NALC, Labor and Other Unions to picket Rep. Issa’s Main District Office Sept. 1

The San Diego and Imperial Counties Labor Council (CLC) has unanimously voted to picket Congressman Darrel Issa’s main district office in Vista, California (just north of San Diego) on Thursday, Sept 1.

NALC President Fredric Rolando has decided to make this a much larger action, and he has sent out a statewide E-Activist. The NALC will be joining several other unions and the San Diego-Imperial Counties Labor Council to personally protest Issa’s failure to represent working families and his continuing attacks to destroy the United States Postal Service
When: Thursday, September 1
Where: 1800 Thibodo Road, #310, Vista, CA
Time: 8:30-10:00 a.m.

Since he took over as chair of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, one of Rep. Issa’s main objectives has been to try to reduce the pay, benefits and collective-bargaining rights of postal employees. His legislation is designed to eliminate thousands of middle-class positions from the current Postal Service workforce and to close thousands of community post offices across the nation.

This could be avoided if Rep. Issa would agree to endorse and move forward on H.R. 1351, a bill that would allow the USPS to use its pension surpluses to cover its pre-funding costs for future retiree health benefits, thereby resolving the immediate financial crisis without causing collateral damage. To date, the congressman seems to believe that the country would be better served by destroying the Postal Service instead of by saving it.

We need to stand up for our rights and let Rep. Issa know the Postal Service is America!

36 thoughts on “NALC, Labor and Other Unions to picket Rep. Issa’s Main District Office Sept. 1

  1. We should all wait and see if APWU’s 30 second prime-time commercials have its impact on the public! After all, it would a shame to waste all those dues money that was spent on TV! Maybe they should play the commercials on giant wide screen TV’s outside Issa’s home…yep – that should do it!

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  5. Macvtm19 I really don’t want you to be upset and have a heart attack or something, so let’s get to the real point. I do know more about the post office than you do. The whole argument is they are downsizing the PO which everybody understands. I could give you a run down of the reason the PO loses money each year from really bad management, waste spending, transportation which jumped really high, and could go on and on but would take to long. The Unions have nothing to do with this. Since 1970 the PO has never taken a penny from the tax dollars. Congress however has taken money from the PO every year, to this date. The Congress made the PO take out 3 times the amount of money for CSRS. The only place in the United States made to do this. It is in the neighborhood of 50-70 Billion dollars. The other retirement system is FERS which has an access of 6.9 billion dollars. If this was given back to the PO we would be in the black and the PO could down size with out the pressure. Rep. Stephen Lynch has a resolution 1351 which would get us the money owed to us back into the system. Darrell Issa has a resolution 2309 which would basically demolish the PO. Him and Dennis Ross do not want to give the money back. It seems suspicious like maybe they illegally spent the money and don’t want to go to jail. The PO does not want a tax payer bailout. They just want our money back. One of the Postmaster Generals years ago tried to get the money back and 30 days latter was replaced. True there is dead weight in the post office as there is everywhere including the military and other private sectors. It is up to management to deal with this and they don’t. It has nothing to do with the Union. Unfortunately if every postal employee in the nation quit today and was replaced, there would not be anybody to train the new people on what to do. Why? Because the managers don’t know what to do. It is not fun working for people who make $70,000.00 to $150,000.00 and have no idea what they are doing. They are just dead weight. My opinion is for Congress to give the PO back their money to put back in the PO and replace every manager with only people with a business degree. Where I work, the Mailhandlers Union which does all the labor type jobs etc. does not tolerate dead weight because it effects all employees in the union. 8 hours work for 8 hours pay. Think about this before coming unglued on the PO. Most of us are just working stiffs like anybody else. Some people hate the PO because they couldn’t qualify or pass the exam. Others just couldn’t get in because of the hiring freeze. Others are upset because they give Veteran preference which I myself don’t agree with and I am a disabled Vet. On the testing years ago 5 points for a Veteran and 10 points for a Disabled Vet. I never agreed with this. Past the test, 90 day work trial, hired or fired. This would also have brought in the best people and less dead weight. If you still are upset and want to freak out , feel free to do it. It’s a free country , so far. But please keep it intelligent and knock off the profanity.

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  7. I was it the protest today at Issa’s Vista office. I guess about 225 people showed up; the aircraft workers because Issa voted to send their jobs to Korea, the nurses because he would not let leglislation out of committee, the mail clerks because, the mail carriers because, the Labor Council because, and on and on… Seems like something must be going on when all of these different groups are united against the same person. Check it out on the House Legislation home page, I did and that was why I was there. Please put a sock in the trash talk, look at the facts, and make an informed, not emotional, decision. The job you save or loose could be yours.

  8. I ran in to Darrell Issa at a coffee shop after the picketing was over. He was in line to get a cup of coffee and I offerred to help pay for it as I was certain the price for him would be increased significantly after the big picketing and protest. He said no, it was OK and the price had not changed at all. Well what a waste of peoples time. What was the point of picketing if the price of coffee remains the same. 🙂

  9. Darrel Issa is a crook, like most politicians.
    He is useless, like most politicians – VOTE HIM OUT.
    CA. and most states are broke.
    Yet voters were dumb enough to vote in Jerry Brown, AgaiN, who has proven he doesn’t improve anything, just carreer politician.
    Jerry Brown favors unions, illegals, crooked deals.
    There was a decent candidate like Meg Whitman, but idiot voters rather go with ueless Jerry Brown, too old, and is old farted old school thinking.
    Used an illegal housekeeper to win his election.
    What a scam.
    Illegal housekeeper still running loose in he US.

    You legal citizens should wonder why the illegals are getting free tuition, benefits, ETC., while you work all your life to support your kids through school.
    Then them illegals come here and raid everything, and your tax money, until there is nothing left.
    You are paying taxes to support the freebies that illegals are stealing!!!!

    Then you Oprah followers and O-bummer supporters, another group of idiots who chose the wrong candidate, and now look where you are!!
    It is hopeless and changed for the worse what that O-bummer has done for you.
    Wake up and have some common sense when you vote.
    It was obvious O-bummer was the wrong choice!
    Remember reverand Wright, and that wife not being proud to be an American until her blk. husband got nominated.
    That O-Bummer and his family are NOT patriotic.
    They are users, and greedy, and free load, using tax payers money to fund their vacations, along with their relatives.
    O-bummer is for himself, and what he can ‘steal’ while in office.
    Nearly 3 years in office, and still blames it on Bush.
    Getting old!! – needs to blame the reflection in the mirror.
    Or he blames it on the earthquake in Japan – mother nature will get him!!
    You people should really find out what Clinton did to this country!!!
    O-bummer has many illegal relatives in the US, but they are never deported.
    Check out the latest news on his illegal 1/2 brother.
    Bunch of illegals – deport!!!
    Oprah hasn’t been annoucing her support for O-Bummer.
    Maybe she has wised up to the fact that her fiannces are losing its worth all because of that incompetent, unqulaified O-Bummer, that she so loudly supported.

    Stop putting the same idiots back in office, like
    B. Boxer (should have voted in C. Fiorina!!, Boxer is stupid & toooo old),
    Nancy Pelosi (TOOOOOO old, needs to go!!),
    Diane Feinstein (favors illegals, and sanction cities!!),
    D. Issa (he is a crook, greedy for himself, not for people in his district).
    Jerry Brown ( same baloney since decades ago!!)
    O-Bummer (unpatriotic, selfish, incompetent, ruining the country & the world)

    Vote them out in 2012 & beyond!! – clean up and clean out the white house.
    Don’t forget you people, VOTE OUT – GEORGE MILLER. (He’s been in office doing nothing way too long, need new young thinking, not same old, old school old farts to sleep in chambers.
    You know that George Miller has at least 3 congressional office locations besides in D.C.
    Concord, Vallejo, Richmond – why 3 offices to use up taxpayers’money????
    Using tax payers’ money to support the staff and wasted office space!!!!!!

    You work, and you pay taxes.
    You work and pay union dues.
    Look what those politicians are doing with your money, and the unions using your dues to suppot the DEMON-crats.
    Wake up!!!

    Get rid of politicians like Issa, they are terrible for workers’ rights, and benefits.
    He is selfish and works crooked deals to benefit himself, look at his stash of properties, etc…

    Stop being Facebook & Twitter followers.
    Smart up and vote for the ‘right’ candidate.
    Not someone claiming to be 1/2 white with no qualifications.
    O-Bummer just make everything ghetto style.
    Not using the ‘white’ side of his brain.
    With so many illegal relatives, that birth certificate is a fake.
    Go Donald Trump!

  10. Why wouldn’t you picket some of the Station managers or Stupidvisers houses. They are the ones bringing us down and driving us to bankruptcy.

  11. By the way Pvt F***UP Ferguson my petty military pension is a lot higher than anything you made with the USPS.

  12. Only BS coming from Ferguson, typical deadwood in the USPS. By the way Pvt Ferguson did you every have anyone shooting at you. Or did you do your time with some boy scout unit. I happen to be drawing disability for my wounds in Vietnam and your nothing to me but a maggot on dead meat. We combat veterans did not sit on our butts and if you think that, it just shows what a imbecile you are. For your information I happen to spend 2 years in Nam with the 101st ABN and later an advisor in MACV. Of course pukes like you wouldn’t know what real combat is. Your nothing but a kool-ade drinker stealing from the taxpayers. Why don’t you try some real work after screwing the govenment for 36 years. The military could use some cannon fodder and you sound like you would fit right in !!!!!!!Time to dry dock your butt !!!!!!!!!!!!! By the way I have more than one degree, you sound like a typical F***UP. Probably been breathing to many of those exhaust fumes that has scrambled your brain, if you have one.

  13. MacvTm19 spent 24 years in the military sitting on his butt until somebody tells him what to do next. If he didn’t fight in Vietnam he was never in a real war. He is not only a joke but he actually thinks the tax payers are penalized. We pay taxes but not one tax dollar has ever been paid to the U.S. Postal Service. In fact since 1970 we have been Congress’s cash cow. They have taken money from the PO since 1970. The CSRS with interest 50-70 Billion dollars. Fers with interest 6.9 billion dollars. If they would return this money to the Postal system we would be fine and in the black. The only reason they don’t want to give it back , we presume Issa and his cohorts, such as Carper, Collins, and Coburn have probably spent it already. This would be illegal and they don’t want to go to jail. MacvTm19 thinks he has a BA in economics and that is why he spent time in the military to make the big bucks. I think his degree is a BS not a BA. I was in the military and have been in the PO for 36 years. I’ve worked hard everyday of my career and guarantee you could not work the docks like I do and I’m 58 years old. But of course you’ve seen every postal employee in the country work so I must be wrong. Unions made this country. The only people who don’t like Union Workers are the self centered greedy people who want everybody to work themselves to death for low pay and no benefits so they can have all the money and power. These are very sick people. So with your BS, sorry I mean BA in economics and your petty military pension try to lighten up and treat the WAL-Mart customers you greet at the door with respect. You can be friendly with them because no Union people shop at Wal-mart. They treat their people like crap, pay them low wages, and no benefits. They do buy most of their items from China who uses the money to help supply weapons to kill the Americans in the Iraq and Afghanistan police action. Have I nice day.

  14. MacvTm19
    Yes, there are alot of problems in the USPS.
    Just want to mention it is not funded by taxpayers.. and a very large part of the workforce is ex-military.

  15. An individual like Issa has no concern if his paycheck,or health benefits ,or retirement benefits will be there in the future because he is a multimillionare. And yet he is trying to eliminate these necessities from working class people. Who gives him this corrupted power? His evil machinations need to be addressed and I am hoping that by picketing his office people will see the hypocrisy behind the powers that support him.

  16. 1.Charlene:::: I happen to have a BA in economics and have spent 24 years in the military fighting for kool-ade drinkers + Obummer lovers like you. Fighting commie’s and now have to put up with one in the WH. Along with idiots like you !!!!!! I saw how slackers like you worked in the PO. Need to run dead wood like you out asap !!!!

  17. @postbuster,
    Yea and Reid is from Nevada, and Obammy is from Chicago,Illinois and Washington an Pelosi, Boxer etc are from Cali and they are all broke. The PO is broke too. What is your point? It seems the only one that are not broke is UNIONS that suck all the bucks from us TAX FREE and then just give it away for nothing but a photo op with the big wheels. They then put those photos on the cover of propaganda they mail to our door to make us think they are working for us. All the time we are crumbling from within, get unreasonable adds to our routes, mandated O/T and the union says 3996 and turns their head the other way. Why do you thinkthe union stewards routes are so small and maybe 10 ADVOs. Your union collects in excess of 5 MILLION, YES THAT IS $5 MILLION every 2 week pay period all tax free and what do you get? You don,t even get a free picnic, Christmas Ham or small turkey. They give all the money to the Liberals and turn their heads at the REAL problems within the post office. The PO is being destroyed from within, you know it, I know it and the union knows it. What is going on needs to be brought to the attention of the press and heads need to roll. I havegotten more OT and penalty in the last 2-3 years ans I am not even on the list, because of mismanagement. We are slinging peoples mail all over the place, never know when someone does a COA, BOXES ARE CRAMMED FULL, no time for route or box maintenance anymore. Peoples mail being pulled from the stream and forwarded, based solely on an extract code. It is the wrong peoples mail. Carriers have been removed from the COA authentication process and days or weeks pass before the carrier ever gets a label that someone moved. This is exactly how people get their identity stolen. The PO is ripe for a huge lawsuit in the very near future over someones identity theft. We better start making public what is happening or we will all be without a JOB.

  18. MacvTm ….you’ve got to be kidding right? Stealing from the tax payers?HAHAHAHA What pray tell do you think the greedy corporations do? They are raping the American public!!!!!! the Unions are not to blame for the economic chaos we are in, try the banking industry and the Oil and big Pharma, along with the crooked politicians who only care about their next election!!! GREED is the underlying factor here. Get it? Geez get educated cause its people like you who scare me. Spewing rhetoric you get from Fox or what ever biased source you choose to read/watch. Why don’t you go work at McDs for minimum wage ( and BTW those idiots vying for political power) want to soon reduce. And also I WORK so it must have been you slacking while you drew a check.

  19. The APWU and the rest of these unions are destroying the US. Need to rein in these thugs such as in Wisconsin. Worked for the Postal Service and thanks to the unions, they are over paid and nothing but maggots stealing from the taxpayers.The Unions and the thugs that lead them are making 200 thousand or more a year off the backs of the real workers if you can find any that really work in the USPS. Kool-ade drinkers suck up everything the Unions and the DemocRATS feed them !!!!!

  20. Just wants to make a name for himself.Complete jerk!But you gotta blame the people that voted this idiot in.Get him out now.Only way to take care of the morons.

  21. Just wants to make a name for himself.Complete jerk!But you gotta blame the people that voted this idiot in.Get him out now.Only way to take care of the morons.

  22. This jerk wants to destroy the P.O. <<<<< 2012 is a election year vote his ass out of office. If no one stands up to him in Congress, 220,000 postal employees could loose there jobs NEWS FLASH !!!!! Major recession

  23. This guy is from California. The state that is bankrupt and we are suppose to listen to his opinion on how to run a successful business? People better wake up and replace every politician with someone that actually cares about the people. I say term limits for sure and no retirement funded by the american people for politicians. Dont forget 2012 and clean out all the trash including this idiot.

  24. This guy is a anti-union moron, just want to screw up the entire postal system for his political agenda and destroy middle class workers in this country for his own profit ( cheating, stealing from people…). He is not there to solve the problems, he is there to destroy our nation’s hard workers jobs. We don’t need this kind of junk there. Please let him go! (VOTE HIM OUT).

  25. 535 clowns in Washington blame everything from the new economy to the weather to the politicing in Congress. But the truth of the matter is that the 535 clowns are the ones who create the laws, pass the laws, set the spending limits,and blame everybody else except themselves, because they are the ones that got us into this mess!
    Vote all of them out of office!! Howdy Duty could do just as good as they have done.

  26. Issa seems to have a real grudge against the Postal Service. He will not listen to reason. The biggest problem with USPS finances is that large payment (5.5 billion) to prefund future retiree health care. Why should the Postal Service be required to pay more than other government agencies? And, why not return the over payments into FERS and CSRS? This would seem like the logical and fair thing to do. Is there no one in Congress that can over rule this bully (Issa)?

  27. cival service prefunded retirement 7 years and 7 years get rid of 30000 clerks and save money. p o won’t have to contribute to there retirement anymore, idiots what are they ewaiting for.

  28. tell his voters to get rid of him in 2012

    and this is the criminal who became a millionaire be cheating and stealing…and yet his constituents voted for him

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