Postal Management Groups Ask OIG To Investigate USPS’ Failure to Comply With Rules Of PFP Program

The National League of Postmasters and NAPUS have jointly asked USPS Inspector General David Williams to investigate the 2009 Pay For Performance final core requirement ratings and goals. According to the organizations the investigation is based on “the failure of USPS to comply with the administrative rules of the PFP.”

The organizations say they have tried to resolve this matter since Feb. 5, 2010 — the date ratings were published to employees, but to no avail. The organizations sent a letter to USPS Labor Relations VP Doug Tulino on August 6, 2010 but received no response. The National Association of Postal Supervisors (NAPS) has filed a similar request with the OIG.

Here is the text of the letter:

Postmasters letter to OIG

Postmasters sent letter to USPS OIG requesting investigation into PFP

source: National Association of Postmasters Of the United States (NAPUS)

14 thoughts on “Postal Management Groups Ask OIG To Investigate USPS’ Failure to Comply With Rules Of PFP Program

  1. mr. j,i respect you as you are a needle in the haystack.the usps didn’t deserve you as a manager.if you went into private industry,you would have made more money and been appreciated more.

  2. Being an employee of the USPS for over 25 years, I have gone from MPE, to supervisor, to manager. Reading the comments, I have to truthfully say that I have to agree with a lot of them. Don’t however bunch all managers and supervision in the same categories either. Some of us remember where we came from. Some of us moved on into management to make a better way of life for our families. Some of us do know where the actual work is being done. My employees are my best resource, and I have a hard time explaining that to my counterparts sometimes. There are days that I wish that I could put on my jeans, t-shirt, black sneakers, strap that tool pouch back on, and start back to fixing things on a daily basis. The ability to effectively manage resources would not result in some of the remarks I’ve read here. We want good leaders, effective leaders, and good decsion makers. Without these, our job security and future are truly being affected. I’m bringing my postal career to a close soon, but looking back I see the sequence of events that have made a once firm standing institution, resemble a slice of swiss cheese with all the “holes”.

  3. if they really got paid for what they do they’d really make 6 figures. because they really follow what they are told to do. harrass employees, give employees no respect, act holier than thou, don’t really have a clue about what is being done, tell you what they expect you to do but can’t do it themselves, talk to you like you are sh**t, screw up your pay, gossip about you, pass judgement, lump all employees into one catagory, abuse their position, and the biggest pay getter, having a ged but acting as if they are harvard mba’s. yeah they should be getting the high 6 figures.

  4. it takes alot of work to hid that mail after the carriers hit the streets and making 1 + 1 come out to 3 ain’t easy

  5. We now have five delivery units in one building to save money but they still have the same number of supervisors. Why do you need that many? I think they should have to do split shifts. Go home when the carriers are out and come back for closing. We have about 40 less carriers and 15 less routes than we did 5 years ago BUT we have 2 additional supervisors. Go figure.

  6. There’s a kick in the a** for you. THe craft does all the work and management is looking for a performance bonus. Why should a “performance” bonus be given to management? Their toughest decision which starts around 10:30 am and doesn’t get resolved until 1pm, is what they are having for lunch. How about a performance bonus for the workers on the front lines who have to deal with customers because management cant even answer a damn phone? How dare they tell us there is no money and we have to help the USPS save money and then put their hand out for bonuses. Grab a satchel and work for it!

  7. That’s a damn Shame!! Management is the one that got us in this mess anyways. Now they wanna cry the blues. My tour 3 MDO makes 81,000 dollars per year while sitting on his fat ass all shift long. He only has 14 years of service..With declining mail volume how can Plant managers and Area VP’s justify that kinda salary in today’s economic climate.. Btw.. He just bought a brand new Mercedes Benz.. I feel like slashing his tires and saying to him ” Welcome back to Lancaster ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!!”

  8. Oh my… those who “screw with the craft workers” and “screw with the Collective Bargaining Agreement rules” are now being “screwed with” themselves? Say it ain’t so!

    Is there no honor among thieves anymore?

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