USPS Statement, White Papers And Talking Points On Legislative Proposals

USPS has published the following Statements, White Papers and Talking Points on eliminating layoff protection, administering its own retirement and health programs

While the Postal Service remains the cornerstone of a $1 trillion industry and will continue to be vital to the U.S. economy, the Postal Service will be insolvent next month due to significant declines in First-Class Mail volume, the effects of a Congressional mandate to prefund retiree health benefits and increases in network costs, wages and benefits.

The Postal Service has taken unprecedented steps over the past decade to reduce costs in areas within its control, including cost reductions totaling $12 billion in the past four fiscal years. To return to financial stability, the Postal Service seeks legislative changes to allow for network and workforce adjustments. Legislative action is needed to do the following:

  • Allow the Postal Service to establish its own health benefits program
  • Allow the Postal Service to administer its own retirement system
  • Give the Postal Service the ability to adjust the size of its workforce to match operational needs and the changing marketplace.

These proposals require changes in current law before they can be implemented. Two Postal Service white papers provide details on these options:

The new legislative proposals are in addition to ones previously identified, including:

  • Eliminate Congressionally mandated retiree health benefit pre-payments
  • Enable the Postal Service to access Federal Employees Retirement System overpayments
  • Give the Postal Service the authority to determine the frequency of mail delivery.

USPS White Paper On Retirement Programs

USPS White Paper on Workforce Optimization

USPS Talking Points on Addressing Financial Crisis

6 thoughts on “USPS Statement, White Papers And Talking Points On Legislative Proposals

  1. Management has been deleting run files on the AFCS/OCR/BCS/DCBS/FSM machines for years to give the illusion that the PO is loosing mail volume’s throughout the country. This was managements ploy to show how efficient (obedient) they were to Fat Jack Potter in securing their Bonus checks. Congress and the Senate have no clue of what is going on behind Postal doors and they really do not care. I have all the records to prove what I am saying and the USPS ia affraid that I will give the information to the Press. This RIF Program is another SHAM Program (like the NRP) to find away of terminating employee’s that put up resistance to their fraudulent goals and aims. OIG and the Postal Inspectors are all part of the problem because they will not interview the employee, they interview the manager instead. The public and postal employee’s should be smarter than the USPS thinks we are by asking Congress to investigate the USPS and saying “NO” to the white papers.

    p.s. If we were going bankrupt, how about selling the properties that house the Postal Executives and Managers.

  2. The PO would not be bankrupt if it were a private company. It would never be a private company. No private company would ever do universal delivery. it is not profitable. That is why the PO was a break-even until the 2006 Postal “Reform” law.

    P.S. IF the PO was a private company they still would not be bankrupt because no private company has EVER been required to pre-pay future benefits.

  3. Any reduction in the workforce should be directed at non-career, temporary employees, as these comprise some 100,000 members of the workforce according to U.S.P.S. statistics! The previous V.E.R.A. offers were questionable,as the claim was it was to reduce the total complement of employees. How can you offer a V.E.R.A. to reduce employee complement and not first reduce non-career workers? Rather it was to do away with union jobs!

  4. The U.S.P.S.’s plan for annuitants amounts to making sure those of us who are retired and are MEDICARE eligible become covered by that system when we reach qualifying age!(Page 4/8) Our retirement benefits would no longer be covered by C.S.R.S. or F.E.R.S. but by a comparable system run by the U.S.P.S. and which could be modified at their discretion (Page 8/8)! Given the tract record of the U.S.P.S. in managing there every day finances this spells nothing short of a disaster for all employees who are either retired or will one day become annuitants!

  5. Look at the last 10 years report they released a few months ago. Every section of employees declined over the last 10 years has declined except one- HQ. They increased in employees! These are over $100k jobs and what do we get from them? Not much in my view except stupid studies and useless goals. These people need to get into the real world and talk to real employees and see how these machines really run and how useless most of these supervisors really are. This company would have been bankrupt years ago if it was private. Stop breaking the cba in all crafts and they would save millions more. The people at the top only care about themselves, not the customer nor the employee.

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