President Obama Nominates Two To USPS Board of Governors

President Obama announced on January 29, 2010 his intent to nominate the following individuals:

Paul Steven Miller, Nominee for Governor, Board of Governors of the United States Postal Service for a term expiring December 8, 2016, vice Carolyn L. Gallagher, term expired. Paul Steven Miller is the Henry M. Jackson Professor of Law at the University of Washington School of Law who is an expert in workplace and employment law. He has spent his career moving between academia, public service, and law practice. Most recently, Professor Miller spent the first nine months of the Obama Administration as a Special Assistant to the President in The White House. Prior to joining the University of Washington faculty in 2004, Professor Miller had been one of the longest serving commissioners of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the federal agency which enforces employment discrimination laws. He has also served in The White House as Liaison to the Disability Community and as Deputy Director of the U.S. Office of Consumer Affairs during the Clinton Administration. Earlier in his career, Professor Miller was the Director of Litigation for the Western Law Center for Disability Rights and a lawyer at the Los Angeles law firm of Manatt Phelps and Phillips. He is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, cum laude, and the Harvard Law School.

Dennis J. Toner, Nominee for Governor, Board of Governors of the United States Postal Service for the remainder of the term expiring December 8, 2012, vice Katherine C. Tobin, resigned. Dennis J. Toner has directed policy, public and political affairs for over 30 years for then-Senator and now-Vice President Biden. He most recently served as Finance Director for Biden for President and Citizens for Biden. He spent the 30 years prior to that working for then-Senator Biden in his Senate office. He last held the position of Deputy Chief of Staff for the Senator from 1995 to 2005. He has also previously launched his own business, Horizon Advisors, which provides guidance and advice to private clients and non-profit organizations. He received his B.A. from the University of Delaware.

3 thoughts on “President Obama Nominates Two To USPS Board of Governors

  1. I want to know who to contact about the hostile work environment that managers create by practicing favortism to certain employees?

    Is there a special task force – outside the USPS – that investigates this situation?

    We have a urgent situation that needs attention. Thank you

  2. Why not nominate a new Posmaster General that wIll try keep the PO solvent & fire that Potter that all he wants is to destroy it

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