PMG Potter Honored With Lifetime Membership In Mailers Group

Postmaster General Jack Potter is an official lifetime member of the Mailers’ Technical Advisory Committee (MTAC).

The group — which includes representatives of more than 100 commercial mailers and mailing associations — extended that honor to Potter at its quarterly meeting this week, as members recognized the PMG for his career-long support and dedication to the mailing industry. Potter will retire from USPS Dec. 3.

“Stay the course,” Potter told the group. “The mailing industry works very well as a team. If anything, we need to work together even more closely now than 20 years ago when I first attended an MTAC meeting.”

Potter said the Postal Service and mailers have strong successes to build upon. “Our strengths are our people,” he said. “People are the mainstay of our organization and people are the heart of the mailing industry. If we stay together as a group, I see much progress in the future.”

DPMG and COO Pat Donahoe, who will become PMG when Potter retires, also addressed the group, committing to mailers to continue to improve service — which in fiscal year 2010 reached record levels, despite declining mail volume.

“A major goal of mine is to make a better customer experience,” said Donahoe. “Dependability, reliability and service on the one hand, and positive customer experience on the other — those things together, along with increased visibility, give us real opportunity to grow the top line.”

Donahoe said the Postal Service will focus on becoming leaner, smarter and faster; realigning operations to match the steadily declining mail volumes predicted for the coming decade. He also outlined other business strategies for USPS going forward, including strengthening the business-to-consumer channel.

source: USPS

2 thoughts on “PMG Potter Honored With Lifetime Membership In Mailers Group

  1. You are so right. If the public only knew what a crook Potter is, and how he has ruined the PO, they would be outraged. Of course, the public only hears about things like this, what an honorable man he is. The mailers have been schmoozed over and blinded by Potter and his cronies. They don’t know how much they have supported Potter’s income and retirement benefits. They don’t know that employees are abused and humiliated on a daily basis so that their supervisors get a great Pay for Performance bonus. I wish Potter would have to acknowledge his actions and atone for his crimes, but it will never happen.

  2. Whell… of course.
    These are the cronies whose palms he has greased, off the blood of the labor unions and our MEMBERS!
    “Hand joins to hand”

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