
    You have made a COMMON MISTAKE that many Americans who just don’t
    possess “critical thinking” skills make….
    They seem to think that WHAT EXISTS IN THEIR “WORLD” is the way things
    are EVERYWHERE….which clearly is not true.
    There are millions of Americans that do not own cell phones, computers
    or all of the other nifty electronic tools that are available TO THOSE WHO CAN AFFORD THEM.
    The Postal Service has been and will continue to be a cheap, reliable
    communication “tool” for all of America….unless myopic fools destroy it.

  3. Sean,

    You are obviously a youngster, your statement:
    The INTERNET, SMART PHONES, I PODS, TABLETS, KINDLE, AND NEW APPS AVAILABLE Make connecting by written messages delivered by the postal system in a 1-3 day time frame obsolete.
    Do you think everyone is connected to the internet, I know alot of WWII veterans who can’t turn on a computer and that goes for some VIetnam Vets. Should we just forget about them, I have been delivering mail for thirty years and alot of my patrons don’t have computers. Before the Post Office is dismantled by some rich congressman (ISSA) the american public needs to know the truth. The Post Office is not a business, it was never intended to make huge profits, it operated on a five year cycle, after raising stamp prices it would make money in the first two years and then break even and lose money in the last two years, then stamps would go up a penny or two.
    It provides universal service to all citizens of the US that means someone from Key West can send a Christmas card to someone in Juneau, Alaska for 44 cents. If the Post Office is broken up and privatized universal service will be a thing of the past because it won’t be profitable to serve small communities.
    Before you comment on what should be done with the Post Office educate yourself about what services we provide and who it will effect.

  4. Haha. Trump. He bankrupted casinos over and over and the house always has the edge! All his money came from his Daddy like most of these rich f#@ks.

  5. The jackass Issa is at it again. Please someone get him out of congress. When you got to his website. You can’t leave any comments about whether you agree or disagree. It just shows he is a chickenshit big money lackey and wants all the little people to become slaves.

  6. Ruby, it isn’t up to Obama whether H.R 1351 comes to the floor. Unfortunately it’s up to Issa whether H.R. 1351 makes it to committee, as he is the chairman of that committee. Any guesses as to whether Issa will allow THAT to happen? (He won’t. He’s been blocking it ever since Carper crafted it.)

  7. Bottom line USPS looses billions of dollars EACH FISCAL YEAR. The mass communication monopoly once controlled by the USPS is now obsolete as the volume of First class mail has declined to the point that revenue generation is negative.
    Demand for Postal products and services has declined and will continue to do so.
    The USPS is controlled by Politicans and Management groups whose basic motivation is to preserve the USPS for their monatary and political benefit without any business ethics relating frugality in cost effective operations.
    Sat. mail delivery to physical street addresses is a wasted cost as it connects no one in communications other than receiving sale advertising material which is high distribution cost and low revenue generation.
    Congress must do its job and devise a business model that represents the real need of the USPS based on supply and demand for postal services and products.
    Congress should pass 1 constitutional amendment that removes the USPS from needs and services from 1775-2000 and made it revelant to the advanced age of communication that exist today resulting in less need for 6 day mail delivery and community post offices. The INTERNET, SMART PHONES, I PODS, TABLETS, KINDLE, AND NEW APPS AVAILABLE Make connecting by written messages delivered by the postal system in a 1-3 day time frame obsolete.
    Technology in mail processing has resulted in the need for less employees. Automation in mail processing must be maximized to reduce labor cost.
    Good to see someone such as Congressman Issa take a stand against groups that have no concern for the organization as a whole but only their self interest groups that feed off each other.

  8. ISSA doesn’t care anything about postal workers keeping tjeir jobs. He clearly has made it xclear thsat he do not care about the Postal Service or mail service to the American people on a univwersal level. Why does he want hundreds of thousands more unemployed people in this country! Does he even read the statisitics? I am praying that President Obama will let the HR 1351 bill come to the floor!!

  9. Lugo,

    You had a lot to say about everyone but yourself. Why don’t you run for president and show America how it should be done, since you seem to think that no one in office is qualified to be there? What are your qualifications? I am amazed that you think someone like Donald Trump could do a better job. Have you forgotten about the multiple bankruptcies he has been through? Do you really think someone like him would do a better job than all the other former Presidents? If you do, it shows that you are not qualified to make awful statements about educated people.

  10. At least Trump knows business, how to deal with foreign countries, etc. Trump at least is not ghetto!!!! Anything is better than that guy in the ‘white’ house!! – who doesn’t deserve to be there! Affirmative action president.

  11. Politicians + corporate influence and control over public institutions = fascism. Look it up, it’s the VERY definition.

  12. Lugo, Trump? hahahahahah haha hahahahahahahahahahah hahahahahahahahahahahaha ahahahah hhahahahahahahahah hahaha ha ha hhhaaaaa

  13. Darrel Issa is a crook, like most politicians.
    He is useless, like most politicians – VOTE HIM OUT.
    CA. and most states are broke.
    Yet voters were dumb enough to vote in Jerry Brown, AgaiN, who has proven he doesn’t improve anything, just carreer politician.
    Jerry Brown favors unions, illegals, crooked deals.
    There was a decent candidate like Meg Whitman, but idiot voters rather go with ueless Jerry Brown, too old, and is old farted old school thinking.
    Used an illegal housekeeper to win his election.
    What a scam.
    Illegal housekeeper still running loose in he US.

    You legal citizens should wonder why the illegals are getting free tuition, benefits, ETC., while you work all your life to support your kids through school.
    Then them illegals come here and raid everything, and your tax money, until there is nothing left.
    You are paying taxes to support the freebies that illegals are stealing!!!!

    Then you Oprah followers and O-bummer supporters, another group of idiots who chose the wrong candidate, and now look where you are!!
    It is hopeless and changed for the worse what that O-bummer has done for you.
    Wake up and have some common sense when you vote.
    It was obvious O-bummer was the wrong choice!
    Remember reverand Wright, and that wife not being proud to be an American until her blk. husband got nominated.
    That O-Bummer and his family are NOT patriotic.
    They are users, and greedy, and free load, using tax payers money to fund their vacations, along with their relatives.
    O-bummer is for himself, and what he can ‘steal’ while in office.
    Nearly 3 years in office, and still blames it on Bush.
    Getting old!! – needs to blame the reflection in the mirror.
    Or he blames it on the earthquake in Japan – mother nature will get him!!
    You people should really find out what Clinton did to this country!!!
    O-bummer has many illegal relatives in the US, but they are never deported.
    Check out the latest news on his illegal 1/2 brother.
    Bunch of illegals – deport!!!
    Oprah hasn’t been annoucing her support for O-Bummer.
    Maybe she has wised up to the fact that her fiannces are losing its worth all because of that incompetent, unqulaified O-Bummer, that she so loudly supported.

    Stop putting the same idiots back in office, like
    B. Boxer (should have voted in C. Fiorina!!, Boxer is stupid & toooo old),
    Nancy Pelosi (TOOOOOO old, needs to go!!),
    Diane Feinstein (favors illegals, and sanction cities!!),
    D. Issa (he is a crook, greedy for himself, not for people in his district).
    Jerry Brown ( same baloney since decades ago!!)
    O-Bummer (unpatriotic, selfish, incompetent, ruining the country & the world)

    Vote them out in 2012 & beyond!! – clean up and clean out the white house.
    Don’t forget you people, VOTE OUT – GEORGE MILLER. (He’s been in office doing nothing way too long, need new young thinking, not same old, old school old farts to sleep in chambers.
    You know that George Miller has at least 3 congressional office locations besides in D.C.
    Concord, Vallejo, Richmond – why 3 offices to use up taxpayers’money????
    Using tax payers’ money to support the staff and wasted office space!!!!!!

    You work, and you pay taxes.
    You work and pay union dues.
    Look what those politicians are doing with your money, and the unions using your dues to suppot the DEMON-crats.
    Wake up!!!

    Get rid of politicians like Issa, they are terrible for workers’ rights, and benefits.
    He is selfish and works crooked deals to benefit himself, look at his stash of properties, etc…

    Stop being Facebook & Twitter followers.
    Smart up and vote for the ‘right’ candidate.
    Not someone claiming to be 1/2 white with no qualifications.
    O-Bummer just make everything ghetto style.
    Not using the ‘white’ side of his brain.
    With so many illegal relatives, that birth certificate is a fake.
    Go Donald Trump!

  14. The facts as you put them are a pack of un truths. The truth is that the government has stolen in excess of 100 billion dollars from the postal service over the past 30 years. Congress and Presidnets alike have used postal money to fund evry little program they see. There is no bailout request. All the USPS is asking for is to be crediteed the money that was stolen by you and your friends. The USPS then can then use that money to pay off the massive and unprecidented prefunding obligation put on the USPS in 2006. What other organization has to prefund 70 yeasr of future health premiums in a 10 year period? This alone costs the USP over 5.5 billion dollars yearly.
    It will cost the US taxpayer hundreds of billions of dollars in the future if the USPS is abolished or disbanded. Currently the USPS collects no money from the tax base to provide services. Lets see how that works out after Issa and his bandmates rape the profitable parts of the service and turn the rest over to the government to figure out. This is clearly a radical right wing idea move that shows the Tea Party and Republican agenda. Screw the middle working class for a profit to the rich and big business.

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