USPS: Dancin In The Streets -Every Door Direct Mail Is A Hit

The Postal Service’s promotion of “Every Door Direct Mail” (EDDM) is producing results. Since its introduction, USPS has closed millions in annualized sales with hundreds of customers who are using the product to promote their goods and services.

EDDM — a form of Simplified Addressing used by the Postal Service for years — allows business mailers to use mail delivery route information, instead of names and exact addresses, to reach target customer groups in urban areas. It has long been an accepted addressing option on rural routes and for government mailings.

With EDDM, businesses can send advertising mail without acquiring an address list or printing addresses on each mailpiece. Instead, letter carriers deliver EDDM along with the day’s mail to every address on routes customers want to reach.

Retailers and service-based businesses who want to expand their customer base locally, regionally or across the country are using the service. From a restaurant owner in Plaistow, NH, to a community hospital in Bisbee, AZ, businesses are committing significant portions of their advertising and marketing budgets to try the product. “We’re not a mail house,” said the owner of a San Diego, CA, real estate firm. “Simplified mailing helps us get the marketing out quickly and doesn’t require third-party services.”

Paul Vogel, president and chief Sales/Marketing officer, agrees EDDM is a winner for businesses, adding it’s a good way for them to get involved in advertising mail — bringing new customers to their doors and more revenue to USPS. “Simplified addressing will serve as the on-ramp for many small businesses trying to reach their audiences within a specific geographic range,” he said. “It will allow them for the first time to take advantage of the most effective marketing channel there is — direct mail.”

In the coming weeks, Link will run a series of stories featuring companies that have purchased EDDM services from the Postal Service.

source: USPS News Link