Postal Worker Exposed To Anthrax Facing Different Dilemma Over Transfer Request

Patrick O’Donnell was one of the postal workers infected  in October 2001 when anthrax showed up at the Hamilton, New Jersey regional distribution center in mail headed for the U.S. Senate.  Now 10 years  later, O’Donnell is facing a different dilemma.

Although it has been over ten years since I was exposed to Anthrax I continue to work at a US postal facility in close proximity to the Hamilton, New Jersey postal facility where I was exposed.  I still suffer severe P.T.S.D. as diagnosed in the attached report form my physician, which has been exacerbated by my work situation and impacted my ability to return to work on a full-time basis.  I am currently working on a modified schedule through Workmen’s Compensation since my return to the postal service in 2005.

Upon my return in 2005, I was told by US Postal Officials that I would be able to transfer to an office near my home in Pennsylvania at a job where I could assist with processing and delivering next day express mail and/or help out with overall service to improve customer relations. Although I have made multiple fair and reasonable requests, I continue to work at a postal facility located only 300 yards from the same building where I was exposed and have been required to work at a job to sort and throwaway waste mail.  Unfortunately, due to the continued stress, I have been unable to successfully learn a scheme job with over 500 streets, which has been an overwhelming embarrassment and further mental strain.  Despite the fact that there are at least 10 post offices in a 10 mile radius of my home, US Postal Officials have been unwilling to honor their promise and continue to ignore my requests.

Without having been through this experience, it has been impossible for others, including US Post Officials, to comprehend the mental and physical toll I face each day driving back and forth to work and seeing the postal facility – a constant reminder of this terrible, near-fatal exposure I suffered.  This has proven to be no help what so ever in me trying to obtain closure and getting on with my life.

I just want to spend my last years of service at a facility with a less stressful, remindful environment. I am a very courteous, professional worker and I have no doubt that I will be a valuable asset in the right environment.  I JUST NEED A CHANCE.

A few years ago, O’Donnell requested that USPS  reimburse him $1,000 for all the personal items that federal agents took from his house to test for anthrax spores.The list included 27 articles of clothing, a Sony Walkman, four pairs of shoes, a Jansport backpack, and 50 compact discs. On Jan. 10, 2003 O’Donnell got a letter from the Postal Service saying that before it would consider his claim, he would have to come up with receipts for every item seized by agents.


17 thoughts on “Postal Worker Exposed To Anthrax Facing Different Dilemma Over Transfer Request

  1. sic of it, you are a big phony pussy. The only big boy pants you pulled up were your boyfriends. F**king management suckass d**k.

  2. After 10 “rears” we dont think nothins’ rong with U.
    All the others exposed never came back. Somebody screwed up , you or the doc.

  3. Hey dip shitz I am retired military I have been exposed to one hell of a lot of things you have no clue of.
    Yes I pulled up my big boy pants and moved on.
    So kiss my A**

  4. Should have NOT came back after 2001 !!! You actually trusted the
    PO,,, ha ha ha ha Wish ya luck……

  5. When i worked out of a PD&C we had dozens of limited duty personal not working the position they were hired .For years milking the system yet still able to maintain a bid in a department the didn’t spend any time.Not saying this is Pats angle but why would an other fascility want a phyc problem from N.J. The P.O. is not accomidating their trying to eliminate senior staff.Working part-time is not helping your cause.Should have gotten that promise in writing ,union needs proof.(he said/she said). Too many bad apples have ruined it,playing the system.Good luck Pat.

  6. I wonder how many managers are getting paid over this and we the little people don’t know about it . Let one of them not get paid and then something would get done !

  7. Postal management is the scum of the world, most of the people in management are just there to satisfy their own ego not to better the post office.

  8. I don’t know anything about P.T.S.D. or any of the problems this fellow is associated with, however, it seems to me that if the PO can spend millions of dollars sponsoring a cheating bicycle team they sure could accommodate this guy. They waste more money for executives (The Chicago District Manager) than this would cost. Vengeance is mine sayeth the Post Office

  9. sic of it, I hope you get sick on the job and die from it.

    the po management is a bunch of sick bastards.

    always has been.

  10. May I refer you to a good lawyer? Rusty Hardin in Houston, Texas. Sue them brother for every dime that they claim they don’t have.

  11. Shame on USPS! They are asses and then some! Give this guy a break.They have always treated their employees like crap. Glad I am outta there. 23 years was enough. They can all kiss my BIG FAT ASS!! Especially management!!

  12. Why should this be any surprise to anyone??? Fuckin Congress and the Military didn’t supply our troops with Bullet- Proof Vests and other life saving supplies in Iraq and Afgh after 911… We rather take care of the world over taking care of us AMERICANS!!!!

  13. you wouldn’t be saying that if it happened to you, a**hole, and you were treated like sh*t by postal mis-management. f**king big mouth jackass.

  14. Shit happens, get over it, pull up your big boy pants and move on. Anthrax is no different than a bad car crash. Your alive what else do you want, a cash payout?

  15. Ok I hate people claiming stress when they they are so fortunate to have a great job such as a postal job

    However being infected with anthrax has to be one if the a
    Ultimate scares if ones life. How could the USPS treat this good man so badly. He almost died working for this company.

    QUIT f’ing with him & find him a job close to his house as promised. USPS you look so bad here. You don’t need any negative publicity right now

    Do the right thing for God’s sake

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