Postal Service Honors Thirteen Suppliers for Leading Practices

Thirteen Companies Recognized for Delivering Best-Value Solutions

WASHINGTON — Thirteen companies were recognized by the U.S. Postal Service for superior supply chain performance and delivering best-value solutions that reduce costs, enhance performance, maintain high levels of service and collaborate to grow the business.
Awards were announced in six categories:  Supplier Performance, Supplier Excellence, Supplier Diversity, Postal Supplier Council Excellence, Supplier Sustainability Excellence and Supplier Innovation. 

“For 20 years, we’ve been using this ceremony to show our appreciation for the outstanding performance and service levels provided by people like you who are suppliers for the Postal Service,” said Postmaster General John E. Potter. “Clearly, we live in financially challenging times, which demand the best from all of us. Let me tell you how grateful I am that you’ve given your best to the Postal Service and to the American people.” 
Susan Brownell, vice president, Supply Management, helped present the awards at a ceremony this week in Washington, DC.
“Our suppliers play a vital role in the success of the Postal Service,” she said. “They bring capabilities and innovation to all facets of our business, helping us deliver high levels of service everyday for our customers.”

The 2009 winners are:
ABM Security Services, New York, NY
Supplier Performance Award
ABM Security Services provides unarmed contract security personnel at Postal Service facilities nationwide.
Henrik C. Slipsager, president and CEO
“ABM is extremely pleased and honored to receive the Postal Service Supplier Performance Award for the outstanding work provided by ABM Security Services. This award highlights ABM Security’s positive ongoing relationship with the Postal Service and underscores the traditional values we share with our valued customers, and the mutual benefits of visionary thinking leading to innovative solutions. ABM Security Services and all of our employees are proud to support the Postal Service in its critical mission to constantly improve the process of mail delivery to the more than 146 million homes and businesses that depend on the Postal Service annually. We are grateful for this recognition.”
Eaton Electrical, Cleveland, OH
A subsidiary of Eaton Corporation
Supplier Performance Award
Eaton Electrical provides power distribution maintenance services for electrical switchgear equipment in Postal Service facilities nationwide.
Jerry R. Whitaker, president, Eaton Electrical, Americas Region
“Eaton proudly accepts the U.S. Postal Service Supplier Performance Award. As a global leader in power management, Eaton is well positioned to help large and complex organizations like the Postal Service with their efforts to improve power distribution to facilities across the nation and to become more energy efficient. The Postal Service has a long-term commitment to sustainability, and we are pleased to offer innovative solutions and services to help minimize the environmental impact of their operations.”
 Hallmark Custom Marketing, Kansas City, MO
Supplier Performance Award
Hallmark Custom Marketing provides ReadyPost Postal Service-branded retail packaging and mailing supplies to be sold in Postal Service retail lobbies nationwide.
Donald J. Hall Jr., president and CEO, Hallmark Cards, Inc.
“We are deeply honored to be selected for this award by the U.S. Postal Service. This is especially meaningful to Hallmark, its companies and our employees because of the high expectations the Postal Service has for its suppliers.”
 Postal Products Unlimited, Inc., Milwaukee, WI
Supplier Performance Award
Postal Products Unlimited provides various commercial and non-commercial postal-unique supplies and equipment to the Postal Service.
Brian Nelson, president
“Postal Products Unlimited is honored to be recognized with this award from our largest customer, the U.S. Postal Service. We are pleased that our efforts have resulted in savings to the Postal Service during these very challenging economic times. We look forward to working together on future projects and finding ways to enhance our long-term relationship.”
 Foth Production Solutions, LLC, Green Bay, WI
Supplier Excellence Award
Foth Production Solutions provides the Postal Service with engineering services and solutions focused in the areas of infrastructure, environmental engineering and science, production solutions engineering and manufacturing.
Tim Weyenberg, CEO
“It is an honor for our company to be recognized by the U.S. Postal Service through this award.  We have always believed that our clients must define the quality and value of our products and services. Therefore, the most significant recognition we can receive for providing our personalized, client-centered service is the recognition bestowed on us directly by our clients.”
 Intralox, LLC, Harahan, LA
Supplier Excellence Award
Intralox provides high speed tray sorters used for mail processing as well as related products and services for installation and retrofit at Postal Service facilities.
Edel Blanks, general manager
“On behalf of all the employees at Intralox, we would like to express our pride in winning the Supplier Excellence Award. Intralox strives to be its customers’ best long-term partner for conveying solutions. Working together, we found better ways to process the mail for lower costs with improved service. We are grateful for this recognition and are committed to developing systems for the Postal Service of tomorrow.”
 Rand-Whitney Group, Foxborough, MA
Supplier Excellence Award
Rand-Whitney designs and produces corrugated shipping cases, consumer packaging, merchandising displays as well as corrugated die-cuts and inserts for Postal Service mail processing facilities in the Northeast.
Jonathan A. Kraft, owner
“We are extremely honored to be selected as a recipient of the Supplier Excellence Award for the third time in 10 years. The U.S. Postal Service is continually challenging us to find ways to serve with more creative, sustainable and cost-effective solutions. Over the 12 years of our relationship, this push to think outside the box has made Rand-Whitney a better company.  Not only are we able to provide better service to the U.S. Postal Service, we’re able to provide innovative solutions to all our customers.  We consider this award to be among the most prestigious Rand-Whitney has received and consider it both an honor and a privilege to serve the needs of the United States Postal Service.”
 The Siebold Company, Inc., Coral Springs, FL
Supplier Excellence Award
Siebold specializes in material handling equipment and services that include mechanical installation, electrical installation, demolition, system reconfiguration, system relations, project management and engineering management.
James Siebold, president
“The Siebold Company Inc. is honored in winning the U.S. Postal Service Supplier Excellence Award. To our company, it signifies that our dedication to the Postal Service is recognized and respected, and our goal is justified in becoming the best material handling service provider to the Postal Service for over 21 years. It means we must continue forward and work even harder to ensure all future projects are conducted with safety, judgment and professional workmanship.”
 General Information Services, Inc., Chapin, SC
Supplier Innovation Award
General Information Services is the Postal Service’s national strategic supplier for electronic background investigations and background checks.
Raymond W. Conrad, CEO
“Every employee of General Information Services, Inc. (GIS) has a daily goal to provide our customers with exceptional quality and service. This award is shared by all of us and represents a confirmation of our efforts not only to the Postal Service but to every GIS customer.”
Matheson Postal Services, Inc., Sacramento, CA
Supplier Innovation Award
Matheson is a diversified national transportation carrier that offers specialized hauling, time-sensitive material handling, and transportation. 
Mark Matheson, president and CEO
“This award confirms Matheson’s place among the premier suppliers for the Postal Service and acknowledges the talent and dedication Matheson puts toward innovation and continuous improvement. We appreciate the opportunity to further the Postal Service’s efforts at constant improvement by selecting suppliers based on their ability to deliver value-added services, and not just selecting based on price. We hope this award opens doors for our company to work with the Postal Service on new and exciting opportunities and sets a new standard of excellence for Postal Service suppliers, one which Matheson expects to surpass yet again.”
 Cartus Corporation, Danbury, CT
Supplier Diversity Award
Cartus provides the Postal Service with mobility management and relocation services for Postal Service transferees.
Kevin J. Kelleher, president and CEO
“Promoting diversity is a top priority at Cartus, and we are extremely honored to accept the Postal Service Supplier Diversity Award. Meeting Postal Service diversity objectives reflects our deep commitment to ensuring that opportunities for development and business growth are nurtured —both by our worldwide supply chain partners and by our own employees. We signed our first contract with the Postal Service in 1992, and since then we’ve proudly serviced more than 15,000 Postal Service employees. We are honored to partner with such an iconic American organization and look forward to continuing our relationship well into the future.”
 Eaton Electrical, Cleveland, OH
A subsidiary of Eaton Corporation 
Supplier Diversity Award
Eaton Electrical provides power distribution maintenance services for the electrical switchgear equipment in Postal Service facilities nationwide.
Jerry R. Whitaker, president of Eaton Electrical, Americas Region
“Eaton proudly accepts the U.S. Postal Service Supplier Diversity Award. We have a history of doing business right, and that commitment has remained strong as we’ve grown larger and more diverse. Eaton believes that our corporation and our communities benefit from providing equal opportunities for diversity business enterprises. We are honored to be recognized by the Postal Service.”
 CompX Security Products, Mauldin, SC
Supplier Sustainability Excellence Award
CompX Security Products provides cabinet-style locks for Postal Service customer compartments in centralized delivery equipment.
Scott C. James, president
“CompX Security Products is pleased to be recognized by the U.S. Postal Service as we continue to strive for environmental excellence. Our continued investment in sustainability not only pays off for the Postal Service, but for all Americans.”
Florence Manufacturing Company, Manhattan, KS
Postal Supplier Council Excellence Award
Florence Manufacturing provides mail collection boxes, distribution equipment and related supplies and services.
Stephen Duffy, president, Engineered Products Group — Gibraltar Industries, Inc.
“Florence Manufacturing is truly honored to receive this special supplier award from the Postal Service. It is gratifying to work with the Postal Service as both a customer and a supplier. We share common business goals and understand the power of collaboration to achieve results. We look forward to continuing our relationship in advancing centralized mail delivery in new development in cities across the country and in working with team members on future projects that support the mission of the U.S. Postal Service.”
For the fifth consecutive year, in 2009 ranked the Postal Service as the No. 1 federal agency for multicultural business opportunities. The Postal Service has ranked among the top 10 agencies for the last eight years in promoting multicultural business opportunities.
The Postal Service receives no tax dollars for operating expenses, and relies on the sale of postage, products and services to fund its operations. 

source: U.S. Postal Service

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