USPS: Vote-by-Mail option the undisputed winner in the election process

Convenience, security and trust in the Postal Service are making a Vote-by-Mail option the undisputed winner in the election process.

In the recent Morgantown, WV, election, the Post Office was entrusted to deliver nearly 17,000 ballots for the city residents and then deliver casted ballots back to the city for tabulation. Postmaster Tommy White worked closely with city representatives to ensure the mail pieces were accepted, sorted and delivered on time.

“My clerks and carriers pitched in and went the extra mile to ensure our part of the process went smoothly,” said White.

The response to the Vote-by-Mail election was historic. More residents voted than in any other election during the past 20 years. The majority of voter feedback was positive with “convenience” noted as the greatest benefit. Morgantown officials are looking to use Vote-by-Mail in their 2013 election.

“There is a real opportunity for the Postal Service to partner with election boards and municipalities to encourage voting by mail,” noted White. “It’s a win-win for the democratic process and our business.”


5 thoughts on “USPS: Vote-by-Mail option the undisputed winner in the election process

  1. I like the concept however with postal management that encourages its managers to embezzell, sexual harrassment, and physical assaults againsts targeted employees for filing formal complaints, can we trusts a postal manager with our votes? THEY ARE NOT CAPABLE OF HONESTY, POSTAL MANAGERS.

  2. C, who said anything about trust? We are talking about the postal service and elections right? VIVA LOS MANOCHOS !!!!

  3. You’d rather trust a private corporation. Like the one making those voting machines and the CEO also contributed to Bush?

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