APWU Files Step 4 Disputes Protesting USPS Violations Of New Contract

Reader: “An Agreement For Our Times” is beginning to look not so hot.

The APWU filed four national-level disputes on July 12, based on reports we received from locals and National Business Agents that management has been violating provisions of the 2010-2015 National Agreement. Discussions are ongoing at the national level to resolve these issues; the disputes were filed to protect our interests while discussions continue.

Level 4 Post Office Clerks in Level 15 and 16 Post Offices (HQTC20110349 [PDF]): This dispute protests management’s unilateral decision to create a Level 4 Post Office Clerk PSE (Postal Support Employee) job description for use in Level 15 and Level 16 post offices. The dispute further challenges the use of PSEs to work the window in any post office with fewer than three career retail clerks whose duties include working the window. The dispute also challenges the USPS contention that PSEs hired in Level 15 and Level 16 Post Offices will perform “new work” and that therefore the PSEs hired for these positions are not subject to District PSE caps.

New PSE Position Descriptions (HQTG20110350 [PDF]): This dispute involves the issuance of management instructions regarding the use of new, rather than existing, Standard Position Descriptions when hiring PSEs.

Global Settlement re: Violations of Article 1.6B. (HQTG200917/Q06C4QC10005587 [PDF]): This dispute involves the implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding regarding the Global Settlement of violations of Article 1.6.B. The resolution of Grievance #Q06C4QC10005587 limited the amount of bargaining unit work postmasters and supervisors are allowed to perform. Management has issued instructions to the field telling postmasters to track only the time they spend actually working the window, in clear violation of the terms of the MOU. Furthermore, management has unilaterally exempted offices undergoing delivery unit optimization (DUO) from the requirement that any office that is downgraded in level must remain at the bargaining unit work limitations in place at the beginning of the Collective Bargaining Agreement. Furthermore, the APWU disputes management instructions that no bargaining unit work limitation exists for Level 20-and-above post offices.

PSEs in Higher-Level Maintenance Craft Positions (HQTT20110345 [PDF]): This dispute protests management plans to hire PSEs using new Standard Position Descriptions in higher-level positions, other than custodial positions, in the Maintenance Craft.


20 thoughts on “APWU Files Step 4 Disputes Protesting USPS Violations Of New Contract

  1. They are cutting hours left and right. Have been waiting for people to retire so we can become full time. SURE!!! New contract in place, openings going to 30 hours. For all of you that voted YES you have no right to b…h.

  2. The contract means nothing to mgt. Always remember this. Also remember that the contract is for craft employees, it gives us the right to present evidence to a 3rd party, which we then should prove that mgt is stupid, and hopefully allow the craft employee to be compensated because of the stupidity of mgt. Remember this and you can sleep well.

  3. I come to work and bust my butt working on the machines to get the mail out. So someone tell me why when you criticize a coworker for taking extra breaks and sleeping, it’s management’s fault. And here’s the kicker, she’s our APWU shop steward. That’s why I stopped going to the APWU union. They protect those who don’t want to work but reap the rewards.

  4. This contract was not about doing what is right for the present craft employees. This contract (CBA 2010-2015) was about preserving the National Union. When I spoke against the tenative agreement I was told by my local executive board to shut up. When I stood up for myself I was removed as a shop steward and made an alternate. Then I was locked out of the stewards room. By the time we get a pay raise 3 years will have passed. We should have gone to arbitration. What a bunch of sell-outs. Our local has over 1000 members and only 10 sent in ballots. People aren’t lazy or too busy to vote. They were pissed about the contract. This contract has set collective bargaining back decades. A new level 4 starts at $25,000 a year. This qualifies this person for food stamps and HUD Section 8 if he/she has 2 dependants.

  5. Nobody whines more then Management.
    “Come let me break the rules”
    “Do we have to follow the Contract”
    “Do you have to file a grievance”

    Our contract is strong. Use it and you will receive nice monetary rewards from the Management Whiners!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Msfay2u, have you ever wrote a statement against your lazy coworker? Have you ever supported your Sup. against those lazy worthless coworkers? The Union gave away positions in this New contract and it was voted on by members…I have my doubts. It was signed away by Union so called leadership. Management is not taught how to manage, your just thrown in the deep end and told to swim with the maggots, bad attitude, lazy and good for nothing, overpaid whiners. Lets see how many smoke brakes I can cram into one day. Why is she asking me to check on the mail. Unreal! 1.

  7. Well, when you’re in the service business and you do everything to eliminate service and when you feel you’re above the law (breaking contract, labor laws, etc) the writing is on the wall. We’re being driven off the cliff as we speak. Unfortunately, we’re in the back seat and it seems management doesn’t care what the public thinks. So much for the contract when mgt. has this kind of attitude.

  8. Management is and always will be playing the blame game on us workers. I just wonder how much more their pay performance and bonus checks will be? Another interesting thing i see where i work at is our NDC is deliberately adding more priority and first class mail into our system, to ” pad” the production numbers. I find this interesting, because i always thought priority and first class mail was worked at pdc’s, not at bulk mail centers that do standard mail. At our ndc, we have been padding for the longest time.

  9. We need more 30 second time slots on prime time! Its worth the millions paid to show the public we mean business. They will fear us! We need more dues assessments to pay for more advertising and donations to politicos! Increase dues to make up for the exodus!

  10. You signed that garbage contract giving away our full time jobs, You ain’t seen nothing yet what management will pull with replaceing full time jobs with 30 hour jobs, not to mention 20 percent cheep labor coming in and doing the work of abolished jobs. U deserve it and you will regret that garbage contract u put in place. Should have wen’t with arbitrator you idiots.

  11. making love to the dog and blaming on the cat………lmao!!!

    Get rid of the Postmasters, waste of money. I do my job, I don’t need this overweight, little “bell ringer”, telling me a sip of water on a 90 degree day is lunch.

  12. The employees perform the work. Whenever management wants to be successful all that needs to be dome is consult the workers. They know the work., and they work the work.
    Maybe what we see isnt suppose to happen. Someone is making love to the dog and blaming it on the cat.
    Many people may see but just a few knows whats going on.

  13. Ultimately it doesn’t matter what is agreed to. Postal Management never follows it anyway.

  14. so what about no 204b’s and managers doing clerk work in big sectional centers. i didn’t even bother to vote. i knew it was an agreement full of lies and lets say we’ll do this so we can get what we want and screw the workers. our plant manager had the audacity to have a meeting to tell us OUR goals. but the underlying inference was if you quit calling in sick and work like dogs within the 8 hours we give you quit with the overtime to get out 120,000 pieces of mail (two days worth of mail on a DCBS) within 8 hours without any air conditioning and supervisors yelling keep that ledge loaded never mind your lazy coworker who doesn’t want to do it, it’s your bad attitude is the reason no one wants to use the post office anymore and it’s your fault the reason no one mails anymore. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM, NOT OUR SORRY MANAGEMENT SKILLS THAT MAKES YOU JUST NOT REALLY GIVE A DAMN. most folks just go in to get a paycheck and management has made it so awful working there people are not going to invest any love in getting the mail out to make management look better just like they say screw them well we say it too in the way of our bad attitude.


  16. Here we go again, those unions can’t put that freaking book down,
    go read the good book and maybe you can find something wrong with GOD.

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