USPS Announces Timeline For VER offered to carriers and clerks in select locations

In a move to further right-size complement levels to better match workload,the Pacific Area is offering a voluntary early retirement (VER) to carriers and clerks working ar select impacted sites and at non-impacted offices within a 50-mile radius of the impacted sites. Following is the timeline:

July 19-22, 2011-Annuity estimates and VER offer mailings to VER-eligible employees.

July 25-August 26, 2011– Window period for employees to consider offer

August 26, 2011– Decision to retire irrevocable date for VER

September 30, 2011- VER effective date Note: If eligible employees may choose to retire on August 31, 2011.

Should the number of employees electing to take the VER exceed the number of impacted employees at the select sites, first consideration will be given to the impacted employees. Additional VER applications will be approved on a first-come, first serve basis as determined by the earliest date of receipt of Acknowledgement of Irreconcilability & Application for Immediate Retirement (VER)

These changes are part of the Pacific Area’s efforts to streamline operations, increase efficiencies and reduce costs in support of the USPS action plan to ensure a strong, viable organization now and in the future.

For more information, contact your district Human Resources office.

see pdf Pacific-Area-VER-Timeline-July-2011


26 thoughts on “USPS Announces Timeline For VER offered to carriers and clerks in select locations

  1. I took the VER in 2008, no cash incentives. The only thing offered was no penalty in our annuity for retiring early. We were told over and over by the Union and the USPS, there will be no cash incentive for this VER as well as any future VERs. Well you guessed it, less than a year later, another VER was offered with a retirement date of Oct 31, 2009…….WITH a cash incentive of $15,000. I believe this was done because not enough retired with the VER of 2008 and June 2009. So think very carefully before you make your decision to accept the current VER offer. The USPS might again be forced to offer a cash incentive if a very small amount of people accept the current VER offer.

  2. Why won’t the USPS give those ON THE JOB injured employees an early out deal? Through no fault of my own I was hit with a heavy piece of equipment because the morning hour was chaotic with dispatch needing to be made and on time one day, well that was 7yrs ago, 5yrs after that incident I had back surgery and am still dealing with pain even more so since DOL evalution doctors said that I could up work up to 6 hrs. Its been hell as my doctor put his tail between his legs and agreed after asking me one month before about permanent disability. I endure through back surgery and 2 other surgeries, another due to repetitive motion and the other was due to the job but I didn’t claim it as such as I was in extreme pain and in need of assistance quickly so I went through my insurance.
    GIve us an early out since your already contemplating on sending us home on the false notion that there’s no work for us to do. Trust me I wish I could get out of your hair too!

  3. Wether I am right or wehter I am wrong. Wether I have a place in this land or never belong. My Basset Hound Knows Best.

  4. How Generous, A VER offered without any (zero) Buy-Out Monies. I don`t know what else to say but: “Eat Me”!

  5. Auctually….I agree with you. No, never ran. I was talking about lots of people who hobble around already receiving a Military Pension and Money really is not an issue, yet they make the statement “What will I do?” Its pathetic. In your case and many others I agree whole heartedly.

  6. Real worker. Wait a minute. USPS wants us to retire it’s our right to work I’m saying if they want people to leave and they do they have to make it hard to turn down which means buyout ! I for 1 am CSRS I can retire in 17 months 55 yrs age so why would I take a Vera with penalty. Now Realworker WTF is that!! most of us work real hard you sound like a runner that is not professional you keep working hard. Good for you hope you get a medal cause the USPS couldn’t care less supervisors laugh and use guys and gals like u

  7. If you can retire and collect all your Retirement Benefits…..Why not Retire? Stop making excuses. Do you really enjoy sorting and delivering Letters? Do you Define yourself with this Job? Sorry…I am in it for the Money. If YOU are not…perhaps you need Mental Help. Don’t get me wrong…I am proud of working and proud to be able to make a living……BUT……I personally cannot retire because of MRA and still have 2 yrs to go (38yrs total). You never have enough money and making excuses not to retire is really a sorry state of mind. May I suggest reading a book, or visiting with your family or perhaps local travel?

  8. I am Lmao. Any one over retirement age can retire whenever they want Why the hell would they leave with $$$$ and people like myself have 17 months to 55 csrs to retire take a penalty to leave early without $$$ especially after managers got 20 k to leave ,Donohoe you must think we are idiots
    Take the offer and shove it. Thank you

  9. To cut the operating cost of the USPS, cut the TOP and question all their bonuses, retirement packages, promotional increase (sham), etc. before kicking them out!!

    frank has a good way of saying it!!

  10. Let me ask you something ,why do you still pay into the Union,they look the other way so they can get new money from the career part timers.Every job in the postal service will be 30 hours but they can’t get me now, I’m on my way out ,but I will never vote for a contract that pays people less than I earned for the same job ,what kind of Union would sign that

  11. Issa go “F” yourself real hard because that’s what you people been doing to us.

  12. Sorry Mildred, there really is no Santa Claus…. for all of you who have thought that supporting the big mouth right wing pols was your ticket to wealth and happiness… this is but another wake-up call….. you are screwed…. of course…
    we all are screwed too….. Thank you all for voting for your short term, dream wish, self-centered fantasy…. now it is time to wake up and smell the…… well…. it is not coffee… but it is the same color! On Issa! On Boner (Boehner)! On Cantor…. On Blitzen to hell !!!! And to all a Good (NOT!) Night….. forever…..

  13. This is for you people in my district, better take it now !! I am not going to do this for the rest of the country, I am only doing it for you because I need your vote in the coming years…..

  14. Stop whining, Bitches!!! There is no cash incentive to retire because you all suck and don’t even deserve your paychecks, let alone a bonus. Just shut the he’ll up and go away!

  15. It may be the only way out if you have to go…give your supervisor notice, in order to correct the hostile work environment, let management fix the problems that you have advised them of before you leave, and then, leave if you have on other way to stop the hostile work environment, but make sure that you have tried to resolve the situation before you leave. Now you can sue them on the way out the door and get your unemployment check to boot.

  16. What kind of incentives is coming with the VER for the Carrier and Clerk Crafts? What areas do this include? This is my first time hearing of this VER offer!!

  17. Keep waiting for a buy-out…..ROFLMAO……50 years from now….you’ll still be waiting….ROFLMAO

  18. because they are used to you toadies on your knees going “yes sir”. “no sir” can I get you a coffee sir! bunch of sissymary fanooks.

    Its called a “GET OUT” and don’t let the door hit you on the a** on the way out.

    to compare yourself in the same breath with a stupidvisor is just………….unamerican! we lost those billions fair and square and should get a reward. you are just donkey slug pack mules……’s an apple now just get lost. no money for you.

  19. Take the VERA and shove it. At the same time USPS is giving 20 thousand to its
    supervisors why would we accept ZERO dollars. get lost.

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