Two Miami Post Offices to Close on June 3

Pembroke Pines FL — Today the South Florida District of the U.S. Postal Service announces that the Edison Center Finance Unit, 760 NW 62 Street, Miami, and the Miami International Airport Finance Unit, airport terminal fourth floor, Miami, permanently will close on Friday, June 3, 2011.

As a self-supporting government enterprise, the Postal Service receives no tax dollars, but relies solely on the sale of postage, products, and services to pay for operating expenses.  Due to the drastic decline in mail volume, the Postal Service is in a financial crisis and must take action to reduce the size of its retail and delivery network. 

Finance Units are retail operations; these closures will not impact local mail delivery. 

Post Office Box customers at each finance unit received Change of Address cards and information on Post Office Box availability at neighboring Post Offices: 

Edison Center Finance Unit
Buena Vista Station, 66 NE 39 Street, Miami (2.5 miles)
Little River Station, 140 NE 84 Street, Miami (2.4 miles)
Miami Shores Finance Unit, 9825 NE 2 Avenue, Miami (2.9 miles)
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Branch, 6700 NW 27 Avenue, Miami (2.8 miles)

Miami International Airport Finance Unit
Miami GMF Postal Store, 2200 NW 72 Avenue, Miami (5.2 miles)
Milam Dairy Branch, 5600 NW 72 Avenue, Miami (5.2 miles)
Blue Lagoon Branch, 6200 NW 7 Street, Miami (4.5 miles)
Miami Springs Finance Unit, 107 Westward Drive, Miami (4 miles)

There was a time when virtually every postal transaction required a visit to the local Post Office retail counter.  Now many customers are looking for postal services other than at brick and mortar Post Offices.  Today nearly 30 percent of transactions are conducted using alternate retail channels.  Customers may purchase stamps or discounted shipping labels, request free package pickup, or research PO Box availability at  Stamps also may be purchased at 1-800-STAMP24 or  by order form from a letter carrier.  Many drug stores, grocery stores, and office supply companies  carry stamps for the convenience of their customers.  Retail locations are listed at

The decision to close these two Post Offices is based on a lengthy feasibility study that included operational reviews and community input.  Such studies have been conducted at Post Offices in many locations across the country.  Nationwide, there are 26,000 Post Offices that do not generate enough revenue to cover costs.  However, by law (Title 39), the Postal Service cannot close a Post Office for solely economical reasons.  The proximity to other Post Offices and expanded access availability are considerations. 

Customers who may have questions or need additional information about these Post Office closures may contact the Miami Postmaster’s Office at 305-470-0455.

source: USPS