USPS Entry Exams Now Online


Paper-and-pencil selection tests for entry-level jobs, Maintenance, and new supervisors are a thing of the past. These tests now are taken online, initiated when applicants apply for jobs at eCareer.

To date, job applicants have completed more than 100,000 assessments online. Performance tests that cannot be computerized — including the initial road test and the automotive bench test — are scored online. In all, 99 percent of the Postal Service’s selection tests now are managed online.

Using an online system expedites the hiring process and lowers costs. Users get results almost immediately, and the time and expense for publishing and distributing test materials and results are significantly reduced. “Automating selection tests has saved USPS $7.2 million since May 2008,” says Deborah Giannoni-Jackson, vice president, Employee Resource Management.

Automating these tests also has been good for the environment. According to Mangala Gandhi, manager, Selection, Evaluation and Recognition, the 50,000 entry-level tests administered online have saved more than 1.7 million sheets of paper.

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