Alert California Letter Carrier Foil Burglars Attempted Getaway After Robbing House

Carrier Praised for Exceptional Diligence During Burglary

FREMONT, California  — The two young burglars at Fremont’s Gibraltar Drive thought they were prepared, mid-day, with a car positioned, motor running. After grabbing jewelry, irreplaceable family heirlooms and other valuables, they dashed down the street and hopped into their get-away car, failing to notice someone who would foil their attempt to escape: Fremont Letter Carrier Colleen Meade.

As the car made a quick turn, gunning toward an escape route from the neighborhood at high speed, Meade looked up while she was busily checking a bundle of mail. Meade took matters into hand, immediately jotted down the license plate number, the color of the vehicle, and a notation on the physical descriptions of the perpetrators. Then she phoned the Fremont Police Department.

“We are deeply grateful for Ms. Meade’s exceptional diligence and concern and commend her for her courageous and quick action,” wrote Robert and Lupe Perez in a letter to the Postmaster General of the United States. The grateful homeowners who have lived in the neighborhood since 1965 went on to say, “We all very much appreciate her exceptional service, in addition to her warm and friendly manner. She always goes out of her way and takes that ‘extra step.’ She is a huge asset to the USPS.” 

source: USPS