NALC Statement On USPS, APWU Contract Settlement

USPS-APWU tentative agreement

March 14, 2011

NALC respectfully recognizes the dedication and professionalism displayed by our sister union, the APWU, and the Postal Service in negotiating a tentative agreement to replace their contract, which expired Nov. 20, 2010. We understand that a ratification vote will be held shortly.

The tentative agreement appears to address the unique challenges confronted by the APWU in this round of collective bargaining, as the crafts it represents have suffered major job losses due to the ongoing transformation of the Postal Service.

NALC and APWU have bargained separately with USPS since 1994. The NALC contract expires on Nov. 20, 2011. We look forward to the start of collective-bargaining negotiations in August 2011, or earlier, when we will focus on the unique contributions of letter carriers as well as the unique
circumstances and challenges facing the 203,000 City Letter Carriers who perform the core delivery function of the Postal Service.

14 thoughts on “NALC Statement On USPS, APWU Contract Settlement

  1. What is really disturbing is the fact that top officials in the USPS like former Postmaster Potter believe they can solve everything by cutting jobs. Why is that? Oh, thats right to save your own ass and get as much money as you can before you split. Excuse me but, these officials have degrees from college yet they get destroyed in debate by people like Union Pres. Fred Rolando. Thank God there are people like Fred Rolando who will actually put real numbers in front of congress and not false, made up projections like DOIS. All management keeps talking about is declining mail volume. WHERE!! I know at my station we have heavy mail every day. Including Saturday. You know what might work? If management would actually perform some type of work everyday other than walking around like zombies reading from a garbage piece of information. The postal service can save money by cutting supervisors, they have proved themselves worthless as far as I have seen. It is quite apparent that the USPS is gearing towards privitazation by all of these terrible solutions like five day delivery. I got news for you people who comment saying that mail is dead, and the internet is the reason for it. Get a clue!! The internet has been a thriving source of information for years. All of a sudden everyone jumps on the idea that this is the reason for the decline? Carriers are the ones providing almost all of the service to the customers, we deal with their problems because management is to incompitent to do so. We work those long hours to provide the service that is expected. Keep up the Great work carriers!!!

  2. Its so sad that USPS always saying their losses in volume of mails and lossing billion of dollars every year I will ask this question to them how do they pay their bills by on line or by automatic payment in their bank account.I am thankfull for those people still buying stamps atleast their saving my job, as of me I’m still paying my bills by stamps.If thousand employees of USPS will pay their bills by stamps it will generate additional millions of dollars every month.Don’t look on parcell connect there is alot of competition.UPS and FED-EX still using USPS for their small letters that they can’t deliver in their big trucks that consume more fuels.Why our PMG and our union president Rolando start paying their bills by stamps so that they can save our jobs and their jobs rather than cutting thinking cutting to 5 days delivery.44 cents per one bill a month will save a job.I have 8 bills a month cost me only 3.52cents a month its cost me more in my cell phone for 24 dollars a month.Lets give back a few cents for the company that we work and love to do and save it for the future our kids.Lets do our part its so hard to fine job if we loose the one love to do now.

  3. I ain’t doing nothin. I dont pay dues and I don’t have to work cus I suck all the supervisors.

  4. Hopefully 204b start hitting the pavement & get rid of PTFs permenatley when your contract is up.Reg need to start picking up the slack and stop slacking

  5. The last contract had limits on excessing and it didn’t mean shit!! They still excessed up to a thousand miles in some areas and the union was silent, other than a few pathetic pickets. Labor contracts aren’t worth the paper they are written on if the ujnion bosses cherry pick what is worthy of litigation.

  6. USPS should eliminate Sat. delivery which is a wasted cost. Eliminating Sat. delivery would help eliminate loosing billions annually and not hinder service as low revenue bulk stanard is the primary product delivered on SAT.. People stay connected by the Internet, cell-smart phones, I PODS tablets and new APPS comming available daily. Common cents is to eliminate Sat. junk mail delivery.

  7. T.E employees were eliminated from larger installations in a previous contract. This contract proposal limits excessing to 50 (max) miles. What has been published is good news but lots of info is missing.I hope the membership reads before ratifying it..

  8. APWU is like California–Sets the tone. Good job APWU for fighting from within. Just goes to show you that those who know fight for those who can’t while those who don’t know, talk $#!%

  9. APWU negotiated the best contract they could. The USPS really held all the cards, just as they do with ALL crafts. APWU held 80% of the jobs. The thing that I would be concerned about as a clerk is the excessing that is going on. I don’t know if the new contract addresses that. ? All in all it’s a better deal than I thought the APWU would get.

  10. sounds like they threw the T E’s out the back door! I hope we don’t stab our’s in the back. All inour office pay dues, and for the most part, are very good carriers.

  11. APWU got porked! But at least there workers have a job! This is a bad envirement to be asking for a raise!

  12. The APWU just made our job a lot easier. It shouldn’t be too hard to beat negotiate a better contract than they got.

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