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  1. Amazing to me that there does indeed appear to be so many folks out there that pass judgement on the whole entire Postal Service based on this media report. Interesting enough that no one ever speaks about Fed-X or UPS just for an example. Sad that the USPS has taken so many hits from the public and media for too many years and mostly from individuals that have no clue as to what the postal service is all about and the services we do provide. But given the opportunity so many individuals and the media are on the “band wagon “to help breed contempt and “hand out another bad report” against the postal service because of this particular situation. Now that bothers me. I am proud to say that I have been an employee for over 25 years with the postal service in all capacities. I have enjoyed being a service to the public and working for this company. We (the USPS) very seldom receive compliments or a “good report” from the media let alone from the public. To that I say what a shame. I am grateful that I continue to do my job and do it well with the very best of all of my abilities. And to anyone that is interested and would care to take an interest in the postal service and our history you may be surprised to learn a few things rather than listening to the media with your continuous negative comments and rambling on. But then again I suppose its just too difficult for individuals to take the time to view the positive qualities about the postal service.

  2. WRONG AGAIN NEWS CHANNEL . . not that Im saying its right but in NO WAY ARE POSTAL WORKERS PAID FOR THEIR LUNCH PERIOD!!! Do your homework before running your mouth. ALOS says no where you cant have a drink on YOUR TIME

  3. I’ve been a Letter Carrier for many years and I’ve yet to see the same measures be taken on some of the very corrupted managers and supervisors who are employed by the U.S., Postal Service. I also feel the same measures should be taken with Attorneys who take their clients money and throw their cases when it has something to do with the Postal Management. This sets the ground for any and everything wrong with this organization. The most regretful part of all of this is that when these things are reported, the people who are in a position to do something about it often cover it up if it’s involving a Manager or Supervisor. I would think that if I were in the position to oversee the many employees of a United States Post Office, I would clean up the bad management first and foremost. Some employees get away with everything while the others work their cans off and because they are not liked by some of the supervisors the dominoe affect happens to them in the way of being bullied by each Supervisor or Manager they come in contact with. I’m speaking from experience, this doesn’t make it right, it only make me stronger because I don’t think no one should ever have to undergo this type unnecessary harrassment . I love the work I do and I’m sure there are many employees who are totally familiar with why they were hired and work accordingly, but with this mentality from their change of command, there is no end to what would happen next. This is very scary and I hope and pray that some of the attention be giving to numerous complaints on any Postal official who uses their position this way. I beleive that respect is due to each and everyone of the Employees of the U.S. Government. It’s rare now days to have a good honest Management, and when one comes alone, if he/she isn’t apart of the Lyching Mob running some of the Postal installations, they are threated just as bad as the craft employee. Something is awfully wrong with this picture, and maybe now someone will start trying to listen to the voices of the United States Postal Letter Carriers and stop trying to put everything they do on blast, when it’s just a hand full of wrong doers out there. Remember there are many who come to work to do the job they were hired for,” but” these people are hardly ever talked about.

  4. I’ve known of MULTIPLE supervisor who THREW MAIL AWAY and GOT PROMOTED…

    That tells you everything you need to know about the USPS.


    If you’re like most managers I know, you were probably a shitty carrier yourself who did stuff like this when you carried. Or, you possibly never carried at all.

    90% of the managers I’ve encountered were people who couldn’t handle craft work (i.e. help move the mail), and then one day they buy a suit (the only prerequisite to enter USPS management) and act like their shit don’t stink. Petty tyrants.

    Managers are concerned w/one thing: grubbing after an extra buck. And they’ll do ANYTHING for that extra buck–lie, harass good people, kiss ass, provide shoddy service…truly detestable little people.

    As bad as these carriers are, they’re STILL more useful than most managers I’ve ever known.

    So, “Concerned”, stuff your bullshit right up your pathetic, lazy ass.

  6. 1. They were definitely career employees–not temps.
    2. The USPS is a shitty place to work (you can be a great employee and still be messed with) and HORRIBLY mismanaged at ALL levels–I’ve been there almost 20 years, believe me.
    3. These guys SHOULD be fired, yes.
    4. They MIGHT be able to get away w/it if they claim they’re alcoholics (thanks American With Disabilities Act!)
    5. The real, egregious waste in the USPS is MANAGEMENT–all levels, esp. the top where they’re given HUGE bonuses and compensation regardless of how much $$$ the service loses.
    6. Managers do this kind of stuff all the time…they don’t wear uniforms so they aren’t easy to spot…and they certainly have hours and hours of free time and do very little of use–no scan points for them!
    7. The Carrier Union is a joke…more like another layer of management who spend most of their time defending people like the ones in this video–at least these guys were providing SOME productivity…I’ve seen WAY MORE useless people than this allowed to collect a paycheck for decades w/o doing ANY work thanks to the union and stupid laws.
    8. The USPS is quasi-govt, but doesn’t get tax-dollars.

  7. Try investigating the corruption by USPS managers. The US Postal Inspection Service does not investigate this. It covers it up to protect the agency from embarrassment. They are the private police force of the USPS and exists to PROTECT the agency against EXTERNAL crime against it, not from within. . . unless of course you are a non-management employee. Without being dramtic at all, the USPIS is to postal management like The Gestapo was to Hitler. I have personal knowledge of this and can prove what I say. Email me at islandbrew@aol.com if you REALLY want a story. When managers are in danger of being exposed, they call in their bubba storm troopers to protect them. You know, the ones they go out drinking with themselves. The film clip says it all. Listen closely. It reports the carriers were suspended without pay and the supervisors were merely assigned other duties. The USPS might as well be run by the Catholic Church who merely assigns pedophiles to other parishes. I’m not condoning the carriers’ actions but balance your reporting by exposing the REAL problems within the USPS that are NEVER revealed or investigated by the USPIS. It’s enough to drive you to drink !! Perhaps that’s the underlying problem ??? Try looking closer, FOX. Your “investigative reporting” is sensationalistic TRASH. Go after the dealers, not the users.

  8. Just watched the entire video, no way can i defend these dudes and so I can understand why folks were slamming them. However, i will say that this has nothing to do with being a Postal worker since it happens in every profession.

  9. As a delievry supervisor I think all postal workers should take a look at this video and see what the world thinks of the postal service. No matter how many get it right its the few who do these type of things that create the image most people see. It’s up to the people who deliver, process, sort, transport and esure the customer gets there mail to change this proception we control our image and if we leave it up to people like this we will not have to drink on the job to get fired the public will stop trusting us. This should be a wake up call for the whole service from the PMG on down we have to getour act together or we will all need jobs. Quit blaming fox news as bais as they are they did not once make either on of these guys go in that pub and drink. They made that choice and it there fault for doing so. Get real folk these people made bad choices and no matter who reported it we as a organization need to check ourselves any the way we do business.

  10. what a nation of hypocrites. check out the bars and restaurants and taverns from sun-up to sun down and you’ll find all manners of EMPLOYEES drinking on the job, not just (black) postal workers.
    You’ll find mayors, governors, chemists, accountants, secretaries, lawyers, doctors, dentists, truck drivers, engineers, waiters, waitresses, supervisors, plumbers, electricians, and YES, even white people drinking on the job and drinking and driving after work — and it has NOTHING TO DO WITH WORKING FOR THE POST OFFICE.
    Some of the self-righteous people posting on this video are ALCOHOLICS their doggone selves, who will drink and dirve within the next 48 hours and have already racked up some DUIs and still will point a finger at someone else.. Some of you are USING DRUGS on your jobs, yet there is all this shock about two (black) employees who got caught on video as though this is shocking and explains why the post office revenue is falling.
    Just a pack of foaming at the mouth with outrage hypocrites and I suspect, quite a few racists, hidden in his bunch of posters., whose on the job behavior could NOT withstand the scrutiny of a TV news camera peering over their shoulder any better than these postal workers could that most of you are chuckling with glee about the prospect that they might get fired.
    ‘Carry on — and don’t forget to bring your bible to church to remind yourself that you are a “Christian.” (if indeed, that’s what you claim to be)

  11. When I started in the PS 30+ years ago, every morning at 8am, (our work day started at 6am) a bell sounded and the station would be nearly emptied by the old timers. They would mostly all go across the street to the bar, have a few drinks and come back about 15/20 minutes later and finish doing their jobs. If they finished their routes early they would always go to the same watering holes. Some would come back, quite obviously tipsy, but they did their jobs and that was all that mattered. Back in the day, there was also an ash receptacle at cases for those who smoked.

    Needless to say, the postal service was predominately Caucasian.

    As more monorites were employed, subtle changes came about, for the betterment of the service, we were admonished One can see the same subtle changes in the ‘new and improved’ ways of sports.

    Basketball and football in particular now have rules and regulations that are in place to supposively protect the players, but are really designed to point out the aggresiveness of black players in the game. Not saying that white player don’t get caught up in the same rules, but most of these sports that were predominately white are now predominately black. We are now seeing more black coaches in an arena that was unheard of, so the rules change.

    I’m not going to defend being stupid and not watching your back, as these carriers obviously were not doing. As the supervisors of the day would tell us, CYA.

    Now there is an obvious attempt by FOX in particular to out out persons not doing what they were supposed to be doing. I suppose that’s their job. But in stations across the nation, there are still carriers tha go to watering holes or in the case of most white carriers, taking the mail home and hordering it someplace.

    There are ‘black sheep’ everywhere in any race. And there is an attempt to get rid of any job that benefits most minorites. The only thing one can say in our current atmosphere of ‘gotcha’ is that if you must do something stupid, don’t be stupid when you do it. CYA!!!!!!

  12. okay lets talk shop … being a letter carrier myself we know what really goes on behind those swinging doors Supervisors and managers pushing us to our cases only too push us out the doors, asking us how much under time do u have to give up. yes pressure is on for some of us…… more than others, and don’t talk, laugh or sometimes breath. For my station it is an act of congress to get any overtime authorized because same oll same oll there is no mail YYY do u need it?? So yea these guys r in the same boat as the other 485.000 postal workers in the United States but we all cant go out and drink or do drugs or anything else that is illegal. Our union is good and they will fight for these guys. WHATEVER!!! but please do not put all letter carriers in this catorgory we good hard working AMERICANS

  13. As a union steward & 19 yr. postal employee, I can’t condone what they did. Whatever personal problems they may or may not have had, we have EAP, which is free to all USPS employees to deal with personal issues. But some of you have it twisted. It takes an ignorant and narrow mind to lump a group of people under the same umbrella. If you have never been in a union, what are you basing your opinions about union people on. Some of you sound like ignorant fools. Not all people in a union, think or act the same way. The union is not designed to protect people like these fools drinking on the clock. The union is designed to protect the rights and working conditions of hard working Amercan citizens. If you are lucky enough to have always worked under great conditions, with fair management, who treated you they same way that they would want to be treated. Or management they didn’t screw up your paycheck or benefits, that didn’t show favoritism to certain employess, and gave discipline to the ones they didn’t like you are blessed! But for the rest of us, this is why we have UNIONS!!!!

  14. There should be a shake up of Fox 29 news. I’m sure there front “men” have some demons in there closet

  15. Dan McGettigan , are you that freeking stupid? If one of these guys has a wife w/ cancer he needs to finish his route(which he probably did before 3:00 but he put in a 3996 for 2 hrs OT-falsifying paperwork) then get home to his wife. Is that so hard? What are you a union stewad trying to create a lame defense for him?…and blame FOX news and Sarah Palin & Haliburton…oh you left out George Bush. You bleedin heart liberal simpleton.

  16. You know T.L. , it is the NALC’s job to defend these lowlife’s. As well as the lazy asses that call in sick all the time. No the real job of the NALC is to rip $25 out of your pocket every 2 weeks. That’s their main concern.

  17. I am a 35 year career carrier. I can’t believe that this behavior is being defended ! They are guilty of stealing time from their employer, PERIOD !! Why is this so hard. It truely makes the whole service look bad. Some of the comments are unbelievable.. I have read everything from it is Sarah Palins falt , shame on Fox News for reporting it to it’s racist…WHAT !! Did we all not see the same video..?? Were they not sitting in a bar for up to 3 plus hours and drinking while on the clock and ..scanning false MSP’s (fraud) to make it look (fraud) like they were out on the street making their rounds..faithfully. WHAT LIERS they are. Did we NOT see how they LIED when confronted about drinking on the job thye have NO integrity….GOD almighty have we as a people really fallen that far..Yes the union will fight for them, it IS their job that is why they are there. They defend plenty of good hard working Carriers with true grievences. We truely are living in the age of ‘No accountability’ . Folks. Where is integrity..

  18. oh well thats too bad.they should be fired!oh i forgot they can always say they have an achohol problem so then again they would have to go to rehab then get their job back cause it is an equal opportunity..then they would file eeo then all back pay will be paid back just a matter of time..union really screwed up…thats how it goes…u.s.p.s….

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