The League takes Postmasters working condition issues to Congress

Issue:The Abusive Treatment Of Postmasters And The Inefficient And Ineffective Post Office Management Practices Of Upper Level USPS Managers

Mr John Potter
Postmaster General
US Postal Service RM 10022
475 l’Enfant Plaza, SW
Washington, DC 20260

Dear Mr. Potter,

This letter will serve to inform you of our intention to take our Postmaster issues to Congress. These are the
same issues over which the National league of Postmasters has been unsuccessfully attempting to positively
engage the Postal Service for the last 3 X years. You know the issues; they include Postmasters putting in
horribly long work weeks due to the Postal Service’s failure to properly staff supervisors, clerks and carriers
and to properly budget work hours, the caustic workplace environment in many districts, a failed pay for
performance system, and the Postal Service’s failure to fill level 16 and below Postmaster positions. Manyof
your Postmasters have reached the point of physical and mental exhaustion, their health and personal lives
jeopardized. These are dedicated, loyal, professional Postmasters who deserve better from the organization to
which they’ve given their all. We are hopeful that we can get to a place with the Postal Service where we can make some meaningful progress on our Postmaster issues.

The league of Postmasters knows full well of the financial challenges that continue to face the Postal Service,
but that cannot be used as an excuse for the poor treatment of your Postmasters, especially in light of the fact that most of our issues began before the Postal Service fell into the economic downturn..

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2 thoughts on “The League takes Postmasters working condition issues to Congress

  1. Working conditions for the PM’s…give me a break. Our PM complains of the work she supposedly has to do every day. Wake up call, she’s not there everyday! You’d be hard pressed to find her in our office for a total of 2 hours at a time without going out somewhere to do something. She might come in about 8-9 and leave later, say about 9:30 to get mail somewhere else; come back 1/2 to 1 later; Go to lunch about 12-1:00, or when her 2 carrier babies get back; stay gone for 1- 2 hours; go home about 5. She says she works in our office way after hours, presumably to get all of her work done. Translated that means she’s not here in the daytime enough to get her work done so she comes back at night to do some of her work. And, to top it off, she brings hubby with her while she is doing her work. He has been on the computer in her office….what? Doing her work or helping her do her work? He doesn’t work for the PO and if it was one of us doing the same thing (bringing our husbands/wives in while we work and let them see personal stuff on computer) we would be fired.

    One clerk in our office is so afraid of getting fired, she will do about anything for PM (such as doing the PM’s work). She is really good at delegating her work and making it seem like she just has so much to do that she stays quite late. Please.

    I could go on and on, but it’s useless. We have useless pm’s everywhere and they are ripping the postal system a new one. They think we’re ripping them off? Give me a break.

  2. Most of the Postmasters create their own problems. For example, here in Morrisville PA our Postmaster thinks he can save the Post Office all by himself. People have retired, quit, died or been fired and he refuses to replace them. He has carriers doing clerk work. accessed 3 unassinged carriers and now wants to hire 7 ptf’s. He has single handily created a hostile working atmosphere. His own supervisors cant stand him. We currently have EAP unit doing an investigation. Wish us luck ! Jackasses like this are rampant throughout the postal service. Dont feel a bit sorry for them.

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