USPS closing four mail centers, more than 20 small post offices in Kentucky

Contract Postal Units are opening retails units in urban  and not rural areas of Kentucky

By January it will take two days instead of one to send a letter from far Eastern Kentucky to Lexington, Frankfort and other parts of the state.The U.S. Postal Service will be closing sorting centers in Pikeville and Ashland, routing mail instead through Charleston, W.Va.Work from two other sorting centers also is being transferred, and more than 20 small Kentucky post offices are being closed as the postal service tries to save operating expenses.

Post office distribution is denser in southeast Kentucky, where mountainous roads and limited transportation has made getting around difficult and local post offices become community centers. But nearly all the post offices closed over the past year in the Kentuckiana District have been in southeast and rural Western Kentucky. And nearly all the new “contract unit” offices — full-service post offices opening in other businesses, mainly retail stores — are opening in more urban areas such as Lexington, Louisville and Elizabethtown

full story: Lexington Herald Leader – Kentucky

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  1. Why not close everything everywhere, except for L’Infant Plaza. Keep the big offices going. PMG and his 88 VP’s.

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