Lobbyists – Business Group Hires Former Postmaster General Potter

In the annual State of American Business address on Tuesday, Jan. 11, U.S. Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Thomas Donohue said he expects the economy to grow by 3.2 percent this year and “pick up steam as the year progresses.”

There is widespread support among lawmakers and the business community for R&D, infrastructure rebuilding, and a revitalization of education—the problem, Donahue says, is that nobody wants to pay for it.

The powerful business leader suggests that hundreds of billions of dollars in private capital could be leveraged if the government showed a commitment to rebuild and expand roads, bridges, rail, air transport, broadband capacity, water infrastructure, and power generation.

He cited regulatory, financial, and legal issues as barriers to investment.

Working on multiple fronts, Donahue announced a new project, headed by former Postmaster General of the United States Jack Potter, to open up global supply chains and logistics for American companies.

Thomas Donahue’s actual quote:

In order to expand trade and move people, goods, information, and money throughout the country and around the world, we must focus new attention on America’s global supply chain. We need to connect our entire economy in a seamless 21st century system of superior transportation, high speed information and communications technology, and modern seaports, airports and border crossings.

And so we have just engaged Jack Potter, the former Postmaster General of the United States, to lead an important new project for us. He will consult with the leading supply chain firms and experts worldwide and help us rally the business community around a plan to improve, maintain, secure, and advocate for a 21st century global supply chain and logistics system.

“We need to connect our entire economy in a seamless 21st century system of superior transportation, high speed information, and communication technology, and modern seaports, airports, and border crossings,” he said.

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10 thoughts on “Lobbyists – Business Group Hires Former Postmaster General Potter

  1. Only In America! This Great Country We Live In Looks Ourt For Those Who Steal And Lie..What A Great Country..

  2. As if it could’t get any worse.It never stops when you have crooks working for the PO, and buying million dollar homes, abusing goverment credit cards, discrimination in front of your face, hiring family members. Why do you think managers don’t want to retire? they won’t be able to funnel funds, and give out jobs to the other throat cutters that want what there’re getting from the PO. Seen enough.

  3. Donahoe,Donahue, Potter, what’s in store for the USPS . I would like to see the connection and the money trail, and see how far on the fast track to privatization Potter and the Chamber of Commerce will push us. This is a red flag to anyone with common sense and logic.

  4. Is that why he became the NEW PMG??? I’m guessing because he knew his Brother or (whatever he is to the NEW PMG) was going to give FORMER PMG POTTER a “BULL$HIT JOB! Everybody knows how it works in the P.O. it’s NOT WHAT YOU KNOW! “IT’S WHO YOU KNOW” I knew this was going to happen, I just didn’t think it would happen before Former PMG Potter got his 1st BIG retirement check!!!! This is so wrong in so many ways, and the LAWS NEED TO BE “CHANGED” oh, how dumb of me to think things will change, when it’s the CROOKS who make the LAWS!! Forget about the middle class that’s gone, either were (POOR) or their (RICH) They ALL LIE to get us FOOLS to VOTE FOR THEM, and then SCREW US!! Somebody needs to remember that the USPS is a “SERVICE” to the American People, NOT TO LINE POCKETS!!!!! SHAME ON ALL OF YOU!!!!!

  5. How is this the business of te Postal Service ? This is another glaring example of ” cronyism ” and the postal disregard of ethical business behavior.

    Will chief postal counsel Maryanne Gibbons have to hold her hands over her ears AGAIN if Donahoe asks her if it is legal to promote private business?????

  6. Great give a job to a person who has knowingly violated the Constitutional Laws of the United Sates that prevent discrimination in the workplace since he began as head of the USPS.

  7. I needed a job so my pal donahue hooked me up.Life isn’t easy when you have to live on a retirement check of only $50,000.00 a month. besides, he owed me a couple of favors.

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