Video: PMG discusses USPS financial woes on Fox Business

USPS Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe discusses the financial woes facing the U.S. Postal Service and the future of the agency with Tom Sullivan on Fox Business Network.

8 thoughts on “Video: PMG discusses USPS financial woes on Fox Business

  1. You postal employees who hate the service so much should leave, nothing is holding you back. Whinning and complaining all the time, so much negative energy, who would want to be around you people. The PO was here before you started and it’ll be here after you leave, you’ll have more time to get brain washed watching Fox news. The real John Delorean was a republican and a crook. This faux John Delorean is just as bad as the real one, a loser.

  2. Shiela you are right. USPS business plan is 100 years old. Look at Boarders book stores and Blockbuster with 20 year old business plans.

  3. Love Michael Savage and Fox News also!! Why not eliminate park and loop delivery where possible. What a waste of labor!

  4. Congress has failed to do its job . The demand for USPS products and services are declining and will continue to do so.. The need for individual and businesses to purchase a stamp and use the manual exertion of mail processing and manualy deposited in a mailbox at a physical street address is comparable to traveling from Boston to Seattle Wash. via a wagon train.. One can get in a metal tube powered by jet propulsion and be there in 5-6 hours in lieu of 6-9 months via wagon train. Comparable to INTERNET and instanting manual slow 1-3 day delivery time of a written messag manually delivered to a mailbox located at a street address.
    Revenue generation is declining due to volume decline of all classes mail except Postal shiping. Debt will continue to increase. The 5.3 billion USPS pay annually per retirees benefits could be eliminated and USPS would continue to loose billions. Cost effective operations are ignored; offices must be closed, automation maximized, employyees reduced and gas guzzling vehicles should be idled wih Sat. delivery eliminated as well as Thurs. as volume declines.
    Present mode is to have several carriers report early, case 2-4 routes, have other carriers report later, add deliveries to routes, split routes not covered due to primtime leave, call in or vaccant route when other routes return. This results in star light delivery. Directed not to pickup any mail as this eliminates any late run to Processing plant. Playing Post Office but OT excellent . Rotate 204B supvs. around the district as they perate from same boat. Need PM and Supvs. to be held accountable daily to insure service is provided.

  5. YES-FOX still going strong. the truth has a certain ring to it. CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC all shove their liberal bias down the sheeple throats…..shepple have been waking up to the drive by media’s 5th column ways. they know this imp of satan in the WH is a one term president. lol!

    the only one I like better than FOX….is Michael Savage!

  6. Fox? Is Fox “News” still in business? I thought that crooked foreigner Murdoch was in jail.

  7. Since this dude’s predecessor couldn’t sink the service in one sweep , this guy is going for it . Hope his 535 bosses have sense enough to fire him before he succeeds !

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